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“ If a tree drops in a forest and no the first is around to hear it, does it make a sound? ”

When we discuss content marketing, this thought experiment   makes a lot of sense. If we create a bit of content, but it wasn’t observed by many people—or any at all—can it make any impact at all?

When it comes to original articles, one survey   revealed bloggers spend about half the time promoting an article as they do writing it. After a long time of hard work to put a write-up out into the world, this particular feels like a wasted opportunity.

So when we talk about curated content, it’s even more likely to totally skip from content promotion efforts . After all, it’s not your content, so why would you turn your own audience’s attention to it rather than your own content?

The truth is: you can just see the benefits of content curation   if you make a conscious effort to get it in front of your ideal audience.

So far, we’ve shown you how to use Scoop. it to discover and curate content, as well as how to manage it. In this guide, we will take you through ways you can promote your curated content so that you can consistently get it in front of the right people.

Scoop. it topic: your web magazine

Just like you can use your website or your YouTube approach to host your own, unique content, Scoop. it helps a person host all the content you wish to curate.

Scoop. it subjects are the main building blocks of content curation—each of them symbolizes your curated content center.

You can see them as your online magazine, a controlled way in which you can put together your ideas and insights on topics that matter to your target audience.

By doing this, you become seen as a specialist. Each of your topic web pages comes with its own URL you can share on any community or private channel that helps you reach relevant people.

Scoop. it users on Pro and Plus programs also have an option to customize their Scoop. it subject pages through elements such as:

  • Background image plus color
  • Header logo and text color
  • Header background image and color
  • Colors, font family and sizes, experience, and more for individual scoops

These plans also provide you with an option to pick from a collection of templates with numerous layouts.

Enterprise customers can also completely customize their Scoop. this topics with advanced design and privacy options, along with avail of our white tag design service.

Built-in social networking sharing and social features

Once you start building out your subjects and content hubs upon Scoop. it, there are several ways you can spark meaningful interactions plus engagement around your curated pieces of content.

One way to generate conversations around a piece of content material in a Scoop. it topic page is to react to this directly on the platform. You’ll discover this by hovering over the scoop—a Reaction section may pop up below that scoop, allowing you to leave a remark inside Scoop. it.

Another way you can share can be found in the same place, just under an alternative button. The share antelope at the far right of the scoop lets you share this scoop:

  • On Pinterest, Mix (formerly StumbleUpon), Hootsuite, GaggleAMP, and in an email
  • Throughout your connected social accounts (more on that below)
  • Using a direct link you can duplicate and paste anywhere you want
  • By embedding an Web coding snippet

The above methods are excellent for bits of content you’ve already acquired to your topics.

For those you’re just about to add to your Scoop. it topics, you can connect your social channels and share on them automatically from this modal window:

Pro accounts lets you add up to 5, In addition plan up to 10, and Enterprise more than 10 balances. You can also choose to share right away or schedule for later within the Plus plan or higher.

Balances you can connect to include:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn profiles plus company pages
  • Facebook pages
  • Barrier
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Yammer plus Yammer groups

Turn your curated content material into regular email e-newsletter

One of the best ways to build much deeper relationships with your audience is to show up in a place they have got the most control over: their email inbox.

Unlike on social networking and other public channels, our own email inboxes are extremely personal, guarded communication channels. So if someone grants you entry to it (i. e. these people subscribe to your newsletter), a person better show up and fulfill their expectations.

Scoop. it’s In addition plan lets you turn your own topic pages into an email newsletter .

Inside your topic of choice, simply click the Newsletter tabs at the top menu.

From here, you can customize your newsletter in many ways:

  • Choose posts to include
  • Define the number of posts included
  • Customize your template in just a few clicks

You can also download your newsletter to add to a different email platform, along with connect your Mailchimp accounts.

Scoop. it Enterprise users can take this to the next level. They can have our team develop a fully custom-made email e-newsletter layout based on their requirements.

Organization users can also create their own email layout from scratch using predefined widgets, select content they want to include, and customize any other detail.

They could also choose to automate the creation of their newsletter, on the day and time of their choice:

Integrate your Scoop. it content with your website as well as other assets

Your curated content doesn’t have to (and should not! ) live in a vacuum, separate from your original content.

That is why Scoop. it In addition gives our users the opportunity to integrate their Scoop. it topic pages to their site.

All of the integration options are super easy to access from your topic web page, by clicking the Integration tab at the top menu.

From here, you can:

  • Create an embed code to copy and paste to any of your site’s pages or your blog. You can choose between the responsive grid, a smart list or a carousel:

  • Integrate your Scoop. it topic with WordPress in a few clicks
  • Web host your Scoop. it topic on your own domain to enrich your own SEO and grow your very own website traffic with curated articles

Scoop. this Enterprise users can completely white label and brand their embedded Scoop. it content, as well as use our powerful API, integrate with multiple websites, and more.

Offer an excellent experience for your readers

Scoop. it allows you to provide a great reading experience for the employees, customers, and anyone else you’re distributing your content in order to.

First, they can define their own reading journey by searching for any topic they’re thinking about by using the search bar:

More importantly, they can engage with your content and interact not only with you, but with each other. Thanks to Details. it’s Reaction section all of us mentioned earlier, your Scoop. it users can label each other, making their comments even more impactful:

Lastly, your readers can also get your curated content straight to their inbox. This is helpful if they want to stay in the loop with everything that’s happening, but maybe don’t have the time right now to visit your topic pages and keep up with everything you’re adding to them.

By doing this, they’ll get alerted and become sure they’re up to speed on industry news and developments. Scoop. it users can also pick the frequency of these up-dates and pick what works best for their schedule.

Get the content in front of the right individuals with Scoop. it

With these Scoop. it features, you’ll develop a loyal audience which will get used to seeing high-quality articles from you, both original and curated.

As a result, your reach, online engagement, lead generation, and sales will grow too. You will build a sustainable, extensive content marketing strategy that will help you achieve and exceed your business targets.

Sounds like what you need? Make sure to get a free trial of Scoop. it   or talk to us if you want a demo of Scoop. it Enterprise .

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