May The Fourth Be With Your Content material Marketing

A few years ago I attended Content Marketing World in Cleveland where they featured a keynote from Tag Hamill, who (as a person know) played mythic hero Luke Skywalker in Superstar Wars.

Mark Hamill and Michael Brenner Prior to the event I asked myself “ WTF does Tag Hamill know about Content Advertising?

Well I actually met the man in person. (TRULY mazing moment for me! ) And his answer really shouldn’ t be a surprise. To put it briefly, he said that content marketing is just brand name storytelling . And it can only succeed when we make the audience the particular hero of our content.

Indicate Hamill explained to 4, 500 content marketers how the pressure could be with their content marketing and advertising. And so I’ m re-publishing this article on May the fourth, so his storytelling forces can be learned by you. No matter where you are in the galaxy.

But first a quick back story…

The Power of The Force

Return of The Jedi came out in 1983. And in the small town of Mt. Penn, PA where I grew up, we could actually stroll to one of those old cinemas that had a balcony.

Return of The Jedi was the first movie I had been allowed to go see without my parents. My older brother and I strolled to the theater. We purchased some popcorn, a soda pop, and of course some pop rocks. No we didn’ capital t mix the two. Because, you know, certain death!

And then we sat generally there in awe as the final installment of the original Superstar Wars unfolded.

The epic hero, Lomaz Skywalker, conquers evil against overwhelming odds. The heartbreaking villain, Darth Vader, results to the good side. As well as the evil emperor is vanquished.

The Power of Myth

Within 1989, I went away from to college and studied British Literature. After watching Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” television series on PBS the previous year, and then reading through the book, I came to believe what Campbell described. I actually believed it wad the most amazing insight I had heard.

That there was obviously a common theme to all the greatest stories ever told. This individual called it the “Monomyth” or “The Hero’s Trip. ” Now while you probably have heard this, maybe you have consider how optimistic a concept it really is?

The hero’ s trip: An improbable hero emerges from a humble background. They hesitantly carry on a journey. They face threats, trials, and existential challenges that help them learn of their true character and strength. They overcome evil and return house forever changed.

The Hero’s Journey is so powerful because it evokes the dreams and wishes everyone feels. That we are somehow unique and special. That there is a surprising hidden power serious inside us. That we have essential work to do. Work that has meaning and impact on the world around us.

Luke Skywalker’s Hero Journey

Luke Skywalker fulfills a number of the characteristics that you observe in all mythic heroes. A royal lineage that he grows up ignorant about. That he has special powers and abilities that are brought out by a number of teachers.

He reluctantly leaves home on the quest that takes him over a supernatural threshold in to a strange land. He is guided by a wise teacher, motivated by love for his sister, and pushed by seemingly selfish co-hero Han Solo.

Ultimately, the hero must remain on his own, face the night and conquer it before returning to reality, stronger and wiser.

Luke and Han both evolve from self-centered people directly into crusaders against the forces associated with evil that threaten the whole universe.

Exactly what Mark Hamill Believes Will be the Force of Content Advertising?

mark hamill on content marketing Mark believes within the optimism on the hero’ s i9000 journey. Not in the delighted ending. But in the way that will great stories unite us all around common fears and desires.

And his advice to all of us in content marketing, is to test their limits against the evil empires associated with blatant promotion, and ego-driven campaigns, to talk to people’ s fears and desires. I’ ve always called this “ marinating in the pain. ”

Every single good story spends a good ungodly amount of time on the discomfort of the journey. Because that’ s what reels us in. We start to main for the hero because we see ourselves in them!

I also think there are a number of brand storytelling lessons we can learn from his personality and the Star Wars mythology overall:

1 . Start with Reality

Star Wars begins on a dry plus sandy planet that doesn’t seem very appealing.

Darth Vader will be introduced to us within the Death Star. A very darkish and ominous place. The particular Millennium Falcon is a tired and beat up space deliver that Han Solo gets started by banging on a panel with wires going out of it.

Superstar Wars starts with the way the planet can feel sometimes. Older, tired, dirty, and frightening. As Great content starts with the storytelling elements of “what is” before moving on in order to “what could be. ”

2 . Clashes Are Important

Han Solo starts out because kind of a jerk. But he shows great passion for his friend Chewbacca, and serious interest in Little princess Leia. He’ s the particular tough guy, been around the block contrast to Luke’ s boyish naivety.

He says he only cares about getting a prize, yet he keeps appearing in key places whenever he is needed.

Han Solo provides a contrast to Luke’s own trip from selfishness to selflessness. Great content considers opposition points of view. However, not as opposites. As matches.

Should you begin your content marketing program on a social channel or on your own website ? Should you market yourself within your content marketing? These are essential contrasts to consider.

3. Redemption

“Luke, I am your Father” is one of the finest “holy crap” lines within a movie ever. I named by 4th child next line!

This particular puts Luke Skywalker on the path of redemption to like the very thing he hates the most. And it begins the particular journey for Darth Vader to be redeemed as well.

But what can content material marketing save?

Let’s start with marketing by itself. All marketers are on a path of redemption.

  • If marketing has a advertising problem , then content material marketing is the solution.
  • If banner ads are bad (Ok fine being dramatic. They are just useless), then content marketing and advertising is the savior.
  • Maybe Content marketers are the heroes in the story of marketing. So make your team the hero of your story!

Know anyone that likes boring and promotional ads? Content material marketing focuses on making your clients the particular hero. Content marketing focuses on turning your promotions and interruptions into valuable messages that people actually desire and need.

Does your company have workers who are real people with interests, pains, families and tension, dreams and desires bigger than just talking about what their company sells? Content marketing allows your employees, and partners, and influencers to talk about their passions and anxieties authentically with an audience who else shares similar interests.

An audience that may become your next customer, worker, investor, or partner.

And Content marketing provides a measurable return on your marketing investment . So it’ h got that whole: “ let’ s do items that works” thing going for this.

Might The Fourth Be With Your Content Marketing!

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few brand storytelling examples all of us love. Here are some of our favorite content marketing and advertising examples . And some of the very inspiring content material marketers .

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