Instagram Announces 60-Second Stories and may Turn Into a TikTok Copycat

Instagram grew to become some sort of wildcard for Facebook. (Oops, Meta; sorry, Zuckerberg! ) The company might now consider the service as a TikTok killer. It’s not something new. Instagram was already the “killer” associated with Snapchat and YouTube during the past. Snapchat was very wounded. But YouTube is stronger than ever—until today.

Today, Facebook (sorry, Meta! ) is giving signals it is going to soon abandon one of its most famous “inspired” tools: Stories. That was  an idea that will Snapchat developed first in the center of the last decade ,   and Zuckerberg’s company decided to include it in all from the services without paying any rights to the other organization.

Since 2016, like Snapchat, you can post 15-second videos that will disappear after 24 hours. Right now, the company confirmed that it will  soon be achievable to post 60-second videos upon Stories —the same as Reels, another “inspired” Instagram feature (now from TikTok).

The news comes in the same one fourth as Instagram decided to  close IGTV . Of course , as is tradition, the company that aims to make a  “revolution” with its metaverse   was not so original in that case. Posting long videos looks a lot like Youtube . com, doesn’t it?

A curiosity: before  acquiring Instagram for U. S. $1 billion in 2012 , the business was already a giant and started to develop a mobile app that could empower users to post pictures with filters.  

Does it remind you of something?

Yes. In case of failure in the Instagram acquire, Facebook already had a “killer” for the actual “killer” of everything that bothers Zuckerberg’s organization. It was  Facebook Camera —launched a month after the Instagram acquisition—and something that almost no one remembers these days.

This aggressive strategy switched the service where all of us once saw food porno and puppy pictures with hipster filters into some thing more like a Frankenstein. Not with these words, of course , yet it’s something that even the organization agrees with.

“We placed a lot of new bets [in the app], ” said Adam Mosseri, mind of Instagram, to  The Verge   at the beginning of the entire year. According to him, “most people” don’t know the difference among videos posted on Instagram and IGTV, for example. “We have to go back to our focus on simplicity and craft. ”

Back to Simplicity

Until some time ago, just for videos, you needed four ways to post on Instagram: Feed, Stories, IGTV, and Reels. All of them were “inspired” by some of its competitors. The photos, something which was the core of the social app from the beginning, are still presently there, but it’s not as important for the company as it once was.

Mosseri  declared in 06   that the company is “no longer a photo-sharing app” when detailing video plans: “Let’s end up being honest, there’s some really serious competition right now. TikTok is huge, YouTube is a great deal larger, and there are a lot of other upstarts as well. People are looking to Instagram to be entertained, there’s rigid competition, there is more to complete, and we have to embrace that. ”

That’s going to make Instagram change radically, according to professionals in outlets like  Social Media Today . Closing IGTV was the first step. Now, let us turn to Stories, which are very similar to Reels. Mosseri has already mentioned that’s not making your pet “happy. ” Now Tales might have just one purpose: mix them to offer a simple device for full-screen video plus an almost infinite feed of entertainment content to scroll. Such as what? TikTok, of course!

Instagram has changed many times. Its logo, in the beginning, was a Polaroid photo camera, for instance. But when the top of the product says the particular once primary function of the app (photos) is not essential anymore and talks particularly about TikTok (we know they failed when endeavoring to compete with YouTube), what do you anticipate to happen?

Instagram original logo design | Source: Reproduction

Why TikTok?

Facebook was created in 2005, less than a year before Youtube . com. But at that time, Facebook has been mostly for college students. Bebo was the biggest social network. And YouTube became world famous just before Facebook.

So , when Mark Zuckerberg had the strength to fight big businesses, he looked for other social media services like Bebo and Snapchat, not Youtube . com. YouTube was acquired simply by another giant, Google, together its strategy to maintain its rule in videos.

Lately, Facebook has tried to compete with Youtube . com. In 2018 it released IGTV, an Instagram device for long videos, saying that it was  “the future for video. ” Facebook unsuccessful and  ditched it last October , and the company was no nearer to being a threat to YouTube.

But , since Facebook  surpassed MySpace in the number of users   in 2009, no other social service provides gotten as close to the community of its brands, Facebook and Instagram, as TikTok provides. Don’t think about Twitter—from whom Facebook got “inspiration” for the timeline, or LinkedIn, which usually copycatted the Facebook feed. These two social services continue to be for niches.

TikTok has become huge, really huge. And fast. The Chinese app achieved  1 billion dollars users in September . It’s really close to Instagram, which has 1 . 4 billion dollars users today. Facebook is still the biggest global social system, with  almost several billion users.

What makes TikTok even more impressive may be the speed of growth. As we see in the graph beneath, it took almost nine years for Facebook to attain 1 billion users; regarding Instagram, almost eight yrs; for TikTok, just five years.

Source:   Axios

There are some other issues. Facebook has been facing polemics for about two months since internal documents through the company went public plus showed their executives understood that its services were causing problems with mental wellness, democracies, and even stimulating wars.  

Instagram will certainly testify before   the U. S. Senate next month after  The Wall Street Journal   published internal study showing that one in three girls think Instagram can make body image issues worse and that the social app can be causing anxiety and depressive disorder.

The company knew about these types of problems and, apparently, did little to help its users, considering more in profits within public well-being. Because of this,   fewer and less people trust the company , research shows. Facebook was the least trustable social firm in earlier years’ study. And, after that, this quantity decreased even more.

More than that, Facebook services are dealing with a decrease in usage amongst young people. Today, 63% associated with Americans between 12 and 17 years old use TikTok. Among them, just 57% use Instagram, according to  Forrester’s research .

Exactly why is it a problem? Historically, young people are responsible for trends and are a lot more engaged with social media. If they are not there, people associated with other ages might begin to look for other options that are a lot more cool and trendy. To prevent this, Instagram is trying to show into TikTok.

What should marketers do?

First of all, let’s talk about video. If you nevertheless think that video is the long term of the internet, please, change your mind. Video is not the future; it does not take present!   Based on Cisco , video will be responsible for 82% of traffic next year. So , if you have not really started to invest in it however, you are late.

Do you need to be on TikTok? Be cautious here. Before you decide, you need to look at your brand persona. Will be your public there? Do not stick to trends blindly. It’s not simply TikTok that is growing. YouTube continues to be huge. But you possess other options.   Spotify is growing a lot with pod-casts , for example. Again, should you be there? Ask your own public. You need to be where these are!

If you are very dependent on Instagram, should you be worried? The answer is yes. First, the social media app is changing the core to bring in the younger generation. So , maybe your community that loves vintage pictures on the feed will look another place like Pinterest, intended for instance—which  continues to grow as a niche service   and has more users nowadays than Twitter.

Here is one more thing. Instagram was successful within slowing down Snapchat in the past by copycatting it. But the exact same did not work with YouTube. Yes, the company has lots of money. But MySpace,   which sold to News Corp. during the height of its popularity , was also exceeded by Facebook.

We had one more similar worldwide case. The countries in social media utilization are the U. S., Indian, and Brazil. In 2004, Google launched a social media service called Orkut that just Brazil and Indian embraced. It was huge in these two countries, with almost  80% of web users  using it. But , six years later,   Orkut started to reduce, and Facebook surpassed it .

Why? No one desires to stay where you cannot connect to your friends. When young people begin to use another service, soon, other ages begin to discover it. Then, as many people begin to embrace it, their particular friends start to change too. So , we have a massive migration.

Is it going to happen to Instagram? I can help you with some historic data, but I can not predict the future. As Instagram did with Snapchat, They have the chance to succeed against TikTok. But TikTok is a lot larger today than Snapchat offers ever been. So , I can say to you that if you depend a lot on Instagram, it’s risky to continue this strategy.

Probably, Instagram will succeed at this point. Who guarantees the same later on? It’s really important to diversify your branding and buy channels. I’m not just discussing social media.

Look for other interpersonal channels, but guarantee a great experience on your website plus blog, for example. It’s furthermore important to have your own addresses of people interested in what you market. Then you can send them email messages whenever you want without depending on third-party environments.  

Do not trust in just one tactic or even source of traffic and buy. With a diverse strategy, your business will be safe!

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