Copywriting Skills You Need To Master In order to Level Up Your Content and Conversion

What can go wrong if you were not a highly effective copywriter? Let’s see, your own copies will land on the farthest place in search engines, inaccessible and unreadable. Your duplicates will rake in no useful engagements, no views, and no shares. Your copies is not going to attract potential customers, no product sales and no income. A lot of things could go wrong.

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The way to Create Editorial Guidelines [With 9+ Examples]

Editorial guidelines are crucial in maintaining consistency and forming rely on with your audience. In this post, we’re going show you how to create them.

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Ways to get A Positive Return On Your Marketing Investment
positive return on marketing investment

Calculating come back on your marketing investment (ROMI) is something of an art. Unlike capital investments, that have a fixed, upfront cost plus clear results, marketing purchases evolve over time and have each empirical and intangible results that are tricky to quantify. This may sound daunting – but creating a strong technique for long-term growth

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Why Content Syndication Is Part of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
what is content syndication
If you’re a content marketer, you know how important it is for you to have a variety of B2B marketing tactics up your sleeves. They can help you generate awareness around your brand, expand your reach, drive more sales leads, and so much more. Syndicating content does a little bit of all that. When you

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Methods to Create Captivating News Articles for Your Blog

Developing content isn’t what it was previously 10 years ago. Heck, it isn’t even the same as it was last year. Consider this: Before COVID, Google search traffic was around 3. 6 billion searches per day. That’s a lot, yes… but since March 2020, that number has been hovering around six billion searches per day. […]

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Just what Perfect Blog Post? Example + 5 Steps to Create 1

Producing blog posts that perform can be like a game of roulette: sometimes you win, most times you don’t. But by employing the right strategies, you can increase performance consistently and turn gambles into sure bets. See how we do it in this article example.

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Tips on how to Create Brand Voice Recommendations for Your Brand

Does your brand have a unique voice, one that demands attention, that will tells a story? Does it attract your target audience and pull them in? Does it help build relationships with them? Does your brand voice make your own audience want to read more of the content? Does it make them more prone to follow […]

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The right way to Create Great Whitepapers
how to create whitepapers

Whitepapers sometimes obtain a bad rap in the content marketing world as being super-technical documents best suited for similarly technical companies and sectors. But this perception is outdated. Today, all kinds of companies are producing whitepapers that help customers solve problems, drive leads and conversions, and demonstrate expertise. Demand Gen’s most recent Content Preferences Research

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How you can Ace Customer Acquisition with Content Marketing
customer acquisition with content

Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of any business. It’s the particular driving force behind income and overall business development. It’s also extremely competing and more expensive than ever — customer acquisition cost (CAC) has increased more than 60% in only the past six years. Noises daunting, right? It’s definitely a challenge in today’s oversaturated digital marketplace,

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Copywriting Services: The Ultimate List of Content Tasks Every Marketer Should Be Delegating

Here’s a big, BIG truth about copywriting: The right words, whether in the form of copy or content, can make a huge difference for your marketing. In fact, good copywriting can change everything. ✨ If you speak to your audience in a way that moves them, inspires them, informs them, or clarifies complicated ideas for […]

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