The must-have web accessibility checklist for digital marketers

A must-have web accessibility checklist for digital marketers

30-second overview:

  • Availability underpins stellar user experience and positive brand perception, the key factors that appeal to value-driven consumers
  • According to WebAIM, 98 percent of US-based websites aren’ t accessible
  • Though not a sparkly facet of digital marketing strategies, you can find multiple layers to “ why? ” and “ how? ” brands should be accessible across the internet

Marketers develop and carry out numerous strategies to broaden their particular business reach. But one particular critical factor that most entrepreneurs neglect is web availability. And this neglect leads to their particular business being closed away for a large majority of potential customers.

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility ensures that the internet is accessible, usable, and beneficial for everybody alike. It considers almost all possible disabilities to ensure marketing messages are delivered to every kind of audience and get the most value out of the website.

As important as it may seem right now, web accessibility is often not what marketers think of when building a website . And then, too, it is often brushed under the rug.

Inspite of the World Wide Web Consortium, commonly known as W3C developing dedicated web content accessibility guidelines to make the internet a lot more accessible, digital inclusivity remains a rarity.

And this unfortunate reality acts not only being an accessibility barrier, but a rise barrier as well.

The value of internet accessibility in modern marketing endeavours

Acknowledging and adopting internet accessibility enhances the customer experience, opens new doors for your business, uplifts marketing results, and boosts revenue much more ways than just one.

one Extends your market achieve

15 percent of the world’ s population is impaired and belongs to a highly valuable market segment along with strong spending powers.

With a digitally inclusive web presence, your company interacts with an increased volume of people who it would’ ve missed otherwise. In this way, internet accessibility brings a whole new community of prospects you can interact with, win as customers and boost your revenue.

second . SEO benefits

Search engines choose to rank websites that are protected, accessible, and valuable for all kinds of users. Moreover, they will perceive digitally inclusive websites as authentic sources of information and favor them within rankings.

As a result, enhancing web accessibility undeviatingly supplements your web marketing with an SEO enhance, helping you get to the coveted top position in Search results. It opens another station for web traffic that links you with your target audience.

a few. Enhanced user experience

Consumer experience is at the heart of your digital presence as it pertains directly to conversions. The basic concept of UX optimization requires that you research what your target audience wants and provide it.

In the case of differently-abled audiences, it’ s common sense that they would want you to deliver a web site they can interact with and benefit from.

By optimizing your website’ s accessibility, you improve its usability which is a primary element of user experience.

In the event that all other elements of UX are optimized, enhanced usability benefits customer satisfaction and gives the prospect a final push towards conversion, contributing to your revenue.

4. Beneficial brand perception

Web accessibility enables your brand to show up as a strong advocate of digital inclusivity and works to build positive brand perception. Now isn’ t that a critical outcome of modern advertising?

Today where people look for a business’ s ideals before engaging with it, a concrete stance on electronic inclusivity reflects your beliefs of empathy, compassion, plus equal opportunities for all. This particular builds your community associated with like-minded people who then lead to your revenue.

Five-point checklist to get started with web convenience

For maximum effect, web accessibility should be considered a priority instead of an afterthought and should be included in your digital and online marketing strategy.

Following are a few methods through which you can uplift your own digital inclusivity and depart a larger impact:

1 . Multilingual SEO

Web accessibility not only aims at eliminating accessibility barriers for people with permanent, temporary, or situational disabilities. It also eliminates linguistic barriers , so people from all cultural and cultural backgrounds can have equal entry.

Given that English is voiced by a meager 4. 83 percent of the world’ s i9000 population, multilingual SEO removes linguistic barriers and helps searchers from all linguistic backgrounds to benefit from the web.

Here’ s a guide I developed on multilingual SEO to get you started.

second . Voice search

The introduction of wise assistants such as Alexa provides pioneered a new era of voice search ubiquity and the consequent web accessibility.

As an excellent avenue to pursue for businesses looking to become more digitally inclusive, voice search unlocks your website’ h chances of interaction with people who else cannot search the conventional method.

Here are some best practices to optimize voice search SEO:

  • Use long end keywords that are specific, detailed, and natural for users’ language
  • Serve up content that gives direct answers
  • Optimize your own ‘ Google My Business’ account
  • Make voice search FAQ webpages
  • Implement schema which is a code that you can add to your website that improves search visibility

For more depth, check out this voice lookup SEO guide for trends and best practices.

Example of schema that improves web accessibility
Example of schema that increases web accessibility

3. Alternate (Alt) text

Alt text helps visually impaired website visitors understand what a web image describes. Hence image optimization enables web visitors to absorb the data your website offers in its totality and ties back to improved user experience.

Tips for using oll (derb) text:

  • Keep it descriptive and key phrase specific, this will show up if the page loads slow or even if there was an sound description needed
  • For ecommerce sites, create good use of structured data to give the search engine more specific details about your products’ color, type, size, and a lot more

If you need more details, here’ s an classic image optimization guide .

4. Hierarchical organization or content using H tags

Hierarchical layout shapes your web content in an easy-to-read structure. A vital part of web accessibility (and SEO), a hierarchical firm can make your website usable plus understandable for users along with certain cognitive disabilities and individuals with short attention ranges, boosting their satisfaction as well as your websites’ overall UX.

Check out this particular guide upon optimizing meta tags .

5. Colour contrast

Color contrast involves adjusting the color of downroad web elements (for example, fonts) against the color of the setting elements to ensure that the downroad elements, which bear value, stand out and are easily understandable for people with visual impairment.

The particular Bureau of Internet Availability has identified a color contrast proportion that makes sure that your website is visible and readable for people with color-related visual impairments.


Web accessibility is really a necessity, but unfortunately, it doesn’ t get the exact same limelight as other digital marketing avenues that guarantee increased reach, better perception, and higher revenue.

This particular reality can work in your favor if you capitalize on the lack of web accessibility and gain the competitive edge by adopting digital inclusivity.

There are numerous marketing and advertising benefits of web accessibility, most important of which may be the development of good brand perception in an era of value-driven shoppers.

Inclusive marketing initiatives are commendable. But they are only valuable whenever backed by conscious initiatives of enhancing your business’ s digital accessibility. So , endeavoring to actualize web accessibility strategies can help you become the pioneer of an internet period where digital inclusivity is really a priority.

Atul Jindal is a web design and marketing specialist, having interests within doing websites/apps optimized intended for SEO with a core focus on conversion optimization. He produces web experiences that bring conversations and transform web traffic into paying customers or leads.

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