LinkedIn is Improving Search Results. How to Make Your Content Shine For Your Audience?

You will find more than 830 million associates on LinkedIn. They are not only searching for a new job, but they are looking for truly useful information while building their network. That’ s why the particular engineering team at LinkedIn is making changes to enhance the search experience.  

Improving search engine results seems to be becoming a priority for different channels. In fact , it hasn’t yet been a week since I talked about exactly how Google updated its criteria in order to prioritize quality content on Search results.

And LinkedIn is producing moves in this direction as well. And, just like Google, high quality content on the professional system goes far beyond responding to queries in a post. We have to think about how to give the target audience what they want.  

Post research and user engagement upon LinkedIn improved by 35% in 2020 . People are looking for high-quality content and productive discussions.

So , what are the changes upon LinkedIn? How’s it likely to affect us — Advertising professionals and brands that create content on the platform?

I’ll dive into that. Stick to me!

The Before and After of Write-up Search on LinkedIn

Until recently, the search journey on LinkedIn started at the research bar, where it mixed a series of results — however the old system left behind plenty of important articles and LinkedIn posts.  

Now the final results are simpler. Prioritizing content and content, taking into consideration aspects of relevance plus diversity . Let’ s take a look:

The update is already bringing positive results. According to the LinkedIn blog post, the effort has led to an increase in user satisfaction , reflected by a 20% increase in good feedback rate.

To give customers the best experience, LinkedIn will be considering the following criteria:

  • Query relevance.
  • Quality.  
  • Personalization and user intent understanding.
  • Submit engagement.
  • Blog post freshness, especially for trending subjects.

So , How Does 1 Engage On LinkedIn From Now On?

As I said at the beginning, LinkedIn is more than a place to look for a job — and it’s period for brands and businesses to finally understand this.  

People are trying to create genuine professional connections and be up-to-date with their market.  

I’ll take personally as an example here. I’m a Content Strategist here at Rock Content , and I love using the expert social platform to discover the next trends in Marketing or even reading opinions from experts. That’ s one of the best means of using LinkedIn for me.  

So , to build your brand presence on this platform, it’s likely to be even more important to release relevant content for your target audience.  

Here are some practices to assist you succeed with these new adjustments:  

Answer Your Public’s Needs

Before planning your next post, check what your own audience is already chatting and/or thinking about.  

Let me remind you that, earlier this year, LinkedIn already changed its algorithm to prioritize quality content . So , everything factors to the fact that LinkedIn focuses on a far more relevant and helpful encounter for its users .    

In a scenario exactly where everybody is making content and everybody wants to be seen, displaying your expertise is going to be crucial to building a reliable brand name on LinkedIn.  

Be On Trend, Give Your Opinion 

Something that stands out upon LinkedIn from other social media can be its level of expertise and relevance. While on TikTok or Instagram you can spend hours watching videos of pups, on LinkedIn you want to know what is the newest trend in your business industry.      

So , don’ t be afraid to give your takes on the changes or trends in your niche. This will also invite other persons to remark and increase your reach on social media.  

Also, don’ t forget to experiment with multiple formats, until you find the best type of content for your profile.  

The days of posting content material on social media focusing on yourself / your company are gone. It is time to listen first, talk later. And let your audience guide the conversation, be part of it. Be helpful, and relevant.  

As I said earlier, LinkedIn is not the only person that is prioritizing quality content. TikTok searches and Google’s new Helpful Content Up-date are a reflection of how important it is to satisfy your audience’ s queries.  

The next time you are going to post on LinkedIn, don’ t forget to make it relevant and helpful. Your own audience (and the algorithm) will thank you.  

And, if you want to continue to be updated with Marketing and Social Media Trends, I highly suggest that you subscribe to The Beat, Stone Content’s interactive newsletter . There, you’ll discover all the trends that issue in the Digital Marketing scenery. See you there!

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