several Reasons Why Small Businesses Can Start 2012 Strong

Small businesses are not small in their economic and social impact. In the US, small businesses employ over 47% of employees, and in 2020, were accountable for the creation of 1. 6 million new jobs.

As every small business owner knows, success demands blood, sweat and tears, but the payoff will be priceless – doing what you love, generating employment plus revenue, and sharing your passion with your customers.

We’ve noticed some trends that will tend to occur at the start of every new year, which could come in handy as small business owners consider their particular digital advertising plans for your upcoming Q1. Here are several quick trends and tips to keep in mind so your small business can start strong in 2022:

1 . Q1 is the perfect time for SMBs to advertise.

One of the advantages of being a small business owner or even D2C is that you’re your own personal boss! Agencies and the manufacturers who work with them are still sorting out their financial constraints in the early part of the yr, and are not ready to go complete speed with their advertising technique and spend. That makes Q1 a very competitive time of year meant for small businesses to advertise, with lower average CPC (Cost for each Click), and more space to attempt to grab consumer mindshare.  

2 . New Year’s resolutions are fresh in consumer minds.

January is a time when consumers are setting targets, starting anew and often looking for products and services that can help make their new year’s resolutions a success. While the big businesses consider their annual vacations and slow down a bit, small businesses can take advantage of the high consumer intent and traffic of the brand new year, and create ad promotions that attract this overabundance customer attention.

3. Consumers are flush with holiday gift cash.

The post-New Year period is a time when consumers enjoy spending their holiday gift money and annual bonuses. This is a good time for small businesses to double down on their advertising strategy, capturing audience mindshare when people are still in a festive plus generous mood. By concentrating on online audiences with related, informative and entertaining articles recommendations, small business owners can attract the interest of consumers with cash to spend right now.

New Yr, New Revenue

At Outbrain, we help many small enterprises promote their products and services with content recommendations on the open web. Small business marketers rely on the Outbrain Amplify self-serve dashboard to create, manage plus optimize native ad strategies that drive traffic, transformation and sales.  

If you’re looking for a new and effective way to start the year a lot more aggressively and boost your small business revenue in Q1, command and try Outbrain Amplify self-serve platform. Remember, a person pay only for clicks! So start your campaign today: Click the Register button at the very top right.

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