Methods to Fix “This song is currently unavailable” on Instagram

Are you getting a “ This music is currently unavailable ” error on Instagram?

The particular error message happens on Instagram Reels.

When you view a Reel, the song won’ t be played.

Some users claimed which the song worked in the past.

Nevertheless , when they try to listen to the song in the present, it fails to play.

In this guide, you’ ll learn what it means when Instagram Reels says “ This song is currently unavailable” and how to fix it.

What does it indicate when Instagram says this particular song is currently unavailable?

Instagram says this track is currently unavailable because of a bug on the app.

The pest is caused by Instagram’ s i9000 end, so there’ s nothing you can do to fix this except wait.

There are a number of things that will happen.

Firstly, the songs you’ ve put into your Reels will be muted.

Subsequently, any song that you enhance a new Reel will be moderate too.

In other words, you’ lmost all only be able to use your video’ s original sound.

Many users went to Twitter to complain about the bug.

Here’ s what @CoachGlamour stated, “ This song happens to be unavailable, is showing up on every Reel. What’s going on? ”.

A lot of people replied to the tweet saying that they were experiencing the problem.

Here’ s an answer by @JamWong, “ Exact same. I hope it’s fixed shortly because it’s really frustrating and annoying”.

How to repair “ This song is currently unavailable” on Instagram

This song is currently unavailable

To fix “ This song is currently unavailable” on Instagram, you need to update Instagram to the latest edition.

If Instagram does not have a new update, you need to wait with patience for one.

The error message is a bug on Instagram that is similar to the stories bug.

The tales bug repeats old stories when you try to view a new one.

Basically, it does not remember the last tale that you’ ve seen.

If you’ re getting a “ This song is currently unavailable” error on Instagram, you won’ t be able to add songs to your Fishing reels.

You can only use your video’ s original sound.

Instagram constantly releases updates to correct bugs and glitches over the app.

To check if Instagram has an update, open the App Store or Google Enjoy Store and search for “ Instagram”.

If you see “ Bug fixes and functionality improvements” under “ Edition History”, it means that the up-date is meant to fix bugs and glitches on the app.

1 ) Update Instagram to the most recent version

The first step is to check if there’ s an update regarding Instagram.

To do so, open the App Store or Google Enjoy Store and search for “ Instagram”.

If you see a good “ Update” button, it indicates that Instagram has a brand new update.

Tap on “ Update” to update Instagram towards the latest version.

You can also examine the version history of Instagram.

If the latest version contains “ Bug fixes and overall performance improvements”, you need to update the particular app as soon as possible.

This is because the update is meant to fix bugs and glitches.

If you don’ t see an “ Update” button, it means that will you’ ve already up-to-date Instagram to the latest edition.

If that’ s the situation, you can try getting rid of and reinstalling Instagram.

This will clear the app’ s cache, which can repair certain app issues.

2 . Wait for a few days

Did you upgrade Instagram to the latest edition but you’ re still getting the “ This music is currently unavailable” error upon Instagram Reels?

If so, you have to wait till Instagram fixes the issue on their end.

Certain errors on the app will certainly eventually disappear after some time.

For example , if you’ re not able to message someone on Instagram, you just need to wait for up to twenty four hours before you can do so again.

There’ s a discussion on Reddit about the “ This song is currently unavailable” error on Instagram Reels.

The original poster mentioned that the songs began to work again after 3 weeks.

Another Reddit user pointed out that they waited for about 3 or more weeks too.

Here’ ersus a comment by @marcat_, “ I was having this problem today, and I just examined again and it seems like it’s fixed? ”.

And an additional comment by @More_Ice6, “ Had the same issue here in Canada. After reading the particular thread I went back onto IG and my songs is back! I think it was just an IG issue”.


The “ This music is currently unavailable” error impacted a ton of Instagram users.

It’ s odd because the mistake might never have happened to you before.

In some cases, the music that you’ re aiming to use might work for various other users’ Reels but not on yours.

Your friends will not be in a position to hear the song from the Reel too.

Reporting the issue on the app will not fix the issue.

If you’ lso are using licensed audio through Instagram, it will still be muted.

It’ s common practice to find out if Instagram is down whenever you’ lso are experiencing an issue on the app.

To do so, you can either visit Downdetector, Twitter, or Reddit.

If you’ re on Twitter, search for the mistake message that you’ lso are experiencing and see if anyone messaged about it recently.

If there are a lot of tweets about it, Instagram is probably down.

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