The best Guide to Digital Asset Management

Oh yea, the wonderful and mystifying world of content and file management.

Long before they were relegated to a ubiquitous “save” symbol, floppy disks were our only source of digital media storage.

Then came CD-ROM, followed by physical hard drives.

USB storage devices and external hard drives? What are those?

Now, teams are tasked with producing, managing, plus maintaining thousands of pieces of electronic media (every year), plus they need modern-day solutions to help them get the job done.

That’s where digital resource management comes in.

Digital asset administration (DAM) is really a new solution that helps groups store, share, and manage content in a centralized location.

You no longer need to Slack your designer just for creative files or send out your writer an email to let them know when their set up is due—with DAM, you can obtain it all done from a individual integrated system.

It’s the 21st century. If your marketing teams are working without a digital asset management system, please read this page from top to bottom—it’s going to change the way you and your teams work (for the particular better).

What exactly is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management describes software that makes it easy for companies to compile, organize, filtration system, find, and use digital media and content.

DAM also applies to any solution an individual or even company uses to shop its content, even if it’ s purpose-built for that intent or not.

These types of file types could be creative assets , planning documents, articles, advertising materials, SEO-targeted pieces, email campaigns, onboarding information—really any digital asset.

Nevertheless , not all DAM software works equally. Basic systems enable you to organize your content in folders, while others enable search and tagging to help you locate the correct piece of content. Yet, this really is just the beginning when it comes to DAM functionality .

Advanced digital asset management systems enable collaboration with workflows, software, templates, APIS, version manage, real-time edits, and support for various file platforms. They make it simple to preserve a single source of truth whilst pushing marketing campaigns away the door at lightning swiftness and scale.

Beyond just creating a place to store your media files, these top-of-the-line DAM solutions promote project management efficiency and brand consistency through concept to completion. Modern-day marketers need DAM software to stay on top of their brand assets, content creation pipeline, and aggressive business expectations.

Why Digital Resource Management Matters

Without having a DAM system means your staffers are losing time, and therefore, not becoming as productive. That cuts directly into the bottom line.

Creative teams know the pain of getting bombarded with requests from martech, marketing, product sales, product, and other teams every time they need a company logo or a tweak to an existing image. Just think of how much time can be saved without the incessant back and forth?

DAM software program creates efficiencies and places an end to the grunt work that weighs down busy teams. And, when your digital assets are easily accessible within other content management systems, marketing teams can have a much improved user experience.

Many companies are making major investments in DAM systems for that very cause. In fact , according to a study by Markets plus Markets , the global digital asset management market can be expected to be worth $6 billion by 2025.

Digital asset administration systems not only help with features of your asset library, however they can also allow you to automate processes to accommodate each project’s specific approval and publishing simple steps.

Advantages of Digital Asset Management Software

Save Time

Time is money. Every minute you save is valuable to your bottom line.

Digital asset administration provides your teams along with automation and workflows to help you get projects across the line faster while still maintaining high quality quality.

Change your back-and-forth Slack conversations and email threads having a single source of truth where you can collaborate in real-time. Generate, publish, and distribute content and marketing and advertising assets from scale with a centralized hub.

Stretch Your finances

Stop throwing away time and money re-creating media assets and duplicating work. The digital asset management system helps you do more along with less.

It’ll give you a platform to combine your budget and content advertising plans. See exactly where you’re allocating your dollars and what you have to adjust to ensure projects get completed in full and on period.

Notice an essential project falling behind? Lend from a low-priority campaign to make sure it stays on track.

Protect Your Brand

Brand management is not a one-and-done a part of your business.

You need to work hard to ensure the messaging, voice, colors, logos, icons, taglines, and assets stay in line with your brand guidelines.

Welcome’s digital asset management system gives you total control of your brand with version control, compliance workflows, and usage history. Ensure the right content gets delivered and old branding remains locked away for historical and inspirational purposes.

Make Digital Content Accessible

Content’s value comes in large part from its accessibility. Unlike a physical book or a bit of paper, your digital content can (and should) become shared and used by anyone who needs access (anytime, anywhere).

A DAM platform lets you organize articles, tag relevant users, and promote assets to get the right content in front of the right people. Do not worry, you can still allow permissions to help you control just how content gets used. Nevertheless , now your designers plus project managers can get out of the file-sharing weeds and back to work.

Discover New Possibilities

With more time and spending budget, you’ll be empowered to try new use cases and find out what works. You won’t be fighting a weekly or even monthly battle of getting items across the finish line—you’ll end up being completing projects with a newfound efficiency that breathes lifestyle into your teams and business processes.

How can DAM Systems Work?

Digital asset management techniques like the one offered by Desired work like a digital age Dewey Decimal system on steroids.

It not only assists users locate the electronic assets they need, but it aids in the entire media asset creation process.

From start to finish, teams can collaborate and publish property in various file formats, discuss marketing materials with key stakeholders, and stay inside brand guidelines.

Using a workflow integration along with campaigns and tasks, teams have the ability to access assets more quickly as well as repurpose existing documents as needed.

Welcome’s Integrated DAM Program

A content material marketing team is tasked to create an article for its website. The brand editor creates the task in Welcome’s content marketing platform, assigning steps to a writer, editors, designers, reviewers, among others.

During the article creation process, writers, editors and/or designers may be responsible for choosing images and other digital media to enhance the content, and they can do so without leaving the Welcome platform. These people just have to enter the DAM system.

They can search through pre-loaded and pre-approved pictures and marketing assets, or search by keyword and apply filters to find ones that fit the article. If it’s not quite right, they can open up the DAM image editor and make adjustments, without having to leave the platform to utilize Adobe Photoshop. They can crop, resize, change the resolution, include text or stickers, and more. Designers can also create new images and upload these to the DAM library.

The DAM program will keep a log of every asset’s lifecycle including who seem to used it, when/where it was utilized or shared, and if it had been edited. Users who have the appropriate permissions and version regulates can also leave notes plus annotations for other associates, and link back to the particular tasks that the asset will be associated with.

Welcome’s digital asset management system also lets you create files so you can bundle and package up digital content in ways that improve the user encounter for your brand management and creative teams. For instance, you are able to keep the company leaders’ headshots all in one place, or you can store a collection of social media headers or e-commerce product photos.

Choosing a DAM System

After going through the benefits of a DAM platform, the next step is to select one that can assist improve team workflows. When choosing a digital asset management companion, there are some important attributes to look for:

Reputation plus marketing expertise. Going with a organization that has a strong track record of marketing and advertising industry leadership is important due to the fact that means they have a keen knowledge of marketer’s needs and discomfort points. When considering a DAM platform, ask about other clients that are using it and examine reviews.

Strong customer service. When considering digital asset management platforms, you should feel comfortable with the level of support that is offered. In addition to a transparent client experience, a platform ought to offer onboarding training and support as needed. Right now there should also be robust online resources to help with troubleshooting. For instance, Welcome has a comprehensive KnowledgeBase that walks users with the most common features of its software program, including the DAM system.

Intuitive functionality. You don’t want to choose a DAM platform that has a very large learning curve because bad user experience can restrict adoption. The whole point would be to simplify and streamline your own workflows, while gaining full visibility into the lifecycle of the marketing assets. Be sure to request a demo to see precisely how the DAM software works, and feel comfortable that your team members will be able to get up to speed quickly.

Easy integration. Marketing automation and content creation platforms should not be separated from digital asset administration. Ideally, you want all of your tools to work together and talk the same language.

Features to Look for in a Electronic Asset Management Platform

Before you invest in DAM software , you need to decide on the features that your marketing team desires and needs.

That’s easy! All the functions! Your team wants every one of them! Like children on Xmas morning, they’re looking for all the best toys!

Accepted offers all the best features that each marketing team needs to excel and create marketing campaigns that will get noticed.

Here are some of the goodies we offer that your team must have:

Marketing Calendar

Life is hectic and owning a marketing team makes it even more so.

The marketing calendar helps you view the bigger picture of when strategies launch as well as the steps you should take to be ready. Of course , you would like all the goodies, so the calendars do more than just explain to you a weekly or month-to-month view. Here’s a look at the calendars you can utilize.

Annual Campaign Calendar

Updating in real-time, this calendar allows you to find all the planned and in-progress marketing campaigns in a single place. You enjoy timeline and Gantt views along with filtering options for weekly, quarterly, as well as yearly.

Team Calendars

To encourage collaboration, team calendars enable all marketers to view articles projects in progress. It’s easy to drag-and-drop projects to make modifications to the timeline as well as motivate agile planning.

Task and Campaign Drilldowns

Don’t want to interrupt your marketing geniuses at work? This feature enables you to look at a detailed view of each campaign and task, to discover who is working on what and their progress. It provides the functionality you need in a DAM system.

Innovative Filtering and Visualization

You want to focus on what matters most and filtering is essential as is visualizing the project. The filter options include:

  • Target audience

  • Geography

  • Easy to customize metadata

  • Channel

Digital Asset Administration

Your group needs access to all obtainable photographs, videos, audio files, and also any other media assets in a moment’s notice to pull away from their marketing campaigns. Your own team shouldn’t be actively playing scavenger hunt to find digital content of various file sorts that already exist. You require DAM solutions. This includes:

Global Asset Governance

All electronic assets need to align along with your branding. With this digital asset management system, you say yes to all assets to ensure brand name consistency across the campaigns. Additionally, it helps to streamline the process of choosing brand assets for e-commerce and other applications.


Shop all your approved brand assets in one location for your group to utilize with this content administration system. The software allows for user-friendly searching as well as the creation of folders. Using brand files, you can also create your own electronic asset management solution.

Asset Management

This software causes it to be a snap to monitor when and where the particular brand assets are being utilized while exercising version control. You want to get the most out of your advertising content without saturating the particular campaigns with only one or two Adobe images or videos when you have so much available.

Planning and Budgeting

Marketing campaigns are a profit booster for your organization, but you need to stay inside budget to maximize the prices structure. It requires planning. This particular software can lend a hand. Here’s how:

  • Shared calendars: A unified calendar helps you visualize all the marketing campaigns each current and future.

  • Marketing campaign workspaces: When multiple innovative teams work on a single project, this space helps to drive the workflow as well as keep everyone on task and schedule.

  • Budget management: Observe how much of your budget each campaign consumes and determine how a lot you can allocate to new endeavors.

  • Capacity planning: Do you have one employee covered up in work while one more struggles to fill their particular time? Capacity planning may help you balance your resources and ensure everyone is reaching their potential.

Planning and budgeting are essential parts of managing a marketing group.

Performance and Efficiency Analytics

You know that your marketing team is filled with superstars, and your large organization wouldn’t be the same without your strategies. However , sometimes, you need to see it with your own eyes. You can also make use of the feature as a tool in making better decisions for future marketing activities based on the consumer experience. This feature can help you do that.

ROI Analytics

You should show sales growth throughout the entire sales funnel, and this feature allows you to do that. Display the lead generation as well as the pipeline growth attributed to each advertising campaign. The templates make it easy to understand.

Content Overall performance

Do your own marketing campaigns appeal to the prospective audience? Visualize each step of the customer’s user experience to make sure marketing campaigns and product information remain effective. Use this measure to make adjustments along with improve the buying process designed for clients.

Strategy Analytics

Make sure each campaign reaches the particular benchmarks you set while outstanding within the budget. Easily identify your high-performing activities, so you can help to drive sales across your customer base as well as improve customer experience. This particular DAM platform configurable feature can help you judge client wedding and develop future plans.

Project Management

Some days, you are feeling like you work in the circus, and you’re the head juggler. With so many balls in the air, a person struggle to ensure that each team and team member is definitely on track to complete work or ready to pivot as the objectives change. Project management any of our features that can help you are feeling confident about your work flow and ability to meet deadlines. Options include:

  • Campaign dashboard: Quickly and easily see all the aspects of a large marketing event. With this menu, you can drill down to see individual tasks, funds, as well as planned events.

  • Shared campaign workspace: Most projects require input from various teams, each bringing their very own flair to the project. This space encourages collaboration to produce the best final product obtainable.

  • Workload management: Do you feel such as you’re herding cats? This particular feature makes it easier to follow the workflow to ensure each person in the team is upon task and on time. You can assign work and pivot as needed.

  • SLA confirming: Service Degree Agreements almost always arrive with incoming function. You need SLA reporting to check responses as well as resolutions along with defining ways to improve later on.

Project management can help make sure your circus is working with all clowns and tigers jumping through hoops.

Workflow and Content

You need a way to make sure that new work assignments don’t end up buried within an inbox. With the workflow plus intake features, your group can standardize the work flow into an intuitive process.

Marketing Request and Intake Forms

With standard ask for and intake forms, work are better defined, and you receive clear expectations. You can also set the software up to handle assignments based on the forms and to use existing marketing materials as well as marketing assets. This particular ensures that there aren’t projects lost in the workflow.

Enterprise Marketing Workflows

Your group doesn’t do just one thing well. They’re superstars who are able to handle any task. The particular workflow feature allows for automation to monitor as well as maximize your efforts from day one to release day and the entire lifecycle.


You need your electronic media assets in one location whether it’s a Microsof company file or something out of your Google Drive or Dropbox. Your creative files should also be able to easily integrate with your other software. You can view this particular DAM software as a mass media valet.

You desire your stakeholders to experience wealthy media files that satisfy your brand guidelines. This integration helps you with brand management, repurpose existing innovative media, as well as keep your important files on-premise. You can discover use cases and a variety of file formats.

By integrating with this DAM software, you can maximize your own IT investment and time to value ratio. This electronic platform also offers many benefits to marketers.

Modifying and Final Approval

You need to control the digital content that your group uses to ensure its brand name marketing material. With this digital asset management platform, it is simple to control the edits and approvals. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Multiple-format content editors: Whether you’re using Adobe or Ms, this feature allows you to create the best brand assets plus product content. You can handle all of your digital creation and editing on-premises.

  • Enterprise user management: Everyone has their abilities and failings, which means you need to carefully safeguard access to permissions on your DAM software. With the user management feature, you control who can delete, alter, as well as distribute brand content.

When you are ready to treat your team of marketers to all the particular goodies they want and require, Welcome has the digital asset management software to give them.

Get Started With Digital Asset Management

Ready to change the way you take care of your digital assets? Begin with DAM software.

Create an account with Pleasant and see what digital resource management is supposed to look like. Your account is free forever—no credit card required. And it’ll take you less than a minute to get up and running.

Sign up today to see first-hand how simple and downright powerful your digital asset management system can be.

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