ten Best Discord Servers to Join

You can find millions of servers on Discord with a myriad of categories.

This includes video gaming, social, music, and more.

There are a couple of ways to sign up for a Discord server.

You can either get invited to some server or join a public server.

Public Discord servers can be found on several websites such as top. gg and disboard. org .

Upon these websites, you can find a Discord server to join based on their category.

You can also use the “ Explore Public Servers” feature on Discord to find brand new servers to join.

This article consists of 10 great, cool, and best Discord servers to participate for fun if you want to make friends.

Here are 10 of the best Discord web servers to join:

  1. Genshin Impact Official
  2. PlayRoom
  3. /r/wallstreetbets
  4. Study Together!
  5. Lofi Woman
  6. Instagram Engagement
  7. Sinful 18+
  8. Crispy Discords
  9. PewDiePie Flooring Gang
  10. SuppyColleen

1 . Genshin Impact Recognized

Genshin Impact Discord

Join server: https://discord.gg/genshinimpact .

The Genshin Effect Official Discord server will be one of the biggest Discord servers.

It offers 800, 000 members—which may be the maximum number of members that the server can have.

If the server is full, you need to try signing up for it a while later.

In case you play Genshin Impact, you can join this server designed for game announcements, updates, events, and more.

2 . PlayRoom

Discord dating server

Join server: https://discord.gg/dating .

PlayRoom may be the largest dating Discord server.

The server is extremely active along with over 6, 000 everyday communicators and 60, 000 daily voice minutes.

It offers endless scrolling with male profiles, female profiles, selfies, and more.

Unlike other adult dating servers, you don’ t have to verify yourself to chat.

3. /r/wallstreetbets

Wallstreetbets Discord

Join server: https://discord.gg/wallstreetbets .

The particular /r/wallstreetbets server is the recognized Discord server for the r/wallstreetbets subreddit.

The subreddit details itself as “ Such as 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal”.

If you’ re an active trader or buyer, this server is perfect for you.

It has multiple categories which includes main chat, trading, and crypto.

4. Study Together!

Study Discord server

Join server: https://discord.gg/study .

Students worldwide face a lot more pressure and stress than in the past.

Students struggle with focus, motivation and don’ capital t want to study alone.

Study Together is a 24/7 virtual study space to boost motivation, productivity, and allow you to make meaningful connections.

Here’ s how to use the Study With each other server:

  1. Posting session goals
  2. Joining the study call
  3. It’ s time to research!
  4. Check your stats
  5. Celebrate your own achievements

5. Lofi Girl

Best Discord servers

Join machine: https://discord.gg/lofigirl .

Lofi Girl is a songs label and radio-style server that runs the 24/7 “ beats to study/relax to” livestream, featuring the particular Lofi Girl.

They may be available on a wide variety of platforms which includes Youtube with over 8 million subscribers.

The Lofi Girl Discord server is a place to hang out in the very heart of the lo-fi hip-hop community.

You can engage in interesting discussions, make new friends from worldwide, listen to chill music, and also have a good time!

6. Instagram Engagement

Instagram Discord server

Join server: https://discord.gg/YHk3swpK .

Instagram growth could be challenging especially if you’ lso are just starting out.

The Instagram Wedding Discord server allows you to grow your followers and increase your engagement.

The server has 3 main channels including “ follow-4-follow”, “ like-4-like”, and “ comment-4-comment”.

If you want to grow your Instagram followers, simply discuss your Instagram link in the “ follow-4-follow” channel.

You can also follow others that contributed their Instagram link plus direct message them to stick to you back.

7. Guilty 18+

Adult Discord server

Join server: https://discord.gg/sinful .

Sinful 18+ is the largest adult server on Discord with over 200, 000 members.

They have multiple categories including chatrooms, profiles, and selfies.

Nevertheless , you need to verify yourself to have full access to the machine.

You can either verify your self using either the “ pic” or the “ vid” method.

If you’ re using the “ pic” method, you need to submit a couple of photos.

This includes a selfie associated with yourself holding an ID and a close-up photo of the ID.

If you don’ capital t want to verify yourself, you can still chat in the SFW (Safe for Work) stations.

8. Crispy Discords

 Crispy Discords

Join machine: https://discord.gg/Nskw6wUX .

Crispy Discord is the standard Discord server for Crispy Concords, a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers.

If you join the server, you can obtain featured in one of their videos.

This includes the “ If I Chuckle, The Video Ends” videos where Crispy Concords will ask his Discord server to send funny memes and he tries not to giggle.

You can share memes, artwork, and promote yourself in the “ Media” category.

nine. PewDiePie Floor Gang

PewDiePie Floorgang Discord

Join server: https://discord.gg/pewdiepie .

PewDiePie Floor Gang may be the official Discord server for PewDiePie , one of the most popular YouTube channels.

PewDiePie has over 110 million subscribers on YouTube as of late 2021.

To chat to the server, you need to verify yourself.

To do so, you need to go to https://pewdiepie.com/verify/ and follow the on-screen guidelines.

You can either verify yourself with Twitter, Steam, Search engines, or Reddit.

The confirmation system is implemented to mitigate bots and spam within the server.

10. SuppyColleen


Join server: https://discord.gg/suppycolleen .

SuppyColleen is the official Discord server for a couple of Twitch streamers including https://www.twitch.tv/supcaitlin and https://www.twitch.tv/suppycolleen .

The streamer, https://www.twitch.tv/supcaitlin will “ Just Chatting” channels which are extremely interactive.

This includes rating selfies, therapy sessions, reading through confessions, and others.

To take component, you need to join their Discord server.


Did you discover a server that you like within the list?

If you did, please join it and start talking.

Some servers require you to verify yourself before you can chat.

This includes the PewDiePie server exactly where you’ ll have to go to a link to verify yourself simply by logging in with Twitter, Steam, or Reddit.

This is in order to mitigate bots and junk mail on the server.

Keep in mind that the particular Discord servers in this listing are in no particular order.

When the server that you want to join contains large amount, you can try joining it once again later.

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