Our Ad Center: Google Will Allow Users To Control The Screen Of Advertising By Subject Or Brand

During the annual Search engines I/O 2022 event, among many other news, the company declared that later this year, it will start the “My Ad Center” platform, an advertising “hub” that will give users higher power over the ads they want to receive. According to the company, the tool will replace the current functionalities of Ad Settings and Relating to this Ad .

This information reinforces and is perfectly in-line with the market’ s increasing commitment to data personal privacy.

In this article, you will learn about the major changes that will take place using this new product and how brands may prepare for this new reality.

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So , what’s going to alter for users?

In a very user-friendly way, My Ad Middle will allow any user to pick which topics and companies they want (or don`t want) to see ads for while using the Youtube, the Search Network and Discovery.

Themes plus brands will be presented as shown in the image below:

By simply clicking the +/- buttons, users will inform Google which they want to receive more or less commercials about a certain topic or from a certain company.

Additionally , as you can see in the image beneath, the user will also be able to block certain themes that they consider sensitive:

Another interesting option could be the “Privacy” tab in My Advertisement Center. There, you can modify your demographics (age, gender, education, etc . ) however you like. This will give the consumer the power to receive ads according to the targeting they want.

In addition , when using the search engine or browsing through Google’ s partner sites, you will have the option to favorite, prevent and filter themes, and also find out who is sponsoring that will link in Google Ads:

What’s likely to change for brands plus advertisers?

If well recognized by users, the My Ad Center solution will assist you to further evolve the quality of information and data intelligence to the Google platform.

At the same time, the user experience can be constantly improved, since this information will serve as a basis for personalizing and filtering the subjects that he is really interested in.

As Google is the largest search engine in the world, providing a good consumer experience is not an optionally available strategy for the company, on the contrary, it is going to always be a priority in its adjustments.

Thus, with the launch of the center, advertisers will need to be more and more concerned with the relevance of their ads.

Promoting a good user experience and performing good segmentations in your campaigns is going to be crucial factors in becoming successful with this traffic acquisition channel.

In addition , the user will have the choice to see “who paid for this ad”, an unprecedented chance that further reinforces the significance of branding for companies.

How do brands be prepared for that?

This change strengthens the idea that manufacturers must strive to be more and more relevant – if your company doesn’ t have a solid relationship with your audience, these people just won’ t put your brand in their advertisement preferences.

This will make it hard for your ads to “just show up” to the market, as the audience will have the power to decide whether they want to see a person or not.

And this is a very important point when we talk about marketing and advertising strategies.

I’ ve noticed in a lot of places, experts saying that paid traffic is preferable to organic traffic, and that’ s really worrying.

A marketing strategy should not only end up being based on generating traffic, whether through paid media or not. Marketing is about relationships, placement and authority, at which stage content is an essential pillar.

A good content strategy has the strength to build relevance and develop communities and legions associated with fans for your brand.

Therefore , ads will not only be a channel for customer acquisition, also for a relationship with your target audience.

Therefore , don’ t discover ads just as a way to “ push” your offers towards the prospect, but rather as a station of attraction and partnership with advertisements that are actually relevant and with the power to actually capture the user’ h attraction.

In addition , the possibility designed for users to choose which subjects they find interesting can be seen as an opportunity to increasingly improve the targeting of their ads plus target people who really want to get offers related to the topics that, for them, are most relevant..

We cannot yet say what the real impacts will be for advertisers and customers, however , my recommendation is that you update yourself on the tendencies and revolutions that the style “privacy” will still create in the digital universe and prepare yourself more and more for it.


To reinforce its concern regarding issues related to data personal privacy, Google will take a very vibrant, important step to improve the experience of its users on the internet.

With this context, brands need to move in the same direction to offer progressively better experiences for their target audience, improve their online positioning plus attract people who really want to consume content and promotions offered by companies.

As I said before, all of us cannot yet say what the real impact of Our Ad Center will be for companies, but it is of paramount importance that brands start to take issues related to web privacy more and more seriously plus reinvent their digital marketing and advertising strategies.

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