On the Ultimate Content Marketing Answer: Welcoming WriterAccess to Rock Content’s Family

Today, I’d like to share some exciting news with our clients, our inventor community, and our employees!

I’m thrilled to announce that Rock and roll Content provides acquired WriterAccess, a leading skill marketplace with nearly 2, 000 clients, and more compared to 500 agency partners.

WriterAccess is a company that zoomed from zero to a leader in the creative marketplaces room in just a handful of years.  

And the deal goes outside of numbers. Stone Content ’s talent network will receive a enhance of exceptional, highly-skilled freelancer professionals. Our goal would be to build a truly global marketplace, offering high-quality content in multiple languages, in less time, via an easy-to-use, integrated platform.

WriterAccess enables Stone Content in order to scale faster, with an amazing marketplace platform, augmented by Artificial Intelligence to match marketing experts with the right talent that the high quality content that their audience deserves. Their particular creators are also some of the best in the world, covering a wide variety of industries plus content formats.  

Shortly, our customers will be able to access WriterAccess, this market leading way to find and work with talents around the globe, place orders meant for projects, and manage their particular workflow with even more strong tools to communicate, collaborate, and publish optimized content material that will deliver on efficiency goals.

We’re combining two talent networks, and we intend to continue attracting some of the best creatives in the world! Together our self employed will have access to even more opportunities to work with some of the world’s many renowned brands.

Smooth changeover

Rock Content is a pioneer within Content Marketing. We have been on the highway since 2013, consolidating the leadership in this industry, helping brands, and agencies to grow and scale their business organically through content— the best way to do marketing, in our humble opinion.  

We have started working right away on an integration process. But we’re meticulously planning for a smooth transition to make sure that no disruptions to our customers, talent, and employees may occur.

WriterAccess will carry on and operate independently until the finish of 2022, while our teams collaborate on a a lot more complete integration plan to launch one globally integrated industry in the upcoming quarters.

Driving impact through education & opportunity

Rock Articles also has an excellent point of synergy along with WriterAccess’ educational programs targeted at Marketing professionals and creative freelancers. Both organizations focus on providing high-quality education and opportunities to their thousands of freelancer creators.

WriterAccess owns Content Marketing Conference (CMC), one of the largest Content Marketing occasions in the world. Rock and roll Content , under Rock University, has more than five hundred, 000 students enrolled in the online Marketing certifications and the plan is to integrate the applications.  

Starting in 2022, CMC will become Rock Content ’s annual conference, and Stone University will be integrated into WriterAccess’ platform.  

We believe that Marketing can have a positive effect on the world, and the best Advertising programs make their market better by providing useful understanding for their lives. We all believe in this approach, and we will work hard to carry on creating amazing opportunities plus education for our creative specialists and marketers worldwide.

Making Marketing better

I co-founded Rock Content material in 2013 in Brazil, and the final few years have been busy meant for us… Expanding internationally, increasing funding, pursuing acquisitions, releasing new products… 

Today, Rock Content has more than seven million people visiting our blogs every month globally and today, with WriterAccess, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with four, 000 brands globally!  

How did we arrive here? We really believe that better Marketing and advertising is powered by articles, and we’re still in the early days of our journey.

People love content that entertains and educates and builds valuable relationships. This is better Marketing, and this is why Rock Content exists.

WriterAccess is another important step in our journey to help brands create much better marketing.  

We’re simply getting started! Welcome WA in order to Rock Content’s family!

To know more about what the WriterAccess acquisition means for Rock Content’ s journey, I’d also like to invite you to see our public page with all the information & FAQ .

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