Just how Televerde Gained Double-Digit Increases in Traffic and Potential clients with Our Content Marketing Program

How can companies create content that is meaningful? It’s an important question to ask, especially when articles marketing is part of your strategy (and we think it should always be part of your strategy).

It’s simple to fall into a trap of churning out content without stopping to assess whether it’s really resonating together with your target audience. And while consistent plus high-volume content is a core part of content marketing, screwing up to make your content meaningful results in overspending, low conversion rates, plus time spent on developing articles that fails to make a direct effect.

The ability to produce content that is simultaneously high-quantity and high-impact lies in doing the work ahead of time and committing to regular assessment and improvement. Let us explore how our client, Televerde , hit the bullseye upon doing both and saw the results to back it up.

Quick Takeaways:

  • High-volume content is important, but ensuring it’s meaningful to your audience can also be a key part of effective articles marketing.
  • Creating impactful content requires working on the project up front to understand your audience and create a strong content technique.
  • Commitment in order to continual improvement is key to content marketing success.
  • Meaningful content that will resonates with your target audience means less spend, higher conversions, and an overall bigger impact for your company.

The Problem: Quantity over Quality

Televerde was already a few steps ahead if they reached out to partner with us; they’re a smart company focused on helping clients optimize the particular sales cycle to generate demand, grow sales pipeline, and increase revenue. They know how critical it is to connect with current and prospective clients through the entire customer lifecycle.

The problem? Despite the $130K per year budget for paid for advertising, their social media and weblog content wasn’t converting customers at a high enough rate.

“We needed to connect with audiences but our own content wasn’t resonating, ” shared Chris Daniels, chief revenue officer at Televerde. “It was talking ‘with’ them. ”

Televerde’s case is a perfect example of why it’s essential to remember that articles is not the same as content advertising . The good news for businesses like Televerde is that creating the content is a critical first step, and they were currently doing it. Now, it was time for you to evaluate how to make it effective.

The Strategy: Focusing on the Connection

The first important step has been to evaluate who Televerde had been trying to reach as well as the tone and voice Televerde wished to use throughout their articles. We collaborated with the Televerde team on a comprehensive content assessment that listed meant audiences and a clear placing statement.

All of us identified that Televerde desired to use a tone of voice that was crystal clear, authentic, and inspiring: one which embodies thought leadership and provides new knowledge while leftover relatable and connected.

We explored rivals, other thought leaders in the industry, content themes and pillars, and core audience gentes. Once those pieces were in place, we developed an SEO strategy and articles calendar to publish consistent, enhanced content that would drive natural traffic to the website.

“The onboarding process went really smoothly, ” contributed Televerde’s Digital Marketing Specialist Jackie Andersen. “The MIG team brought value by means of their suggestions that we hadn’t previously thought of, but also believed our feedback and incorporated it into the strategy. ”

Jackie also emphasized the importance of consistent connection between our team and Televerde during this critical time.

“The communication out of your team was always presently there. ” she recalled.

The Result: Organic Visitors Grows, Conversions Increase, The particular Spend Gets Smaller

With a new content technique and calendar in place, the outcomes showed up right away (this does not happen for everyone but we’re thrilled when it does).

Here is an example of the particular SEMRush “ Position Tracking” Report we setup for every client to measure boosts in organic search visibility, key word rankings and organic search visitors. For Televerde, we get a 4x increase in overall key phrases ranked and a steep embrace the coveted top a few rankings:

This is what drives organic traffic increases throughout the board. According to Televerde’ ersus own website analytics, website users (28%), new users (23%), and total periods (42%) all increased among September 2020 and May 2021.

During the same September to May time period, there was a 65% increase in completion rate of their website’s “Contact Us” form driven solely by organic traffic. Conversion rate after completion increased by 17 percent.

Here is a trended view from the conversions from organic visitors each of the first 6 months we worked with Televerde.

“We shifted our focus from the paid design to connecting with audiences and providing content they will wanted, and it shows up in the numbers, ” Chris shown when we talked with him recently about Televerde’s achievement.

Reflecting: Exactly why Did Televerde Succeed?

There is no magic wand to wave that provides content marketing success. The fact remains that it takes time, commitment, consistency, and patience. We all did our best to bring the information expertise, but Televerde brought the rest in spades. The results show for themselves.

I was a client associated with Televerde from my team leading Demand Generation from SAP. They contributed to the success of our content marketing program by helping us meet the criteria the leads we produced.

Now, all of us get to return the favor by bringing them quality content, and engaged top-of-funnel visitors that convert.

Not only that, but the entire team is such a pleasure to work with. We appreciate their story and now we get to assist them grow.

According to Chris, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“The entire world was on fire, ” this individual recalls, referring to the turbulent period at the start of the outbreak, when companies around the world scrambled to adjust to a new (mostly digital) normal. “I knew the single most important thing we’re able to do was focus on electronic content. ”

The effort is lauded as being a win up and down the organization, Bob noted.

“Even our executives are posting our content now, revealing our blogs — since it’s meaningful. ”

Finally, Chris reflected on the critical importance of the partnership maintained by MIG and Televerde throughout the procedure.

“Results great, ” he shared, “but partnership is also super substantial. You can pay people to ‘do content’ but they don’t normally take the time to invest in the relationship since needs evolve. The partnership piece with MIG has meant so much. ”

Are You Looking for Results Like These?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to content marketing, but there are best practices that we have examined and proven to work. We combine those with the specific requirements of your company and audience to create a personalized strategy plus calendar that will drive outcomes.

We provide high quality and frequency of articles for a more affordable cost than hiring an in-house team to do the same, and with all those services we bring the experience that will maximize your RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

More than ever, your clients are looking to connect with you electronically. If you are ready to get more visitors your site with quality content material published consistently, check out our own Content Constructor Service . Set up the quick discussion and get a free PDF version of my book The Content Formula. Get started today–and generate a lot more traffic and leads for your business.

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