The Importance of Offline Lead Generation

With so much interest focused on online lead generation techniques nowadays, it’s easy to assume that traditional offline methods for B2B lead generation methods have become irrelevant or unnecessary in the current market.

Marketers can get so caught up in digital lead generation efforts that old school processes are often ignored. Online media giants often give the impression that traditional lead generation methods are now passé.

Leadgenera. com says –

Essentially, all your offline leads generation activities should aim to point towards your website or online presence so that you can collect plus analyze all the data you are able to. Then, you can use this information to make better informed advertising decisions including your offline ones. Therefore , if you put together offline and online lead generation strategies, you could grow your business even further.

If you’re moving your own lead generation strategies online and totally ignoring offline methods, you need to think again. There’s no reason to dismiss older but well-tested techniques just yet.

Both methodologies get their strengths and weaknesses, and you’re better off learning which ones to apply on the case by case basis.

Here’s a fast video from Patrick Dang talking about online and offline B2B lead generation :

Quick Takeaways:

  • There are still many impactful ways to generate leads off-line

  • You don’t have to focus your interest on just offline or online generation – they should work in tandem

  • While SEO is important for lead generation, bodily copies of your content and messaging are another way of gaining attention from prospects

To help you evaluate which usually techniques will work best for you, it’s best to know the pros and cons of both methods. Here’s exactly how online and offline lead generation techniques differ from each other:

Cost per contact of online leads is less expensive than offline methods

With traditional lead generation initiatives, the cost ranges between three hundred to 500 dollars for each lead, which covers a field staff person’s salary, for each diem, travel, accommodation, and other incremental costs.

Online costs are significantly less, ranging from just 25 in order to 30 dollars, which addresses an inside sales person doing the lead generation for the company. However , this really is just one side of the tale, considering the higher conversion rate for offline methods, which brings us to point number two.

Off-line prospects have a higher conversion rate compared to online methods

Studies show that conversion typically hovers around forty percent for face-to-face prospects, while that number takes a big dip at an 18. 5% conversion rate for online virtual sales prospects.

In essence, this offsets the incremental costs incurred within traditional lead generation efforts, which usually proves that a highly personalized approach to selling is still efficient if you want to turn qualified prospects into buying customers.

Building and nurturing relationships also increases the chance of converting prospects into devoted customers as well, thereby raising their profitability and life time value.

On-line leads respond best to immediate attention after receipt of an online query

Although online leads are usually more sensitive to pressure tactics during the follow-up stage, the ones who initiate contact through your website expect an immediate response.

It pays off to act quickly since the odds of leads entering the particular sales process or becoming qualified are 21 situations greater for those who respond immediately and with persistence.

There is a critical 5-minute windows for successfully qualifying the lead, after which the odds drop significantly with every transferring 5-minute increment.

If you act within the very first hour after the inquiry, you have up to sixty times a lot more chances to convert compared to your conversion chances and then window (stats via Leads Response Management’s Study ).

Source: Everyday Wellness

Time is of the essence when it comes to online lead generation methods.

Neglecting offline strategies can cause you to miss component of your target audience

Let’s face it, you can’t easily target every one of your customers with online tactics. Particular people who need your products/services may not spend much of their time using computers. This is when n ewspaper advertisements, direct mail flyers, or even industry events can complement your online efforts, reinforcing your brand along with local prospects.

According to Inkit. com :

Direct mail has over 10 times higher response rate than email messages, paid search, and social media marketing.

You can’t pay for to not end up being reaching out with physical duplicates of your messaging and information.

This point is specially dependent on your target audience and various purchaser personas . If they make-up a young, tech-savvy population that spends much of their period online, then digital attempts are likely to be more effective.

But it’s not likely that every one of your buyer personas fall into this category, which is why you have to embrace alternative outreach processes to target them effectively.

For B2B businesses, offline lead generation yields a lot more leads

There is nothing quite like the experience of having a face to face interaction with potential clients. It’s still the best way to convey sincerity and individualized service, which is why offline free lead generation is still important.

This is mostly attributed to the level of personalization you can impart when communicating with prospects offline, and all know that a little advertising personalization goes a long way.

Supply: Adobe

In the B2B realm, off-line lead generation reigns supreme. A single study showed that 76% of B2B leads come from offline sources compared to 18% generated via online strategies. Of course , this particular case can be circumstantial, but over three-quarters of leads generated is really a figure that simply cannot become ignored.

Combining the best of both online and offline lead generation methods – Wrap up

The best lead generation strategies expertly combine both online and offline ways to suit their target audiences. It really depends on your audience’s demographics and preferences, along with the nature of your business, item, or service offering.

For example , you can choose to use offline lead generation stations to drive traffic towards your landing pages without decreasing your online lead capture efforts, thereby optimizing the performance of both methods. Remember that offline brand recognition can lead to on the internet traffic and conversions .

Continue to test a combination of every methodology until you find your own lead generation sweet spot. When you discover the perfect brew tailored for your business, build on this and watch as a steady flow of conversions result in a powerful bottom line.

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