The way to Write a Blog Launch Like a Pro
blog introductions

Aside from your own headline, your blog introduction is the central factor in determining whether a person will actually read your article. In fact , the average period people spend reading a blog post is only 15 seconds. State what?! Think about it — we’ve all been there. Do you know what you’re looking for when you

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DAM Is Key to Creating Personalized Content. Here’s Why

Just before we get to DAM plus personalization, food for believed. You should consider rating your customization on a scale of 1-10. Scratch that. How about you rate it from a rude “ Hey, you” to some warm “ Hey, Jane” instead. How do the subject lines of those weekly newsletters you send each morning fare or maybe the […]#@@#@!!

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Movie Asset Management Strategy

Managing a huge number associated with videos is complicated due to the collective file size, among other reasons. So much so it might distract your own marketing team from focusing on their primary tasks as they are too busy finding and watching the videos. Luckily, there are tools that can help together with your video asset management strategy. […]#@@#@!!

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What exactly is Promotional Marketing?

The term promotional marketing brings different memories to different individuals. Remember the Old Spice “ The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign? Next ad, half the nation has been laughing and the other half had been jumping in their cars to buy body wash. This, in summary, is the subtle art associated with promotional marketing. It’ s i9000 […]#@@#@!!

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Branding YouTube Campaigns Can Now Bring Sales

A new feature has been launched for Google Ads Video Campaigns: advertisers now can expose their products to any or all video campaign subtypes, including awareness and consideration. It’ s great news to YouTube advertisers, and it’s planning to also help the ones that use video through Google Advertisements on other platforms.   The new feature opens up an […]

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Just how Web Analytics Can Help You Enhance Content Marketing
web analytics improve content marketing

For years now, the internet has created a massive platform for brands to share at ease with their target audiences. Yet is your brand taking advantage of its full potential? If web analytics aren’t integrated into every part of your content marketing strategy, the solution is no. Google Analytics and other web analytics platforms provide so

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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy [+ Free Template]

Use our free Google Docs template and guide to build your own documented content marketing strategy *before* embarking on a content program.

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On the web Events: How to Stay Arranged from Beginning to End
Event Marketing

A dynamic digital content technique is essential to helping your company stand out and attract an audience. However , as event technology and online marketing practices have evolved, the club for creating a successful, memorable virtual event has only increased. Fortunately, as the expectations develop, user-friendly event technology has grown along with it. Online activities need

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thirteen Biggest Content Marketing Problems in 2022
content marketing challenges

Brands face multiple obstacles when arranging the content function. They must grapple with content proliferation; inconsistent and uncoordinated content creation; the lack of strategic direction in the articles insights process; and the difficulty for consumers, customers and prospects to find content that is relevant and timely. Content marketing is a journey, and it’s not easy.

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Very best Ideal Email Marketing Team Framework?

Email marketing continues to be one of the most important strategies in any digital marketing strategy. From B2B to eCommerce, and CPG to brick and mortar retailers, almost every industry uses it heavily and benefits from the significant ROI. Of course , as the case with every type of content marketing, that ROI is far […]#@@#@!!

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