The best way to Determine What Formats to Use in Your articles Marketing

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When most people hear that include “ content marketing” these people immediately think of blog posts and articles.

In actuality, there’ s a lot more to be able to content marketing than just writing and submitting articles. Written content is often less expensive to produce and can be very effective, but if you forget about other content formats including videos, podcasts, and infographics, you’ ll not be receiving recognition for the contnet in your content strategy.

Certain types of content supply themselves better to particular sectors than others. Some sectors of your audience may also be easier to reach with one content format over another.

To maximize your content marketing and marketing budget, it’ s necessary to identify the content formats designed to produce the best ROI and resonate with your audience.

Quick Takeaways:

  • When encouraging your content strategy, it’ after hour essential to consider several different content formats – not just blogs and written content.
  • Research your personal audience to get a better concept of the types of content they build relationships and share.
  • For the biggest customers reach and getting the most out of your budget, re-purpose one piece of content into several different formats.

Content material Formats to Consider

So what exactly are most of us talking about when we say “ content”? Online content might take a number of forms including:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles (published in places other than your own blog)
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Photographs
  • Webinars
  • Slide presentations
  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Email newsletters
  • Case studies
  • Press releases
  • Check-lists
  • Interviews
  • Social media posts]
  • Interactive calculators, quizzes, and other tools.

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While some formats would fall under the class of written content, others such as video may not involve virtually any writing at all. Other types of material might include a mixture of platforms — for example a long-form article or case study which includes infographics and videos.

The sheer number in options in content promotion can be overwhelming, particularly if you have got limited resources or a snug budget. So how should you choose formats to choose for your content marketing strategy ?

What Types of Content If you ever Create?

Each kind of content has its own pluses and minuses. For example , while video could be highly engaging and shareable, it can be time-consuming and high-priced to create. There are various points you have to consider before deciding on written content formats for each of your articles marketing campaigns. These include:

  • Your intended market (do they like to browse articles or watch video clips, for example? )
  • The type of information you want to contain (stats and figures normally work best as a chart as well as infographic, while “ how to” type content may be easier to follow as a videos rather than written instructions)
  • Your budget and time period commitments
  • Produce the skills and equipment in-house for the type of content you need to produce, or would you must outsource?

Most businesses will get the most beneficial results from mixing things up and additionally producing content in several assorted formats. Experimenting in this way not alone keeps your audience concerned but it also enables you to figure out the kind of content that converts effectively.

As written content is typically the most cost effective to produce, many marketers elect to focus on a core associated with blog posts and other written content, on the occasional infographic and video clip thrown in for good measure.

However , written content isn’ t the best choice for all companies. For example , video is a herbal content format for action video camera brand GoPro. The vast majority of all their content marketing is carried out via video.

Repurposing your content into a number of different formats is also an effective way for you to squeeze more ROI from every piece of content and reach some wider audience. For example , 1 blog post could also be re-created to be a podcast, video, and sometimes an infographic.

How to Choose the Right Content Formatting for Your Audience

Many businesses find that setting up content that’ s related for their audience the of their biggest challenges inside content marketing.

For your content to be effective it’ s vital that you not only choose topics that will resonate with your audience, but also that you distribute content in a format which has the best chance of being used and shared.

The key to getting the following right is to carry out in-depth research on your audience. For those who really understand the preferences and additionally motivations of your audience, together with their online habits, you can come up with a content plan which may be optimized for success with your particular audience.

Start with reviewing your analytics software system and other audience intelligence. Recognise segmented groups to target all of your content marketing campaigns with. You should look at:

  • The age and demographics of your group of buyers. If you’ re promotional mainly at Millennials, short-form video is probably a very good format choice , even though older demographics tend to opt for long-form text.
  • What content formats light beer engaging with?
  • What are they sharing?
  • Where are they paying their time online?
  • What are their preferred myspace? (a content strategy for an audience that’ s mainly relating to Snapchat would look completely different to one for an audience regarding LinkedIn)
  • Think about the goals of each piece of content way too – for lead generation, content and articles such as ebooks, whitepapers, and even webinars is more effective than standard videos or blog posts. Subject matter that actually leads to conversions will probably look very different from subject material that is shared a lot on social media.

While you should be guided from your initial research, it’ h important to experiment and test out to optimize your content method. While the stats might admit Millennials prefer short-form video tutorial, the Millennials in your individuals might engage more by using ebooks or podcasts.

Pros and Cons of Favorite Content Formats

When you’ re selecting which formats to use in all of your content campaigns, it’ s i9000 important to take a balanced view and consider what’ h possible and realistic to create, what you’ d submit with unlimited budget not to mention resources, as well as your goal with turning visitors into potential customers.

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Blog Posts

  • Relatively cheap and easy to produce
  • Effective at boosting SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION
  • Must be in print on a regular schedule for best value
  • Highly versatile – can be short or long-form and can be effective for most people different goals including to include value to your existing clients, convert new leads in to customers, or to build label awareness
  • Sucks in comments and guest sticks


  • Video is one of the most engaging forms of via the internet content and its reputation is continuing to increase
  • More difficult and pricey to produce than text subject matter, although it is definitely possible to create simple videos on a compact budget
  • Time consuming and resource intensive
  • It can be difficult to build videos that are truly doing
  • YouTube is the world’ s second largest sized search engine and shows more than one billion hours of video every day to people
  • Some of the most shared content on social media is video
  • Highly effective for branding and even boosting authority


  • Efficient at building audience relationships plus loyalty
  • Possibility to connect with a captive audience
  • Podcasts are a growing tendency – over thirty percent of the US population listens to a podcast at least one time a month
  • Larger barrier to entry – equipment for recording premium sound is essential
  • Consistent production is essential to maintain an audience
  • Challenging to measure ROI


  • An excellent option for representing data in an easy-to-understand format
  • Common content format for expression on social media
  • Other blogs likely to apply and link back to your site – great for brand awareness together with SEO
  • Best suited for specific topics
  • Collecting data not to mention producing graphics can be labor intensive
  • Low activation potential.

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