Movie Asset Management Strategy

Managing a huge number of videos is difficult due to the collective file size, amongst other reasons.

So much so it might distract your marketing and advertising team from focusing on their particular primary tasks because they are too busy finding and watching the videos.

Luckily, there are tools which will help with your video asset management strategy. But before we check out the tools that can help you in the storage and management of your video assets, you first need to comprehend why videos are so important in marketing.

Why is Video therefore Critical in Marketing?

Videos are more important than ever in marketing and advertising. Check out these two stats from your WYZOwl Video Marketing Statistics 2021 review .

  • 86% of businesses make use of video as a marketing tool, up from 85% in 2020
  • 93% of marketers who use video clip say that it’ s a significant part of their marketing strategy, up from 92% in 2020

You will find two things we can infer from this.

First, most people use video like a marketing tool so it must be working. So if you aren’ t using it, you are really missing out on the numerous benefits we will go through immediately.

Second, the numbers are rising. A great number of are realizing its performance and are incorporating it to their marketing strategy.

Actually according to the same report, in 2016, only 61% of businesses used video, and only 88% agreed that it plays an important role in their online marketing strategy. Judging by this trend, in a few years, those two figures may both be 100% or even there nearby.

So , why should you join the bandwagon?

Here is why videos are an absolute should to every content marketing strategy.

1 . They have a great ROI

Unlike other advertising mediums, videos have a ridiculously low cost of production. Since they can go viral or stay relevant for quite a while, they give a really good return on investment.

At the very least, you only need a mobile phone to record your video and something or two video editing apps to get it ready. You will only need a few minutes or even hours to create a video which will increase your revenue for a long time.

2 . They are great for SEO

Content with videos is more likely to be indexed for the first search engine results page for a number of reasons. They include:

  • For certain key phrases, YouTube shows up at the top of the particular page before other results.
  • They encourage users to spend more time on the site, showing search engines that you have unique, engaging content.
  • Videos appear on various other search engines such as YouTube.
  • Search engines consider videos high-quality content.

Moreover, videos can be shareable.

The larger the number of shares, the more the clicks. And the more the clicks, the higher you rank on search engines.

Nonetheless, you need to optimize your videos for SEO. Solid meta-descriptions, keywords, interesting and descriptive titles, and hyperlinks to your website are some of the methods to optimize them.

That said, unless you are willing to make a video, you are not going to make this above the fold.

3. People love videos

Watching videos is one of the most popular ways of consuming content. Their viewership has increased exponentially over the last couple of years. Here are some data that show how popular videos are.

4. They are a great way to explain your own product

This shouldn’ t shock you at all. Of course , the visual element of videos boosts the watcher’ s understanding of your product or service.

Clients are only going to purchase services and products if they understand how those products are going to benefit them. Based on the WYZOwl report linked above, 94% of people watch explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 84% being influenced to make a purchase.

The better explained the video content is, the better the customer encounter and the more likely they will be to consider you again.

Other reasons why you need to include videos in your marketing include:

  • They encourage social shares
  • They are engaging
  • They improve brand remember
  • They boost conversions and sales

It’ t clear that videos really are a valuable marketing tool. However , generating videos is not enough.

You need to store plus index them in a way that is easy to access, manage, and share when the need arises.

When you are starting out and only have a small video library, it really is simple to manage it. But as its contents grow in order to hundreds, thousands, or even thousands, it is near impossible to maximize their use without a correct video asset management platform.

What exactly is Video Asset Management?

Video asset management is exactly what its name suggests: managing video clips using video asset management software.

A decent digital asset management system (DAM system) simplifies the entire process from access via content creation to distribution. You don’ t even need editing skills.

You can conveniently create, change, and store all types of media files and video types in a central library. Also, thanks to its automation features, you can put all your concentrate on producing, and perfecting your own video content without worrying regarding other issues.

Media asset management exponentially increases your team members’ productivity.

Why is Video Asset Management Important?

A video asset management system is vital to video marketing and advertising because:

1 . It organizes your video content

This is the largest advantage of digital asset management. All of your videos are stored in just one central location, ensuring they are easy to find and are accessible through anywhere.

Your creative team can access the data without having to look through various servers or shared folders. This on-demand access improves the team’ s productivity.

Also, thanks to version control, every team member that accesses the particular videos will use the latest version and be able to review all the adjustments.

second . Rich metadata for improved discoverability

Metadata is a descriptive annotation of a video that provides more info on it. Content management systems allow you to tag your content with as much metadata as needed to fully describe it, which increases the speed and simplicity of searching for a specific video.

You can even sort them based on a certain keyword, offering you similar options to pick from. This reduces the time spent looking, giving you time to focus on generating and modifying your video clips and improving the overall efficiency of the creative team.

3. Safety

A digital asset management system has advanced security features that ensure your digital mass media is protected from deletion, hacking, or corruption.

It also gives various access permissions to different users of the organization, which ensures that your rich media is used only for its intended purpose.

four. Asset usage analytics

This is also a very important function of electronic asset management. In order to increase your workflow and content to inspire action from your audience, you need to know how your current assets are performing.

Video clip asset management gives the allowed stakeholders instant access to your video content. Such facts because view rate and click-through rate, among others, indicate exactly how your videos are executing across various distributors along with other social media channels.

You can use this information to focus on those with the highest ROI and increase your content delivery networks (CDN).

5. Scalability

With video asset management, as your business grows and your number of videos increases, your power to manage them grows as well.

A video asset management solution could be exactly what your business needs. It has an endless number of use instances in this current working atmosphere where people work distantly.

Easy access and collaboration across all features are vital to the achievement of all businesses.

Bring Your Marketing Team Together in a Single Work area

Would you like a solution that brings your own marketing together in a single system to share plans, collaborate upon video assets, and improve their production process? If you do, you need a platform as effective as Welcome .

It allows you to handle admin tasks, align your own team members, and integrate with all the tools you and your team frequently use to ramp up your movie production efficiency. You can also monitor your brand asset’ t performance and focus on what realy works most.

If you would like to give it a try, get started with a free Welcome account today !

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