Learn how to Fix Controller Not Working within Modern Warfare 2

Is your control not working in Modern Combat 2 (MW2)?

Is your controller not switching, detected, or even locked on Steam/PS4/PS5?

If you are, you won’ t be able to use your controller to play the game.

MW2 has a lot of insects and glitches that they are focusing on fixing.

In this guide, you’ ll learn why is your controller not working, detecting, or switching in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) and how to repair it.

Why is our controller not working in MW2?

Your controller is not doing work in MW2 because it is set to “ Use default settings”.

Vapor Input allows you to play any controller-supported game with any kind of device.

The input can translate your input into something the game understands.

Regrettably, Steam Insight does not always work for all games.

For instance , the input does not work for many people playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 .

Numerous users are complaining about the issue on the internet.

“ MW2 will not let me switch to my control and is locked on our mouse and keyboard”.

“ Having the same issue not able to switch”.

How to fix controller not working in Modern Warfare 2

controller not working in Modern Warfare 2

To fix controller no longer working in Modern Warfare two, you need to disable the Steam input in your controller configurations.

This will fix most control issues that you’ re having with MW2.

Here’ ersus how to disable the Vapor input:

  1. Open Vapor and log in to your account.
  2. Go to your Vapor library and right-click “ Call of Duty: Contemporary Warfare II”.
  3. Select “ Properties”.
  4. Select “ Controller”.
  5. Change the dropdown box to “ Turn off Steam Input”.

After you’ ve disabled the particular Steam input, close MW2 (if you still have it open).

Lastly, restart MW2 as well as your controller should work.

Many users said that disabling the particular Steam input fixed their controllers.

“ This proved helpful thanks! ” by Ellite25, the Reddit user that will reported the issue.

“ Thank you so much, I was ready to just buy this on Battle. net or even something” by Kaos_Bigguy.

“ Doing that and reinstalling fixed it, thanks”, a reply another Reddit user.

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