Producing Marketing Better: Rock Content’s Social Impact Actions Delivered Education to 20, 500 People Globally In 2021

We have been living in an interesting moment of all time. This is a context defined by a global pandemic, the search for racial justice, an increasing inequality, political instability and weather change.

And it is indisputable that brands and companies around the world also play a role in social impacts — both positive and negative. Women, for instance , are still compensated less than men as they move up the corporate ladder.

These issues directly affect the main markets in which Rock Content operates. In Brazil, teenagers with low education correspond to most citizens who have been unemployed for more than two years. In the United States, data through 2021 shows that the level of training is straight linked to the level of employability.

Like a company, Rock Content has always had a clear mission to create opportunities for development — for our clients, employees, partner agencies and the talent network. And, in a way, that pushed us to think about opportunities that we could make, affecting people beyond our circle as a brand.

Within 2019, when we shared our own first Social Impact Review using the world. We became acutely aware of the importance of being a business driven by social influence. And we share our attempts and results every year via this report, for two major reasons:  

# It’ s the right and smart thing to do;

# It sparks the right conversations everywhere;

And because of that, we are proud to say that we are launching the 2021 Social Impact Report, the third on this journey. Once again, we share the final results achieved in the last year and our plans for the future with the entire community.

We ask you to join us within designing a world with more opportunities, more sustainability, resilience plus equity with humility, confidence and a lot of commitment — while making marketing better. Will we?

You can check away the full report by clicking here .

Rock Content’ s impact in 2021

During 2021, we maintained our mission to operate on our corporate social responsibility. We looked outside towards our surrounding communities and impacted over 20, 000 people with education and learning programs and volunteer endeavours .

We also looked inward to our team, applying the policies, tools plus debates necessary to strengthen an inclusive workplace. Thus, we achieved a workforce composed of 52. 8% women, with 49% of leadership positions also entertained by women.

We commit our own social capital

To advance our commitment to structural and long-term changes, all of us went further: we dedicated 1% of our equity capital to influence with the Equity Pledge.

As partners within the Pledge 1% movement, all of us continue to donate our products through Rock University Scholarships — our education platform that has trained more than 500, 000 people to date. We all also remain committed to time, encouraging volunteer work for all our employees, reaching around 1, 700 hours of donated work.

The mission is to make marketing better

Over the lately completed nine years of Rock Content’ s existence , we promised to generate growth opportunities for our clients, freelancers, employees, but also for the community. Recalling our past, with all the rights and errors we had during this journey, we were very happy to realize that we held that promise.

Our team, passionately called Rockers, has grown and still grows daily around the world. We are a global company with workers in 20 countries. This actually also applies to our talent network , for which we generate opportunities to take those lead in their own journey. And our clients, who are always being challenged in order to embrace growth with us.

We support our surrounding communities and recognize that it’ h also part of who we are to be actively involved to assist solve problems in the world that will touch us. We talk about knowledge with the aim of escalating opportunities for access to education and learning and employability for socially underrepresented groups — ladies, people with disabilities, black people and the LGBTQIAP+ community.

At this point, we take on a new mission, which is tuned to every thing we’ ve built so far — and with even more possibilities for all.

“To make marketing better, while wearing a positive impact on the world. This is our objective and our manifesto!

Our future is to make advertising better — and we’ ve already started to transform those words into actions. In our Interpersonal Impact Report 2021 , you can find our numbers, applications and stories from impacted journeys — inside and outside Rock Content .

I ask you to accompany us on this journey. And I hope to see you here again next year pertaining to even more amazing results.

Click here to access the entire experience!

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