Articles That Fuels B2B Requirement Generation. How Hootsuite Transformed Its Largest Annual Strategy

One of the challenges faced by businesses aiming to improve their user experiences is to figure out where to start.   Hootsuite’s largest annual advertising campaign is the perfect example of how the process of improvement can – and should – work. The past seven years, much of its staff and stakeholders have got spent a significant […]

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How you can Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generating Machine
lead generation

So , you’ve got your blog up and running and you’re pumping out content like it’s your work! Now it’s time to improve your blog for lead generation, because what else is it right now there for, really? Creating excellent content is just the first half the equation. If you’re submitting a perfect blog post onto the

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4 Agencies Who Have Used Convey Writers

Since Express Writers was founded in 2011, we have got the pleasure of dealing with tons of incredible clients from around the world. In fact , we’ve offered over 5, 000 customers since our virtual doors opened. Many of those clients are usually agencies who decided to outsource their content creation to us. Our team has created a […]

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The way to Create Editorial Guidelines [With 9+ Examples]

Editorial guidelines are crucial in maintaining consistency and forming rely on with your audience. In this post, we’re going show you how to create them.

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Converting Readers To Leads: How you can Optimize Blog Posts For Lead Generation

Let me start this particular by being real straight right here: your content needs to convert people into customers. Yes, I understand, most of us prefer to just create and make beautiful and useful content. What about all the knowledge and lives it changed just by existing? Well… at the end of the day, we are […]

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The right way to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for the Personal Brand

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways you can leverage the power of content advertising to develop your personal brand, increase your reach, and construct audience trust.

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Why Content Syndication Is Part of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
what is content syndication
If you’re a content marketer, you know how important it is for you to have a variety of B2B marketing tactics up your sleeves. They can help you generate awareness around your brand, expand your reach, drive more sales leads, and so much more. Syndicating content does a little bit of all that. When you

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Nearby SEO For Retailers: Tips on how to Reach A Ready-To-Buy Viewers

Many small businesses find it difficult to compete with big e-commerce manufacturers, such as global giants Amazon . com and Walmart, who seem to rule the whole world. Their cheaper prices and affordable shipping have made it difficult to contend; for some time, this created a challenging scenario for local community stores. Enter The “ Buy Local” Movement In an […]

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7 Content Lifecycle Management Levels (And Best Practices)

8 Content Lifecycle Management Stages (And Best Practices) 60% from the content created by leading manufacturers becomes “just clutter, ” as Marketing Week puts it, impacting neither consumers’ life nor business results.   A pretty dreary statistic with regard to content marketers, right?   But when you dive deeper to the study, it actually reveals an opportunity. The problem isn’t […]#@@#@!!

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Methods to Create a Marketing eBook

The eBook is the natural next step for content marketing in the modern world. Do you know how to make one that may attract qualified leads? Follow these 6 steps to produce your next lead magnet.

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