Pledge 1%: Why has Rock and roll Content committed to donating 1% of its shares to Social Impact Initiatives?

In another main step towards accelerating social transformation, we have committed to giving 1% of Rock Content’s shares for social influence purposes.

Through the global organization Promise 1% , the business is formalizing the book of 1% of stocks to support and finance projects aimed at social impact.

The initial step was the approval of this effort by the Rock Content Panel.

Our decision was motivated by global companies we admire, such as Twilio, Crunchbase and Atlassian.  

In practice, what does this suggest for society and the corporate market?  

A Brief Retrospective

Since 2019, Rock Content has been committed to making a positive impact in its local community.  

With this goal, Rock. org, our interpersonal impact initiative, was created.  

Despite being a new industry, the company’s commitment to social impact provides advanced significantly over the years.

Based on our Rock Content TOP DOG, Diego Gomes, the commitment to giving back to our own community has always been in the company’s DNA.

“We’ve always cared about generating growth opportunities. It’s in our mission. We started with Digital Marketing education plus creating opportunities for our skills to make money while doing what they love. It has been a driving force, and today we have amazing stories of people who joined us on this dream and had their lives transformed: people who found their particular first job or even managed to support their family and pay money for their studies. We want to continue on this trajectory, ensuring that responsibility to impact will be a crucial part of our legacy! ”

In terms of dedication to social impact, our own first initiative was to encourage employees to be a force for good by donating 1% of their work time to relinquish to the community.  

This means that Rockers — even as we call our employees — have the option of donating 1% of their time (3 days per year) inside the company to internal or even external volunteer actions.

In addition , since the creation of Rock. org in 2019 , we have kept an annual Volunteer Day to support institutions aligned with our schooling and employability causes.  

Currently, our engagement rate for those activities covers 66% of our team.

In 2020 , we launched our social impact objective: sharing knowledge to accelerate social transformation.  

For this end, we began donating Rock University or college courses to socially and economically underrepresented groups — in this case, females, the black community, individuals with disabilities, and the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood.

Through this dedication, we were able to impact over 50, 000 students from 2020 via June 2021.  

By doing this, we enable countless individuals to become great trained professionals and bring more diversity and inclusion to the employment market.

Now, we are going further! Through the Pledge 1% effort, Rock Content has committed to donating 1% of its interpersonal capital.

Equity Pledge Dedication

What is the Equity Pledge?

The Equity Promise commitment means setting aside 1% of Stone Content’s equity (i. e., the company’s shares) to invest in social impact.  

This action demonstrates our extensive commitment to giving to the community plus sustainably funding social work with years to come.

Check out other global companies committed to the Pledge 1% effort :

Why do we dedicate?

We are increasingly looking to align growth and purpose, and the 1% Pledge commitment represents the path Rock Content would like to take to make a positive impact on the world.

For Patrícia Moraes, our board member, buyer and founder of Unbox Capital , the decision of Rock Content’s Board to support the Collateral Pledge was a natural development for the company.  

In this sense, the decision had been made to complement the tradition of giving back that already is present among Rockers.

“The Equity Pledge is extremely straightforward in that sense. As you generate value in your company, you also distribute it to others. It’s part of the company’s culture. This passion has long been one of the pillars that stood out at Rock Content material. ”

The particular Equity Pledge is another way of reaffirming our values.  

With this, we are leading by example , motivating other companies to get to know endeavours like Pledge 1% and truly commit to social influence.

How did we make this commitment?

The Pledge 1% organization supported Rock Articles throughout the shares donation commitment process, providing materials, sources and advice.

For those who do not know, Pledge 1% is really a global movement to create a new reality, where giving back again becomes part of the structure associated with companies of all sizes and stages.  

Its role is to inspire, teach and empower all companies to be a force for good.

Rock Content’s commitment is definitely:

To pledge 1% of TIME

We offer our own employees the possibility of donating 1% of their work time to you are not selected activities internally or externally.

To pledge 1% of PRODUCT

We donate one of our products — in this case, paid programs from Rock University, our education platform, to under-represented and economically vulnerable groupings.

To pledge 1% of EQUITY

In our most recent commitment, we donate 1% of Rock Content’s shares.

The Impact from the Equity Pledge

According to Diego, it is clear that clients, employees and the surrounding community care about being connected to a company that wants to leave its mark on the world.

“For us, the Equity Pledge means that we are committed to donating part of the value created by Rock Content to leads to we believe in. We think this is very important to ensure that our legacy of impact is preserved. Success for us is constructing an impactful company that will outlast us! ”

The Equity Pledge commitment is related to all of our stakeholders — and that’ s very important to us. After all, the way in which investments are made increasingly reflects the impact that we seek in this world.

Therefore , we want to existing how the Equity Pledge positively impacts our stakeholders:

The community

Once the donation has liquidity, such as in the case of an IPO or a secondary share selling, we will donate strategically to non-profit organizations and projects around the world that share the mission, focusing on education and employability.

This way, we will have more resources to range our impact , giving consistently to those who need quality education and better work opportunities.

The Rockers

Diego Gomes points to Rockers as the main drivers of social impact within Rock Content.  

“Our biggest drivers would be the Rockers, from the board towards the frontline. They not only care about impact as much as I do individually, but they work with a focus on creating a meaningful impact on the residential areas around us. They are the types who make it happen. ”

Concerning his role in this, Diego puts himself as a facilitator.

“I care a lot about making a positive impact on the world, which is a significant part of what we need for our legacy. My part as the CEO of Rock Content is to be an impact facilitator! ”

Diego says that whenever he talks to the employees regarding Rock Content’s social effect, they usually point out that it is you should know they chose to work at the organization.

“Rockers arrive at work more motivated, thrilled, and feel proud of their own work, of what we are usually building here. Today, within the Rock Content shirt means ‘we care about making a distinction, we care about our legacy’. And because of that, we carry on and deliver great business results. To me, that’s the best associated with both worlds. Impact indicates having a business with a objective, and this commitment ensures that those activities go hand in hand. ”

To our investors and market

The decision means that our own current investors’ mission and long-term goals are aligned with ours.  

The particular commitment has received a positive response from the board, which means that investors are fully mixed up in initiative.  

Future investors will also share this particular belief with us.   This demonstrates how interpersonal impact is in our DNA at all levels and is a priority for us.

For Ricardo Coelho Duarte, our board associate and investor:

“Rock Content is the living proof of how doing business plus social responsibility are more than ever one integrated, strategic activity. Maturing the Pledge 1% to its full commitment is 100% aligned with all the leadership and more importantly, with all the company’s current and long term talents. We expect the best people to be engaged, attaining greatness at Rock, and as a result, change the world for the better. ”

Bostjan Spetic, also a person in our board, uses the particular metaphor of an ecosystem to explain the Equity Pledge commitment and what this means for society as a whole.

“ No person, no team and no entrepreneurial endeavor exists in interpersonal isolation. We are extremely aware that it is the society in general, the community we take motivation from and the environment that will supports our explorations that will take our actions to another level and help us stay on course. It is our duty and also our enthusiasm to ensure the ecosystem that maintains our growth is able to flourish alongside us. We take this reciprocity as a ground problem of a symbiosis without which the world would be utterly unrecognizable to us. We are honored and humbled by the chance to support Pledge 1% motion and commit 1% of our equity for social impact to keep improving the state of the world. ”

The Future of Social Impact

Although it is difficult to imagine the best scenario for the best version of the world, steps like the ones Rock Content has taken show that a significant social change for better is underway.

In Diego’s opinion, the commitment to equity donation is a crucial step within ensuring that our impact endeavours grow in the future.

“The impact we create now is tied to the development of the business. The equity commitment for us means that inside a liquidity event, in a upcoming round or (most likely) in an IPO, we will have a significant amount of resources to carry on funding these important initiatives. ”

Furthermore, the impact commitment for the coming years strengthens Rock and roll Content’s globalization strategy and culture.  

For Diego, commitments like this bring the organization closer to people who think about impact the same way we do.

Thus, we have a very positive formula as an organization before the market and society:  

More talents + More cultural alignment sama dengan More impact

Meant for board member Patrícia Moraes, there is undoubtedly a normalization of social impact and ESG taking place in the corporate market.  

And, in the future, this will be even more noticeable.  

This is why we need “companies with a soul” — an expression she uses to define companies that have purpose and a strong culture.

According to the board member, one particular possible path for companies to follow is to look inside first, find the important gaps that can change the company’s degree, and then implement actions that can transform the culture as well as the company.

“Rock Content has always been very constant in this, since the beginning of Rock. org, because the company has been developing an awareness” .

With great expectations for the future, Gabriela Crego, Rock Content’s Social Influence Leader, states:

“Since its creation, the particular Rock. org team has been concerned with doing a coherent plus consistent work in terms associated with impact and results. Within 2021, we are ready to increase our social impact attempts: we have committed our equity. And going forward, we are trying to see even more results plus actions in this sense. ”

Want to learn more about our social effect efforts? Have a look at our page !

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