The Unwritten Rules of E-mail marketing [Infographic]

rules of email marketing

If you’ve already been keeping track of your marketing approach return rates, you might notice that your some of your greatest ROI comes from – surprise – email marketing .

Depending on statistics, email is one of the major driver of leads plus revenue for B2B internet marketers, proving to be 40% more effective than social media.

These numbers only demonstrate that email marketing is like ol’ reliable when it comes to marketing stations for your business’s lead generation efforts —if you do it right. Advertising teams monitoring such tendencies will naturally beef up their email promotions, which means you’re going up against some pretty stiff competitors.

The key is just not to flood your prospects’ inbox with emails which have little to no worth for them. Instead, you need to stay ahead of the crowd and direct the way by catching your leads’ attention with email marketing principles and techniques that resonate with them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyday people are usually bombarded by hundreds of emails, so standing out is more important than ever. The key is to find the perfect balance associated with compelling language without getting spammy.
  • Automation tools could be a marketers best friend, when used right. Remember; personalization is vital.
  • Always be sure to A/B test your emails to optimize your lead generation efforts.

The Issues with Email Marketing

Individuals get sent all sorts of email messages on a daily basis. The average office employee receives 121 emails per day , ranging from pieces of promotional and advertising materials to personal and work emails at any given time of the day.

Given the huge number of other senders to compete with, it’s quite easy to see how cluttered a recipient’s inbox can become, that is a challenge for you as you try to stand out from the rest.

A side-effect of this is that people have become a lot more picky when browsing their inboxes. The fiation process requires looking for someone familiar among the list of senders or hoping to find content that’s really fascinating or useful to them. Yet otherwise, most people are quick to deliver everything else to the trash bin, which is not where you wish to be.

The effect is definitely further increased when you consider exactly how selective automated email plus spam filters have become. Bottom line, if your email isn’t compelling, it’s never going to rise above the crowd.

That said, you wish to project yourself as somebody who follows proper email marketing etiquette so you can establish trust with your email recipients. Once you have managed to establish trust at first, the chances of getting your emails opened up in the future will increase significantly.

Email Mistakes to Avoid

The list below contains examples of common mistakes made by email marketers that always results in less-than-satisfactory levels of engagement:

  1. An Uncompelling Subject Range

Everything starts with the email subject range . It’s the first thing that your leads see, so it can make perfect sense to write something really compelling, and more importantly, appropriate. If your subject line doesn’t immediately grab their interest, your email is unlikely to get read at all.

Play on your readers emotions a bit. Create emergency and instill curiosity. Make sure you keep it as personal as possible as well (more on that will next).

Do not be too salesy either. Click-baity subject lines can be great, but be sure never to make any promises which you fail to deliver on once the recipient opens the email.

  1. Causing Everything to Automation

Email automation is a boon in order to marketers, but some tend to improper use it, especially when it comes to targeted email marketing. Sometimes, marketers are not able to segment their marketing listings based on consumer personas so that the right emails don’t reach the demographics that actually require them. In today’ t online world, email segmentation isn’ t just nice-to-do, it’ s a must.

Personalization is incredibly essential for better engagement rates, plus too much automation can restrict that. To avoid sounding like a robot, most email software tools allow for personalization tokens. Take advantage of this feature plus you’ll be able to bring email personalization to new levels.

  1. Sending Unsolicited Messages

No one likes getting something these people didn’t ask for unless it is something really valuable. In the same way, your recipients won’t have got second thoughts reporting your own email as spam in case you send it to them with no getting their permission first.

What’s even worse is if you don’t include an opt-out subscription hyperlink on your emails, which gains you the ire of your potential customers since you’re not giving them an easy way to unsubscribe from the mailing list. Not to mention that according to the CAN-SPAM act, all email marketing is required to include an option to opt-out.

  1. Missing or Unclickable Images

In email marketing, images are an important element, as they are used not only for good visuals but additionally to direct leads to the landing page on the website, or from time to time, the image contains the entire message itself.

After that it goes without saying that when images are missing or not clickable, you lose an opportunity to engage with your prospects and to prolong their engagement.

  1. Sending Without Testing

There’s a whole range of items to test plus check before finally hitting the send email button, which includes a subject line that matches your email’s content, broken links, and any error messages that might show up due to technical issues.

Customers hate it if they realize they’ve wasted period looking at something that’s full of inconsistencies and bloopers. So , make sure you run a trial of your email marketing process on a check account before getting your e-mail campaign started.

Email Rules to Live By

Now that the fantastic potential of email as a lead/revenue-generating channel is clear, it’s essential to know how to make the most out of this device.

Aside from following industry best practices, you should also become acquainted with the “unwritten” rules of email marketing. These rules are usually principles that relate to manners and good judgment, that is critical if you want to avoid the mess that comes with angry email recipients.

The Unwritten Rules of Email Marketing (Infographic)

Understand the Rules

E-mail marketing is a simple, efficient, plus time-tested strategy that should be section of every marketer’s plan. While you might find it challenging to create email messages that are received well by people on your list, bearing in mind the principles to proper email marketing and sticking to the guidelines might just be the key to getting noticed.

Now that you know the unwritten rules, make sure you optimize the content that goes along with each email. Personalization goes a long way, and creating content that applies to your readers pain points plus interests is a great way to remain on that track. Check out the SEO Blog Writing Services or even schedule a totally free consultation to learn more about optimizing your content marketing and advertising efforts.

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