Infinity Scroll on Google: How Does It Affect Your Marketing Methods?

Everytime we conduct a search on Google, the best results appear in the very first pages and this is where many people remain. But , this digital marketing scenario may alter very soon.

Google launched an update that allows users to scroll cellular SERP continuously , eliminating the structure of the current result pages.

What will this particular mean for marketers plus which aspects of this revise need to be taken into consideration in new marketing strategies? Keep on reading to find out!

What is Google’s up-date about?

Niru Anand , Google’ s Lookup Product Manager, announced that search results pages will be redesigned on mobile devices to help make the navigation easier .  

It means that when someone the search, the results will weight automatically on the screen rather than making the user click to another page.

The feature released in mid-October is only available on mobile devices in the United States. But , according to Anand, other countries may have the chance to try it in 2022.

The reason why Google decided to change the SERP experience is based on the particular perception that most people often search for what they are looking for within four pages. With the continuous scrolling, they can receive more results easily.

How will this particular change the Google experience?

With the scrolling SERP, it’ s i9000 possible to see many outcomes with just one touch. Presently, many users check the first page only and pick the content that seems to be a lot more related to the search. In this new update users will have the opportunity to discover inspiring and interesting content first and, then, select their selection .  

That’ s why improving the meta-description and the SEO Title will be essential when this change is implemented. If both are very appealing, the click rate will have chances to be higher.    

Images are just since important, too. As you can see in the sample below developed by Search engines, effective images call attention during the scroll, an experience just like thumbnails on YouTube .

Source: Google

What will change to get content marketing strategies?

Based on John Mueller , Webmaster Trends Expert at Google, although the user sees an infinite scroll, SERP will still display groups of ten results. Each time a user touches the display screen to view more results, 10 more results will be loaded.

So , in terms of SEO , the number of thoughts will be higher because in the present Google search some people just remain in the first page results. However in the scrolling experience, some other pages will be viewed which will increase the impressions in Google Lookup Console.

On the other hand, Mueller says, the click rate will probably stay the same. It doesn’ capital t make sense for Google to make it easier for users to achieve the SERP’ s page two considering that the best outcomes of topics that people are looking for come in the first page.

How will advertisements change?

As you could find, the process will change for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and the same goes for Ads, specifically to those that are displayed at the top and bottom from the page.  

With this rolling update, text ads is going to be redistributed between the top as well as the bottom of the pages since the bottom will have fewer views.

Additionally , other changes will be implemented in the future such as several displays for each single problem.   For now, Shopping and Local ads will remain the same.

As Google creates improvements and makes changes, brands and businesses will have to adapt.. For more on SEO, take a look at the best practices we have created.

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