Methods to Unblur Chegg Answers

Are you looking to unblur Chegg answers without having to pay?

Or are you searching for if you can use the inspect element tool?

A Chegg membership is pretty expensive at $19. 95/mo.

If you’ re a student, you might not be able to pay for it.

Unfortunately, Chegg don’t have a free trial.

In addition , the website does not have free unlocks—so can’ t unlock an answer.

But what if there’ s a method to unblur text/answers on Chegg?

In this guide, you’ lmost all learn how to unblur Chegg answers and how to unblur them using inspect element.

How to unblur Chegg answers

To unblur Chegg answers, you need to first copy the question’ s link.

Right after you’ ve copied the question’ s link, you have to join the study space Discord server.

In the server, navigate to the “ unlock-bot” channel and paste the question’ t link there.

Lastly, down load the answer and open it to unblur it!

The study space Discord server has a 24/7 Chegg bot that unblurs answers.

All you have to do would be to provide the question’ s link.

If you’ re a new member, you’ ll be provided 2 free unlocks.

You’ ll also get a free uncover every week.

To increase your number of unlocks, you need to invite people to join the server.

Here’ s how to unblur Chegg answers:

1 . Copy the question’ s link

Unblur Chegg

To begin with, you need to copy the question’ s link on Chegg.

Open Chegg. com and search for the question that you want an answer to.

As soon as you’ re on the query, you need to duplicate the question’ s WEB ADDRESS.

To do so, highlight the URL, right-click it, plus click on “ Copy” in order to copy it.

Keep in mind that you are able to only unblur a Chegg answer if someone currently answered it.

If there are no answers yet, you have to wait until someone answers the question.

If there is an answer, you will see a pop-up message saying that the problem has been solved.

second . Join study space on Discord

Now that you’ ve copied the question’ s hyperlink, you need to sign up for the study space Discord server.

Join the study space Discord server: .

As of early 2022, the link above is definitely working and is set to in no way expire.

The study space Discord server has a 24/7 Chegg bot where you can unblur Chegg answers.

All you have to do is to provide the question’ s hyperlink and the bot will work the magic.

Keep in mind that you’ ll only have two free unlocks in the beginning.

In other words, you can only unblur 2 questions.

To improve your unlocks, you can either wait for a week to get one free unlock or ask people to join the server.

3. Paste the question’ s link in the “ unlock-bot” channel

After you’ ve joined the study space Discord server, you need to navigate to one of the “ unlock-bot” channels.

First of all, click on “ unlock-bot-1” to open the channel.

Once you’ re on the channel, you should paste the particular question’ s link and press “ Enter” on your keyboard.

The particular bot will then process your request, which normally takes a couple of seconds.

4. Download the answer

Unblur Chegg answers

After a couple of seconds, you’ ll receive a couple of messages.

This includes the “ Unlock successfully” message as well as the download file.

This means that the particular bot has successfully unblurred the Chegg answer.

The particular download file is an CODE file that contains both the Chegg question and expert answer from a paid Chegg account.

Hence, you don’ to need to pay a single cent!

Right now, click on the download icon in order to download the answer.

5. Open up the file and see the unblurred answer

Unblur Chegg answers using inspect element

After you’ ve clicked on the download icon, your browser will be opened.

Now, the file will begin downloading in your browser.

Once the file is downloaded, double-click it to open it.

The document will contain the Chegg question and expert answer.

Fit located at the top half of the particular page while the answer is located at the bottom half the page.

You’ ll now have 1 free of charge unlock remaining unless you request more people to join the particular server or wait for per week.

You can invite more individuals to join the server by right-clicking the “how-it-works” station and clicking on “Invite People”.

Lastly, set the request link to never expire plus copy it.

You’ ve successfully learned how to unblur Chegg answers!

How do I unblur Chegg answers using inspect element? gong15deng gong0deng To unblur Chegg answers using inspect element, you need to gong2deng right-click the page gong3deng and click on “Inspect Element”. gong1deng gong0deng Secondly, click on the blurred answer to select it. gong1deng gong0deng Lastly, delete the <div> label to unblur the Chegg answer!

Update: As of early 2022, this method no longer works—so you’ ll have to join a Discord server that has a Chegg bot instead.

Bottom line

Chegg answers can be unblurred if you subscribe to the study program.

However , if you’ lso are just looking to unblur 1 or 2 answers, then it’ s unwise to spend $19. 95.

This is because you’ re never going to use the website much anyhow.

Instead, you can follow the tutorial above to see Chegg answers without paying a single cent.

Yet another way you can try is to join the particular /r/CheggAnswers community on Reddit and article the question’ s hyperlink there making use of pastebin.

Someone with the paid version of Chegg in the community might help you out.

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