The right way to Recover Yahoo Password Without having Phone Number And Alternate E-mail

To recover your Yahoo password without a phone number and alternative e-mail, you need to contact a Bing specialist.

To do so, you need to select “ Forgotten password? ” on the Yahoo login page, select “ I need more options”, and click on “ Visit Help Site”.

Once you’ re on the Bing Help site, you need to get into your email address and select the particular “ Contact a Google specialist” option.

You then have to choose a topic and a sub-topic.

Since you lost access to your Google account, you need to select “ Password and sign in” and “ Unable to modify my password” respectively.

Finally, select “ Email the Yahoo specialist”, complete the shape, and click on “ Make request”.

After you’ ve created a request, you need to await Yahoo’ s response.

These people send you a message with instructions on how to recover your Bing account to the email address that you’ ve provided.

Here’ s how to recover your Yahoo password without a telephone number and alternative email:

  1. Go to yahoo. com and enter your email
  2. Click on “ Forgotten security password? ”
  3. Click on “ I want more options”
  4. Visit the Google Help site
  5. Enter your own Yahoo email
  6. Contact a Yahoo specialist
  7. Click on “ Password and sign in”
  8. Click on “ Unable to modify my password”
  9. Select “ Email a Yahoo specialist”
  10. Complete the fields
  11. Create request

1 ) Go to yahoo. com plus enter your email

Yahoo sign in

Before you can recover your Yahoo account, you should follow the steps on the “ Forgotten password? ” web page.

Firstly, go to Yahoo by clicking on this link: .

Once you’ re upon Yahoo, click on “ Indication in” at the top of the page.

On the sign-in page, enter your Yahoo email address.

Then, simply click “ Next” to go to the next step.

2 . Click on “ Forgotten password? ”

Forgot Yahoo password

After you’ ve entered your Bing email address, you need to enter your password.

Since you forgot your own Yahoo password, you won’ t be able to enter it.

Under the “ Next” button, you’ ll see a “ Neglected password? ” link.

Click on “ Forgotten password? ” in order to proceed to recover your Bing account.

3. Click on “ I need more options”

Recover Yahoo account

After you’ ve clicked on “ Forgotten Password? ”, you’ ll be given options in order to sign in to your Yahoo accounts.

This includes an alternate email address or a phone number.

Use either one of these options to recover your Yahoo account.

If you haven’ t linked an alternate email address for your Yahoo account, you won’ t see these choices.

If that’ s the situation, click on “ I need more options”.

4. Visit the Yahoo Assist site

Yahoo Help site

After you’ ve clicked on on “ I need a lot more options”, Yahoo will tell you they can’ t recover your.

Here’ s the full information, “ We can’ t recover your account online because there are no other options on apply for your account”.

But don’ t worry, there is one more option to reset your Yahoo password.

Under the “ Begin again” button, you’ ll see a “ Visit the Help site” link.

Click on “ Visit our Help site” to visit the Yahoo Assist site.

5. Enter your Yahoo email

Yahoo contact page

After you’ ve clicked on “ Check out our Help site”, you’ ll land on the Bing help site.

The first step would be to tell Yahoo your current email address and product.

To do so, pick the “ Account” option through the dropdown box.

Next, enter your Google email address within the “ Yahoo email address” field.

Then, complete the CAPTCHA and click on “ Get started” to go to the next step.

6. Contact the Yahoo specialist

Contact Yahoo specialist

After you’ ve clicked on “ Obtain started”, you need to choose a assistance option.

There are a couple of assistance options that you can choose from.

This consists of “ Contact a Bing specialist” and “ Find product-related help articles”.

Select “ Contact a Yahoo specialist” to contact a Yahoo professional.

7. Click on “ Security password and sign in”

Yahoo password and sign in issue

After you’ ve selected the “ Contact a Yahoo specialist” option, you need to choose a subject.

There are several topics that you can choose from.

This includes “ Create or even delete account”, “ Security password and sign in”, “ Yahoo policy”, and more.

Since you’ re having trouble with signing in to your Google account, choose “ Password and indication in”.

8. Select “ Unable to change my password”

How to reset Yahoo password without phone number

After you’ ve chosen a topic, you need to choose a subtopic.

There are several subtopics that you can choose from.

This includes “ Forgot our Yahoo ID”, “ Did not remember my password”, “ Not able to change my password”, and much more.

Since you’ re not able to change your Yahoo password, select “ Unable to change my password”.

9. Select “ Email a Yahoo specialist”

How to recover Yahoo account without phone number

Now that you’ ve chosen a topic and subtopic, you need to choose a assist method.

There are 3 help methods that you can choose from.

This includes chat, email, and contact.

The “ Chat” assist method is highly recommended because you can start a live chat with the Yahoo specialist.

However , the particular “ Chat” help method is not available 24/7.

For example , the chat hours are 7: 00 AM SGT – 5: 00 PM SGT, Monday to Friday within Singapore.

If it’ s i9000 not available, choose “ Email a Yahoo specialist”.

10. Total the fields

How to reset my Yahoo password without alternate email or phone number

After you’ ve clicked on “ Email a Yahoo specialist”, you’ ll land on the “ Email a specialist” type.

The form contains several fields that you need to finish.

Firstly, enter your Yahoo email address in the “ Yahoo ID” field.

Secondly, enter an email address that you have access to in the “ Current email address that you have access to” field.

Thirdly, re-enter the email tackle that you have access to in the “ Re-enter the email address you should be using to reach you” field.

Fourthly, enter your first name in the “ First Name” field and scroll down.

11. Create request

How to recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate email

Now, you should provide a explanation of your issue.

Explain that you need help in recovering your Yahoo account in the “ Detailed description of issue” field.

Make sure to explain that you don’ t have an alternative email and a phone number.

Here’ s an example of a explanation, “ Hi Yahoo assistance, I forgot my security password but my phone number is just not linked to my account and I don’ t have an alternative email. I need help in recuperating my account”.

Next, select the platform that you normally use to access Yahoo.

If you usually use the Yahoo Mail application, select the “ Yahoo Mail” app.

Lastly, complete the particular CAPTCHA and click on “ Create Request”.

By clicking on “ Create Request”, your request will be sent to Yahoo assistance.

Now, you need to wait for a few days for Yahoo’ s response.

Check the inbox of the email address that will you’ ve provided pertaining to Yahoo’ s email.

The e-mail will include instructions on how you can recover your Yahoo password.

You’ ve successfully learned how to recover or reset your Yahoo password without a phone number or alternate email!


If you forgot your Yahoo password, you can click on “ Forgotten password” on the Yahoo login web page.

Then, you’ ll have the ability to use your alternate email or even phone number to recover your account.

Nevertheless , if you don’ t come with an alternate email or phone number, you need to get in touch with a Yahoo specialist (as mentioned on this guide).

You can do so simply by clicking on “ I need more options” followed by “ Go to our Help Site”.

Within the Yahoo Help Site, there’ ll be multiple options you can use to contact a Google specialist.

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