Nearly Half Of Email Marketers Aren’t Impacted By Data Privacy Modifications. The Answer Is Adaptation

Customers these days are more aware of the security of their privacy. They don’ t want all their details and personal data to be available without any restrictions. Big companies, like Apple, have already taken action regarding the matter. The brand new IOS 15 update in September 2021 released along with Mail Privacy Protection, which usually brought a lot of speculation on how it would affect email marketing procedures.

Thanks to a recent HubSpot survey , we have a clearer understanding of how the iOS 15 improvements and data privacy is affecting email marketing. The results show that 47% of the respondents determined it had a neutral impact on their email marketing strategy.

Right now, we are still adapting to some cookieless planet . As a consequence, there are a lot of worries among marketers around the world. Brand new privacy rules impact e-mail strategies directly, making it more difficult to know how our people are interacting with our content. Moreover, If we can’ t gather certain data about the email activity, how can we guarantee our efforts?

The solution is complex, but not impossible. Email marketing is not dead, it’s matter of adapting the moment we can to these changes.  

Both IOS 15’s up-date and GDPR laws trigger us to think out of the box and offer more value to the subscribers. Relying on good articles and deliverability is key to overcoming this landscape.

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How Apple’s iOS fifteen is Impacting Email Marketing experts according to Data

Something kinda obvious, but it’s nevertheless important to make it clear: iOS 15 is only available for mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, iPod touches). Even though the amount of iOS users within the U. S. is over 56%, the worldwide alternative software is more popular. For that reason only 27% of the global population make use of iOS.

Source: HubSpot

There are a lot of important areas that are inspired by both GDPR and iOS updates. For example:

  • Reduced access to user information;
  • Decreased ability to operate location-based strategies;
  • No ability to view the open rate or click through rate;

This doesn’ t mean the end associated with email marketing or that it simply leaves us handcuffed. Solutions plus alternatives are already being examined by professionals and are already providing very interesting results.  

Let’ s have a look at some of them!

Some alternatives confirmed by professionals     

Prioritize KPIs

The first activity taken by marketers was to re-prioritize their success indicators. According to Hubspot, up to 62% of impacted email internet marketers started taking into account different KPIs to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

In other words, they will decided to analyze other KPIs, such as clicks, spam price, web traffic, unsubscribe rate, or even surveys. They even considered A/B testing to check the results of their campings.

Use option channels

At this stage, you should know that already you can’ t rely on a single channel for your marketing communications. Being present in other channels helps you to have better segmentation while spreading the word.  

One of the biggest (but underrated) alternatives is SMS Marketing. Remember, 3. 8 billion people around the world carry a cell phone . Really want to make the best of it by just delivering a message?

And if you are not however convinced, let me tell you that SMS has a 98% open rate , while only 3% of marketing emails have an open price above 50%, according to a Campaign Monitor research .

Offer value and deliverability

Another step is to avoid elements that may hurt your email deliverability, such as poor content, using URL shorteners, or solitary opt-in. In this new scenario, 28% of email entrepreneurs responded to privacy changes simply by focusing on improving email deliverability, as reported by Hubspot. And we all should do the same.

On the other hand, if you don’ t want to end up in the SPAM box, you should always make sure to deliver valuable content and benefits to all your subscribers. Some advice for making better content material emails strategy are:

  • Monitor the latest design trends.
  • Touch your consumer pain point through good copy, titles, and CTAs.
  • Step out of the ordinary, and start trying interactive content
  • Give a human touch by personalizing your own recipient’s name

Develop trust

Relationships are based on believe in, and marketing is not an exception. Transparent communication is key to gaining your customer’ h reliability. Let them see your business’ s human side and become always truthful to your values and principles. Share your own personal experiences, data, and research, to let your audience know you are very devoted to your mission.

If you do this particular, your customers will have more self-confidence to give their personal information for you. And the best part is that you already are building a long-lasting relationship whilst protecting their privacy.

In summary

GDPR and Privacy are here to stay. They are already shifting social media and advertising marketing. In order to make the most of the sources spent on our email marketing strategy, it is necessary to make some changes to our priorities and KPIs, and be focused on delivering the best content for our subscribers.  

Start thinking out of the box and see how your marketing efforts are worthy!

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