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InMail: Linkedin Shares Best Practices to Help Maximize Response Rates

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How to Leverage Social Media for Advertising Your Content Marketing Campaign

In this post, we’ll jump into some best practices to leverage social media for promoting your content marketing campaign.

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Scary Text Copypasta

Did you get invited to a Telegram group without your own permission? Did someone send you an unsolicited message on a social media platform? If so, you are able to send them a scary text copypasta to piss them off. Unsolicited attracts to groups can be frustrating—especially because most of them are frauds. If you’ re in the group, […]

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How to effectively optimize content

The most effective techniques you can directly implement into your content to produce it more friendly for users

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The Secrets of Creating Inspired B2B Content Experiences, Revealed

secrets of creating inspired B2B content experiences image

secrets of creating inspired B2B content experiences image

Picture this:

It’s mid-December and occur to be on a road trip through Fl. A man stands on the side from the highway, holding a sign and pointing his thumb skyward. “To Jacksonville, ” this reads, plainly indicating his intentions. Without a second believed, you keep driving and think of the hitch-hiker not once again.

What if the particular scenario instead played out there like this?

It’s mid-December and you’re on the road trip through Florida. A man stands on the side of the road, holding a sign and directing his thumb skyward. “To Mom’s for Christmas, inch it reads. Suddenly your heart swells, filled with remembrances of your own cherished holidays past, and somber thoughts associated with families around the world kept apart.

Overcome by emotion, you press the brakes and pull over on the side of the road, waving him in. Or maybe you still choose not to let a unfamiliar person in your car, but the memory of that man and his sign sticks with you long after.

Sales versus marketing image

Some different word choices can produce a massive difference in just how your message or offer is perceived. This contrast, as depicted by a classic ad from Crispin Porter, highlights the tremendous effect of storytelling, even in the most minimal form. And it also points us toward unlocking the secrets of creating impactful B2B content experiences these days.

Revealing these types of secrets was the subject of TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden ’s recent session at Content Marketing World 2022 in Cleveland. Here’s a rundown of the recipe.

3 Secrets to Creating B2B Content Experiences that Connect

The good thing is that it’s not so complex. Mounting data surfaces three critical, and rather straightforward, priorities that must take the main stage if you want your B2B articles marketing programs and strategies to thrive in the modern marketing environment.

Facts tell, tales sell

This is the core content marketing directive illustrated by our own hitch-hiker sign dichotomy. B2B marketing has long been stuck within the mode of serious business : Offering with facts instead of tales. Pitching features instead of final results. Focusing on ourselves instead of our audience. We’re kidding yourself if we think sales could be the only side guilty of this.

There is obviously a place for getting across the important details and promises associated with what your company provides, however in an ua-crowded content atmosphere (eMarketer once estimated there are 4. six billion pieces of content created each day) you’ve got to earn the perfect to make buyers care, via experiences that break via.

Stanford University found that stories are usually 22 situations more memorable than facts . Is it any wonder that, according to the latest Content Preferences Study from Need Gen Report, 41% of B2B buyers seek content to share that will tells a strong story and will resonate with all the buying committee?

Not only does using stories as the framework for your B2B content help make the product more cohesive, memorable, plus shareable, it also – when done well – assists your audience relate plus connect to it. “Storytelling is the language of emotion, ” wrote Rooster Punk creators Paul Cash and James Trezona with MarketingProfs recently . “When you tell a story, you invite audiences to be in touch with their feelings, to get personally invested and to be swept along in the narrative. Great brands, like great stories, explore what makes us individual. ”

Certainly, research by Think with Google and CEB showed that B2B buyers are 50% very likely to make a purchase if they connect to a brandname on an emotional level .

50 percent image

“Use emotion, storytelling, plus soundtrack to grab attention in a manner that will resonate with all category buyers and make the most of that earned attention by offerring a message that will link your own brand to a specific purchasing situation, ” advises LinkedIn’s Tyrona Heath *, whose B2B Institute has conducted eye-opening research and analysis around the measurable impact of emotional messaging in B2B marketing and advertising.

[bctt tweet=”“Use emotion, storytelling, and soundtrack to grab attention in a way that will resonate with all category buyers.” — @Tyrona #B2Bcontent #storytelling #CMworld” username=”toprank”]

Third-party content can be extremely powerful for planning

When it comes to shifting focus from your brand’s solutions to your audience’s wants and needs, there are obvious challenges on play.

How can you truly know what they value? How do you deliver legitimate value and add credibility for your message?

Based on Lee, the key lies in OPC: Other People’s Content. Make use of existing tools, topics, plus experts to elevate your brand beyond its own platform plus resources. For example , you can:

  • Find subjects your customers care about with Semrush .
  • Discover questions your clients want answered with StoryBase .
  • Identify industry experts on those topics with Traackr .
  • Partner with experts to answer buyer questions along with Nimble .
  • Create an event combining expert and brand name content with Ceros .
  • Encourage experts to share stories where buyers are influenced along with SparkToro .

Through the melding of your brand’s experience with respected influencers already known to your audience, you can create easy-to-find best answer articles that inspires. Best of all, that you can do it scalably.

Without proper promotion and amplification, it’s all just for naught

This doesn’t seem like much of a secret, but apparently it really is — because too many marketers haven’t gotten hip: You are wasting tons of energy and resources on content creation in case you aren’t backing it with a sustained, strategic promotion plan.

Consider these types of findings, via the Converge B2B Content Exorbitance Report :

  • 93% of B2B marketers say content hyperbole has had a positive impact on their content marketing strategy, BUT…
  • 75% of B2B marketers say they do not spend enough time on articles amplification.

Lee Odden Ann Handley Joe Pulizzi Image

(Lee Odden, Ann Handley & Joe Pulizzi at #CMWorld22)

Jenn VandeZande , Head of Digital Engagement Strategy for SAP Consumer Experience says: “The greatest content in the world won’t obtain clicks unless you consider ALL OF aspects of that content when it comes to organic sharing: The image, meta data/social copy, and of course, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION for long-term views. (Assuming you’ve already made sure your articles offers value and hard disks to a helpful next step for the reader). ”

[bctt tweet=”“The greatest content in the world won’t get clicks unless you consider ALL aspects of that content when it comes to organic sharing.” — @jennvzande #B2Bcontent #amplification #CMworld” username=”toprank”]

TopRank’s marketing campaign with B2B telecommunications company Mitel displays the impact of a thoughtful promotional strategy behind beneficial content. Boosted via subsidized influencer placements, their “The Now associated with Work” ebook reached millions through natural earned media.

Mitel Image

Feeling motivated to learn more about the secrets to producing B2B content experiences that will elevate your brand plus forge lasting connections along with your audience? You can click here to download Lee’s full CM World 2022 presentation, plus we’ll even toss within the full 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Document .

* Disclosure: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is a longtime client of TopRank Marketing

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