SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Trends of 2022 to enhance Your Results

The only thing that remains exactly the same is change — which means now is the perfect time to start planning your electronic marketing campaigns for the following months.

This includes all things related to seo (SEO).

However , what worked in past times for increasing your website’s rating in the SERPs isn’t what is going to get you through 2022.

Google has made it well known that they’re working to get rid of spam and increase the quantity of links with engaging and informative content that offers an optimistic user experience.

In fact , this is something they’ve recently addressed in their November 2021 Core Algorithm update .

This means modifying your tactics now is the best way to ensure success in terms of the amount and type of traffic your website receives from Google.

So , are you ready in order to jump in and learn read more about the best trends to help you achieve your goals? Here are nine SEO trends to boost your own rankings in 2022.

1 . First-Party Information Collection

In the last couple of years, Google has really shaken some misconception by pushing to retire third-party cookies .

From a consumer perspective, this is an excellent move that really increases personal data personal privacy.  

But for marketers? It could really feel like getting shot in the foot.

That’s why there is no surprise that will creating a first-party data selection plan is at the top of everyone’s SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION to-do list in 2022.

How does this work?

Essentially, website owners work to bring plenty of new customers and potential leads to their website via search engines like Google plus Bing.

From there, they can offer incentives for individuals to demand quotes, sign up for an email checklist, or any other captive technique to help collect contact information on a first-party basis.

This is really an important concept that all digital marketers need to concentrate on right now, as the ability to lean on third-party cookies and other info to reach your target market can be swiftly coming to an end.

2 . Improved Page Speed

While it seems like page speed is something which shows up in these SEO tendencies lists each year, there’ ersus a good reason.

Think about it for a moment. New Android and apple iphone models come out every year, right? As do the latest tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers, as well.

These devices have better cpus, meaning they pull up internet sites faster than before. If you aren’t doing your part to ensure your website is ready, you can really be turning off your market.

Furthermore, Google has already managed to get known that page swiftness is a factor taken into consideration regarding ranking.  

What this means is improving yours helps both the overall user experience of the website visitors and your potential to state a coveted page one place in the SERPs.

Not sure where to begin?  

There are tons of great SEO plugins for WordPress and other platforms that may spot areas in which you are able to improve page load from the technical side.  

If that doesn’t solve the problem, then you might need to upgrade to a much better plan with your web host.

3. Expanded User Encounter

Let’s face it. Expanded user experiences are not always a trend that will arrive and go as time passes.  

However , focusing on giving your site visitors the best possible impression whenever they’re on your page is growing as a driving force with regard to search marketing.

To really understand this idea, we need to break it straight down.

First, keep in mind that a website with tons of errors, an aged visual, and a terrible navigation construction is one that people will likely click off of the minute they arrive.

Next, you should remember that Google tracks plus takes into consideration time spent on a website when linked from search.

As they see it, a web site that people aren’t going to remain on to get the answers they need is likely either irrelevant or spammy.

And, as we already know, these are two things that can definitely turn off Google in terms of selecting links for that first page of results.

That means people clicking off right away because of poor UX does indeed affect your chances of ranking high in the particular Google SERPs.

So , how do you fix this?  

Begin by going through and using your website being a visitor would. If you find everything annoying or generally uncomfortable in the process, don’t be afraid to change it up.

Likewise, a new site design for a new year might also be a smart idea, depending on the current status of your page.

4. Better Focus on User Intent

Whenever discussing SEO trends intended for 2022, it is also vital to talk about increasing your website’s focus on user intent .

While that might sound like a mouthful of jargon, it really comes down to this: people searching the web are looking for a very specific answer to a very specific concern, question, or problem.

Your job as a digital marketer and content creator is to think about:

  • How these individuals are likely to look for that solution
  • And how you can format your content to give them what they need.

Concentrating on how to make your solution the very best for their needs is going to bring in more organic traffic , ensure they stay longer on your website, and help build rely on with your potential audience.

Besides that, Google is starting to expand search to include more AI-driven and user-friendly results.  

While that might not totally happen in 2022, it is best to prepare at this point by angling your content with this mindset.

5. Refreshed Existing Content

What’s another big one on the list of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION trends to pay attention to within 2022?  

Refreshed content material, of course.

Back before the internet, making changes to a story or news article was stupidly cost-prohibitive.  

During that time, publishers had to consider material costs, distribution issues, after which getting that refreshed info into the hands of readers.

The good news? The internet is changeable at any time.

This means that all of website owners should go back and assess their current content to make room for extra details, longer copy, or more focused key phrases .

Think of it as your way of taking the really good stuff that is already there and beefing it up for a bigger, badder, and better version.

The end result is the ability to rank higher and really outshine the competition for natural traffic in the coming season.

6. More Evergreen Articles

While it is a great idea to return and refresh your current content, let’s talk to get a moment about adding more evergreen content .

Both ideas go back to 1 core value — content is still king of the SEO trends, no matter what the year.

This means you absolutely cannot rely on just your existing articles alone to bring in new traffic for you this year.

Instead, have a plan to add more evergreen content to the platform of your website.

After all, the greater pages you have with different key word focuses, the easier it is for someone to find the information you provide.

When you provide more information, you position your brand or company as an expert within your field.

Experts in a given industry are deemed more trustworthy, making it easier to gather first-party information like quote requests, lead generation forms, plus email marketing signups.

See where we are going with this?  

If you do nothing out of this listing of SEO trends for 2022 but this one thing, be sure to add more evergreen content to your website.

7. Omnichannel Digital Campaigns

For a lot of digital marketers, it can be far too simple to compartmentalize different aspects of your overall strategy into separate buckets — each with its very own branding, goals, messages, and much more.

The problem with this is that nowadays consumers are everywhere, all at once.

Require an example? Think about the average person. They’re on social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. Maybe they’re even on Snapchat, TikTok , or Pinterest.

Then they’re looking for answers to questions or solutions to problems on Google.

If you aren’t working with an omnichannel strategy , these same people may overlook your page after they just saw you on a different funnel.


Different branding on different pages can be confusing, meaning they’re likely looking over your website in the SERPs simply because they don’t see how everything is certainly connected together.

This means that it really is more important than ever to have a cohesive, streamlined approach to all of your electronic marketing campaigns.

8. Interactive Experiences

One unique addition to the list of SEO trends for the coming year to actually pay attention to is the use of interactive experiences.

These are things like quizzes , guides, videos, or anything apart from basic text that attract a visitor in and give them a way to engage with your own page.

What makes this type of content better for search is it gives the user the information they’re looking for in a format that is more memorable and simpler to navigate.

Interactive experiences are also a great way to boost consumer experience and stand out from competitors within your niche market.

While it might not be possible to switch to an interactive format for each evergreen topic on your website, it is a good idea to analyze which pages and keywords already bring in a lot of organic traffic.  

Then brainstorm concepts for expanding them with a form of interactive articles .

9. Google Discover Optimization

A super enjoyable addition to this list of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION trends for 2022 may be the inclusion of Google Discover.

What is Google Discover? Nicely, it is a feed that collects relevant information based on exactly what an individual typically searches for plus places it at the top of the particular search page.

Consider it a so-called friendless feed that gives you the latest stories, articles, media, videos , and more based on topics which are either trending in your area or fall in line with many of the general search interests.

As being a digital marketer working on enhancing search visibility, it is important to include a visual photo that correlates to your topic and key word.

Google Discover always contains this image as part of the research listing, which makes it 100% vital if you’re trying to rank within this capacity.

Finally, you want to continue creating great content that will matches the interests plus needs of your audience.

When you do this, Google is much more very likely to add your page in order to Google Discover, which will bring in more organic traffic compared to other basic SEO techniques.

Wrap Up: SEO Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022

Once we turn the calendar page to another year, it is important to start formulating digital marketing programs for the next twelve months.

These nine SEO developments are a good place to start , but they really all steam down to what every search engine expert out there already knows:

Good content that’s engaging, informative, and offers worth to your audience will always be the easiest and most popular way to obtain more organic traffic, better search engine positions in the SERPs, and expand your audience.

Not sure where to start with your marketing within the coming year?  

Our Rock Content group of experts has you covered with our 2022 Marketing Preparing Bundle . It’s a free way to get a jumpstart upon success!

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