The particular proposal manager’s success tutorial for stronger RFPs

You are the particular glue holding everything with each other for a critically important procedure. Winning an RFP indicates winning new business. It’s that simple. What isn’t simple can be how you get to that earn.

Addressing RFPs isn’t always a high priority with regard to other teams at your business. Your email gets overlooked. The deadline is skipped. Shinier work wins their own attention over an RFP most of the time. But , for you, offer manager? RFP response comprises a significant (too significant, occasionally? ) part of your globe.

Rest simple, hard-working proposal manager. A hyper-efficient response management procedure is now absolutely possible using the right technology. Best-in-class institutions know this already and they are choosing proposal management tools like RFP software to back up their efforts.

By the time you’ve finished looking over this post, you’ll understand that:

  1. A manual approach to RFP reaction used to be the inefficient tradition
  2. AI-enabled technology is making the proposal management part more important that ever across organizations
  3. Proposal managers find the support they need in RFP software
  4. Each RFP project’s transfer and export is a time-savings opportunity
  5. Better RFP task management is possible with the right tools
  6. Knowledge sharing can make your organization more successful
  7. You have the strength to lead a more powerful RFP response process

proposal manager role

Source: APMP U. S. Compensation Survey

What does a proposal manager do?

Should you be like most of the proposal managers I know, you have days once the more appropriate question is, “What do proposal managers not really do? ” Sometimes it feels like you’re the symphony conductor as well as every musician in the orchestra, pinballing around from instrument to instrument, struggling to achieve a harmony that will seems just out of reach.

You can find survival guides out there that will help you wrangle the RFP process. This is different… this is your success guide.

By taking time out of the hectic day to read information, you’ve already made the choice to become the kind of proposal manager that leads your organization to greater heights with RFP response. Let us discuss how to make it all take place with the most advanced proposal management tools you can get your hands on.

Life designed for proposal managers during the pre-technology era

Once upon time, there were no proposal management tools. For the sake of this dramatization, we’ll call it up the Dark Ages pertaining to RFP responders.

The plague was a good inefficient manual process, one particular involving complex spreadsheets plus documents that infected the health of entire organizations. Responding to RFPs took too long to complete plus deadlines were inevitably skipped.

SMEs (subject matter experts) and offer managers found it difficult in order to collaborate. They rushed the deliverable and submitted out-of-date, boilerplate responses instead of modifying the strongest possible content for each possibility .

Ultimately this plague of RFP inefficiency caused a starvation for organizations. They taken care of immediately fewer RFPs, and they did not win the RFPs they did submit. No matter how hard the proposal managers tried, they couldn’t manage on their own.

“Boilerplate responses end up providing generic, basic, and bland information. They do not help the particular team win proposals. In fact , over-reliance on boilerplate reactions can actually decrease pWin (Probability of Win). ” – Kevin Switaj

What does a proposal manager do when supported by AI?

Thankfully, we’re not at nighttime Ages anymore. There is a prosperity of technology available to support the RFP response procedure. However , a surprising 84% of proposal managers are still utilizing a manual approach with RFPs today. The question is: Why?

manage rfps

As with many other industries, technology is causing an important shift in the offer management industry , strengthening teams to be more successful. Technologies allows proposal managers to:

  • Do more with much less and become experts at efficiency. “Doing more” might mean the ability to distribute more RFPs, which translates to additional opportunities for generating revenue. The “with less” portion of this equation might imply fewer hours required through SMEs to pursue these opportunities.
  • Establish a collaborative ecosystem that works. Collaboration is a necessary step in every RFP project. Having an easier way to communicate makes the entire procedure run smoother, whether you have to ask sales to contribute to a section or ping marketing and advertising for the final buff plus polish.
  • Achieve more quality control , and more benefits as a result. Quality responses separate winning agencies from the rest of the herd during vendor selection. More time to pay attention to creating the best content will help you stand out as the partner that cares, versus another who also cuts corners.

The initial investment in to a proposal administration system will be ultimately worth it when the corporation saves time and sources. With a good solution, typically these types of benefits are visible as early as the first RFP project. Reaction teams see an immediate embrace productivity, so they can do more of their best work.

Technology also can prevent the need to send countless emails back and forth, reduce the number of internal conferences, and facilitate final articles review and approval from the response manager. ” – Steve Silver, Forrester Research

How proposal managers prospect the charge with RFP response

You have probably heard some damaging things about RFPs from your colleagues and colleagues. It’s common for professionals to detest RFP projects because of the issues they have faced firsthand over the years.

But , the significance of responding to RFPs cannot be anxious enough—they are a must for virtually every growing organization. If you want a lot more sales wins, you have to do the job. And, teams have to come together.

Yet those teams need a innovator. Organizations with dedicated suggestion managers submit up to 3 or more. 5x more responses than patients without. Give those suggestion managers RFP-specific technology plus they can submit 43% more proposals per year than those not really using RFP-specific technology.

All the more cause to get the support you need to manage everything, right? RFP software program helps you with:

  1. Importing and Exporting – Importing from any document source (yes, even PDFs and spreadsheets) and transferring back into the original source or even customized template allows you to concentrate on a quality deliverable.
  2. Knowledge Sharing – Bringing greater accessibility to company information not just promotes collaboration on RFP projects, it also breaks down record silos across departments as well as the organization.
  3. Project Management – Being able to track real-time progress of RFx conclusion helps you see when areas are being taken care of. Communication along with SMEs is quicker with no email, since you can use @-mentioning and Slack.

It’s not easy to maintain your shoes, dear offer manager. A person handle the complexities of RFP reactions and it’s up to you to keep your team motivated. In case you bring in a proposal management tool to support your RFP response process, then your job becomes a lot easier.

Start each RFP project right and complete brilliantly

The particular bane of pretty much any proposal manager’s existence could be the import and export process with RFP responses . When an RFP lands in your inbox, it should be cause for rejoice. Responding to an RFP is a opportunity to win new business, after all.

Yet, when beginning an RFP project, you’re working with a source document that may be anything from a long-winded Stand out spreadsheet to a pesky PDF. Copying and pasting, organizing and filtering suddenly fill up your days as you try to ready the documents for your SMEs.

It is the end of the RFP project, now you’re ready to delight. Or, so you thought… now it’s time to export everyone’s responses back into the prospect’s source file.

Exporting is the stage exactly where hours slip by as formatting blunders take over the Wednesday evening you were looking to spend at home cooking supper with the family. Instead, even though you thought you had this task under control, you’re at the office wanting to submit an RFP right before the deadline.

proposal manager hours worked

Source: APMP U. S. Payment Report

How RFP software program makes importing and exporting easier…

Every import and foreign trade is actually a time-savings opportunity.

Finding content and information is a significant productivity obstacle for sales teams. ” – Phil Harrell, Forrester Research

RFP software program allows you to start your RFP project off on the correct foot by importing efficiently from any source—docs, spreadsheets, even PDFs (RFPIO may be the only solution that imports PDFs). Instead of copying plus pasting like crazy, you can simply draw the source document right into the platform and start organizing and assigning sections to SMEs.

Exporting back into the initial source or a template of the choosing ensures consistency along with your deliverable, without the manual labour.

We’ve heard plenty of disheartening stories from proposal managers who stay after-hours or work week-ends to submit an RFP before the deadline. With the exporting capabilities you enjoy with RFP software, you will dramatically speed up this process so you can have more work-life balance , even if you are a one-person team .

Crack information silos with easier knowledge sharing

Information silos are truly a point of weakness for every organization. When teams have no equal accessibility to important corporation content, it causes inefficiencies well beyond the RFP response procedure . On the flipside, institutions with centralized information market collaboration and growth.

With RFPs, the expertise SMEs provide can be indispensable. They harbor technical specs and product details that you certainly don’t understand, because those details are usually outside your domain—not to say, this information is practically a foreign language.

As long as SMEs contribute to RFP responses regularly, you’re fine, right? As long as they don’t depart and take that information with them. Workflow is delicate business with RFPs, so you want to do everything in your power to store company information in the place where anyone will find it quickly.

How RFP software program makes knowledge sharing easier…

The way in which we share information impacts the way we work.

RFP software stimulates a culture of knowledge revealing, and ultimately strengthens communication companywide. An RFP content library eliminates document silos entirely, because it offers one place for company content to live. Instead of being in Search engines docs or email files, RFP responses are structured with tags and celebrity ratings to help you and your group find the best content in seconds.

The great thing about having all company information useful like this is how simply you can improve the quality of the content. Performing regular articles audits ensures that you keep your own most valuable RFP responses up dated and ready to grab on the go.

“Workers spend nearly 20% of time looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can assist with specific tasks. A searchable record of knowledge can reduce, up to 35%, the time employees spend searching for company information. ” – Mckinsey Global Institute

Much better RFP project management is all yours

Efficient project management is truly the very center and soul of the RFP response process. Every RFP project requires multiple associates to share their expertise, as a proposal manager only understands so much about the organization.

size of proposal organization

Source: APMP U. S. Compensation Report

This is where the SMEs come in to offer their assistance. But trying to track all of them down often proves difficult for proposal managers. SMEs are busy and they have other high-priority projects on their discs. With a manual RFP process, collaboration with team members much more challenging because much of the communication happens through e-mail and meetings, which obtain missed or forgotten.

Protecting the time of the team—and your time as well—comes down to the technology you are leveraging to achieve maximum effectiveness. Here’s some good news from a study conducted by Project Management Institute : “75% of senior executives said investing in technology to higher enable project success was a high priority in their business. ”

How RFP software can make project management easier…

You don’t want to just get the job carried out, you want to get it done well .

Having full visibility to the RFP project means you know which SME is managing specific sections, so you can keep tasks and owners directly. With the project overview dash, you’ll see where SMEs are in terms of improvement so you can avoid beating down their office door once the deadline is looming.

Integrations with Slack and Salesforce make conversation more seamless for occupied teams, with less of the chance for an important email to be missed. Fewer email messages and meetings keep SMEs focused on what they need to accomplish so they can share their insight and move on to other priorities.

success for proposal managers

“Without access to effective tools that support and strengthen the business development lifecycle, companies cannot maintain a handled, repeatable business acquisition process—thereby reducing their overall likelihood of winning business. ” – APMP’s Body of Knowledge

Direct your team to achievement with RFP response

The proposal management industry continues to evolve with advances in technology. No more do suggestion managers have to feel alone, and no longer do SMEs need to detest contributing to RFP projects.

Knowledge sharing plus collaboration are becoming more common amongst organizations who recognize the necessity to band together to be more successful with RFP response. This improvement in teamwork favorably affects multiple aspects of the company, far beyond the next RFP project.

RFP response is your business—more therefore than anyone else’s at the organization. Become the leader that will takes charge with your RFP response process and manual your team toward greater success.

It’s time to take this achievement guide a step further. Schedule a demo to learn exactly how RFPIO will make your RFP response process a enormous one.

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