12 Brand Positioning Statement Illustrations and Why They Function

What does your brand positioning statement say about you? Can be your brand motivational like Nike, environmentally focused like Patagonia or a trend-setter like Outside Voices? Maybe your company doesn’t sell […]#@@#@!!

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The right way to Structure a Blog Post — Must-Have Elements for Success

The best way to structure the perfect blog post to deliver the best results, both for search engine optimization and reader experience.

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Ways to Hook Readers With Your Weblog Introduction (+ Examples)

How do you connect readers and keep them on your blog post until the last phrase? We’ll cover all the do’s and don’ts, plus our favorite blog introduction examples.

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#ContentWritingChat Recap: Speak Your Content: The Case for Social Audio and Podcasting with Jennifer Navarrete

Using the popularity of podcasting plus platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, many manufacturers are jumping on board along with audio content. It’s turn into a pretty powerful way for these to connect with their audience on a much deeper level and to create the all-important Know, Like, and Trust Factor. In this #ContentWritingChat, we talked about […]

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Goodbye but Not Goodbye: A Letter from Express Writers’ Originator

It was a cold day in the middle of Pennsylvania wintertime, 2011. I was driving house to tell my parents I’d failed college… again. I was in tears the whole drive house. I was 19 years old, and I knew that I didn’t like the degree I was pursuing (R. N. ). It wasn’t something I’d ever […]

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four Content Writing Examples to Help You Achieve Your Audience

Learn more about the different types of content writing with these detailed content writing examples.

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