The reason why Our Specialist Writing Prices Went Up

In today’ ersus competitive market, it takes the competitive, standout rate to attract and hire high-level specialist writers.

As of the 2020s, we’ re seeing an era like never before where our customers need the best content article writer for their industry.

Brands need to build trust through their published content.

Brands need to give value through their particular published content.

Brands also must preserve traffic and gain sales through that content, or even their content will fall flat and be considered the waste of ROI.

Well, content should be incredible to do all of the above.

Back in 2018, our highest-selling level of content had been expert creating.

A couple of years before that, it was general writers.

Today, it’ s specialty content , the most expensive writing level (legal, financial, technical, medical, and other top-tier specialty industries).

This level is among the most expensive for a reason.

Not just any author. Not just a good writer. And not just an expert writer…

But a specialist who knows their industry, plus will write plus research great web content with care and skill.

We’ re announcing a (fairly small) specialist rate increase from 24c/word to 26c/word, a necessary change to hire and pay specialty authors more. This price update is reside now. In today’ s blog, we explain why.

new writing rates

Why Specialist Writers Are in High Demand

A gifted specialist writer in your industry is similar to a Chupacabra…

Or, it can seem like it, when you’ re trying to attract and hire that type of writer.

At Express Writers, we’ ve done the work to attract and employ these types of writers.

Here’ s just one of our own monthly bills from Indeed. com, a platform where all of us hire and interview writers on a regular weekly schedule.

These days can cost us anywhere from $1, 500 – $2, 500 a month to hire a handful of writers, depending on the level of writer we’ lso are headhunting.

writing hiring costs

Of course , the client doesn’ t pay this. They simply pay our per-word fee.

We also pay publishers. And managers. But the customer doesn’ t pay that, either. They pay our own per-word fee.

The crux of our transaction margins and payouts is always the writer. We know that without the writer, Communicate Writers is, well, writer-less and therefore powerless.

average cost to headhunt and hire writers

. @ExpWriters has raised professional writer rates. Why? Within today' s market, it requires a competitive, standout price to attract and employ high-level specialist writers. 💡 These writers produce the kind of content our high-level brands want and need.
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It takes great authors to produce the kind of content our high-level brands want and need.

Not to mention (as we’ ve talked about on the blog before ), but Google’ s own rules intended for quality now demand the same. Google doesn’ t keep this a secret – these people disclose exactly what they’re searching for in their SEO starter guide :

google's SEO starter guide

And as we’ ve reiterated before on the Write Weblog, here’ s one of the biggest free items statements from Google’ ersus SEO starter guide upon why great great articles matters.

google starter guide - compelling and useful content

Two generating forces behind what comprises good SEO content can be traced back to these very clear acronyms in Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines :

  • E. The. T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness): Three best factors Google uses in order to rate content quality.
  • Y. Meters. Y. L. (Your Money or Your Life): Content that can potentially influence a reader’s financial, actual, and/or mental health and pleasure in the medical, financial, lawful, and technical industries.

Our specialized writer rates are mapped specifically to Y. M. Y. D. guidelines, which are the highest level Google reviews. According to the guidelines, Google pays probably the most attention to these pages because they’re the ones that can the majority of profoundly impact a person’s life. Especially in pandemic situations, this matters more than ever.

how google defines your money or your life (ymyl) pagefs

Source: Google’s Guidelines , section 2 . 3

Google says YMYL pages are the ones that may “impact the future happiness, health, financial stability, or basic safety of users. ”

These webpages include:

  • Shopping or financial deal pages
  • Medical information pages
  • Legal information pages
  • Financial information web pages
  • News posts and/or public/official pages essential for informing citizens
  • Any other topics that can significantly affect users’ lives, we. e. child adoption or even car safety information

Because of their significance, these pages have incredibly high page quality standards. 🥇

They have to be authoritative, factual, and written by experts.

That’ t where our specialty expert writing level comes into play.

Our specialty professionals are handpicked with an advanced degree, 5+ years within their field, a senior/leadership role (example, Lead Software Engineer), and, the skill of online writing under their belts as well.

We’ ve found these practitioners-turned-content-writers are in high demand. In fact , it’ s truly hard to hire one who knows their market, and can write. When we do find one, we have to act quickly plus bring them in, mentor plus train them, and preparation them to take on client projects.

Do I mention Chupacabra yet?

Nevertheless, we find and hire all of them.

But nowadays, we’ ve learned all of us simply must raise the rates to pay these writer-extraordinaires more income.

It’ s more than worth it.

Here’ s the type of resume/writer we’ re right now attracting at these higher pay rates.

Instance: Senior Technical Writer, Corey O., hired August 2021.

technical writer

Our Rates Are Reside

Our specialist rate increase from 24c/word to 26c/, an essential change to hire and pay good writers more, is now live in the Content Shop.

Go view pricing here . This applies to technical, medical, as well as other in-depth verticals.

writing rates update

Trust Plays a Part – and Here’ s Exactly how Your Content Writers Need to Positively Build That Trust

Don’ big t forget.

The epidemic of misinformation in 2020 got a toll on consumer trust when it comes to content in just about every type, from search engines as well as traditional, owned, and social media.

trust at record low across media

People are wary these days. What does that mean for your brand content material?

In short, writers must take a few extra steps on every piece they write to make sure it’ s kosher in the 2020s.

  • Double check all facts. Be responsible for ensuring you’ ve found and are verifying content material the brand consumers can trust.
  • Ditch the traditional sales pitch and write with a value focus. Customers are not buying into overpromises and flashy offers. Content advertising is outperforming cold calls and marketing techniques by prioritizing value first. Professional writers must know how to deliver on this.
  • Back up all claims. Not only must you analysis your facts, but , a person have to have solid links and sources for your claims. A Weebly blog won’ t cut it. You will need authoritative sources – such as the legitimate, current Edelman research we quote above.
  • Find reputable sites. This really is mentioned in the former point, but , it’ s worth a point by itself. If you’re likely to provide trustworthy content, you need to link to trustworthy websites which have established online authority. Make use of Alexa’ ersus Site Rankings to help you know a website’s true credibility. This takes a few extra minutes, yet is worth it.
  • Flow and comprehensiveness must be there. A lot of experts that have been in the field plus haven’ t written on the internet content are used to structuring documents. No matter how long you’ ve been a practitioner, you’ll still need to learn and shape the particular skill of online creating so that the flow and extensive nature of a long-form blog, ebook, or guide, for instance , is there.

Need more guidance on ranking in the 2020s? Grab our free checklist on How to Position in the Top of Google .

Remember, in the current untrustworthy atmosphere, readers may smell B. S. a mile away.

Brands are now responsible for getting honest with their consumers within their website, on their blog.

Google is clear and upfront about how important dependability and authoritativeness is in their accessible SEO starter guidebook:

what google says about user trust

Go Forth, Trust Your Writing to Us, & Succeed

In short:

We have to increase rates to be a lot more competitive in today’ ersus content market, and that’ s going directly to the writer.

We’ re pleased to bring this experience to you.

Great writers mean great content.

Great pay means great authors.

And you can relaxation in peace, knowing your articles is in great great hands.

Because good is not enough – this now takes excellent.


Go Content Shopping now for specialty writers.

new writing rates

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