seven Brands Doing Great Marketing On TikTok To Encourage You

Short video has become one of the biggest trends in Digital Marketing and advertising today, making content makers and brands bet within the popularity and influence of this new format.

TikTok, the main social network for short movies, has already reached the tag of more than 1 billion monthly energetic users , who spend an average of 25+ hours per month on the app . The growth is really large that it is worrying competition like Instagram and Google .

Even with this impressive data, online marketers still face a great challenge, creating content that activates with the consumer audience, as only 9% consider TikTok as their most engaged social platform, according to the State of Marketing Review 2022 , released by Hubspot, Rock and roll Content , Litmus and Wistia.

The same report (which you can download for free ) shows that short-form video clip content like TikTok and Instagram Reels are the most reliable type of social media content and also have the highest ROI compared to any other format.

So , to help you get greater results on this social network, I’ll checklist 7 manufacturers doing great Marketing upon TikTok and explain the content strategy behind them. Let’s go?

7 brand names on TikTok with amazing content strategies

1 . Netflix

Netflix has over 26 million followers on TikTok and a legion of followers who engage and market its content. Many of the video clips are cut from the streaming content itself to promote produces, as well as behind-the-scenes content and exclusive interviews with the actors, always in a very light plus fun way.

This makes the audience feel special whenever having access to unique content at the platform. In addition , Netflix’ s profile on TikTok wagers on quick games using the public and fun cuts from the series to increase engagement and organic sharing from the content.

2 . NBA

The NBA is a great example of a brand on TikTok that has managed to be familiar with platform’ s audience and differentiate its strategy on this social network. The Professional Golf ball League uses its TikTok profile to present a lighter in weight, more fun side of the company, with behind-the-scenes moments plus player entertainment, bringing supporters short-form content that rapidly engages them.

3. Chipotle

Chipotle is commonly remembered by marketers when it comes to content on TikTok. No wonder the brand was the very first major restaurant chain with an official TikTok account within 2019, using a solid technique with videos, memes, plus funny content, and producing the brand relevant to the younger audience.

The brand name also encourages its followers to participate in challenges, such as #GuacDance, which resulted in greater than 250, 1000 video submissions in just six days. This led Chipotle to sell over 800, 000 guacamoles upon National Guacamole Day.

4. Ryanair

Ryanair is an airline that offers extremely cheap flights in Europe. It may seem that a company with this sector does not have much to demonstrate to entertain its target audience, but even so, Ryanair demonstrates, regardless of the segment, companies can build creative, low-cost content material that engages with their viewers.

The brand takes TikTok trends and humor significantly, making its planes the particular protagonists of videos plus creating light and enjoyable content.

5. Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty bets on one of the most well-known and effective types of content in the beauty segment: tutorials. The brand on TikTok invests in content to show makeup tutorials, product reviews, wear tests and brand roll-outs.

In addition , Fenty hit the nail on the head whenever betting on another recognized type of content that generates a lot of engagement for manufacturers, which is the “collaboration house” , where content creators live with each other to further expand their careers on social media and market the brand organically.

6. Crocs

Crocs is a brand identified on TikTok for its first colorful and fun content, with brand-specific hashtags (such as #CrockTok), and even jokes about the distinctive aesthetic of its shoes. Once again, we can see the content strategy of tutorials plus looks for brands in the style sector on TikTok.

The brand’s TikTok accounts is also used to showcase new products and start challenges, as it was the case of #ThousandDollarCrocs, where customers were encouraged to “rate” their crocs in the many sophisticated way possible, generating over 3 billion video sights in this campaign.

7. Gymshark

Gymshark can be another brand that reinforces the importance of challenges on TikTok to interact and reach throngs associated with followers. The brand is one of the leading fitness brands at the social network, with more than 3 million followers.

One of the brand’s many iconic campaigns was the “66 Days: Change Your Life” problem, causing the brand’s followers in order to upload videos of their own fitness regimen to earn a Gymshark subscription. This generated over 193 million views on the hashtag #gymshark66.

In addition , the brand invests in funny videos that report the day-to-day training at the fitness centers, generating an identification from the followers with the content.

Inform and entertain the public

Companies are making use of TikTok to educate, inform, encourage and entertain their fans. As a result, marketers must significantly invest in this platform and adapt their content strategy on this social network.

The brands listed in this article have many common points on how to build viral content and a qualified viewers on TikTok.

Some of the initiatives are investing in memes, creative and amusing content, company backstage, lessons, challenges, and using hashtags that differentiate your content from that of the competition and generate a connection with your viewers.

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