The very best Marketing Automation Software designed for B2B Companies

Marketing automation easily simplifies lead generation, customer relationship constructing, and driving conversions. It is the cornerstone of any lean and efficient advertising department, freeing up teams’ time and resources through repetitive tasks that are essential for campaign success.

By utilizing advertising automation software for B2B companies , you can enhance customer experiences with personalized content and target your product or service promotions to customers with various needs.

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What Is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation software uses technologies to automate marketing workflows and segmentation activities to nurture leads and prepare them for companies’ product sales teams. Without automating these types of processes, teams need to handle all these individual tasks manually, which can quickly eat into department resources. Automation software seamlessly handles these jobs, saving B2B companies time and effort.

There are many advantages to marketing automation software for B2B companies. Segmentation is one key aspect that will lets you easily organize leads into mailing lists based on demographics, interests, and preferences. These platforms also provide lead growing functionality, allowing you to automatically send out emails when the lead is usually most interested in your service or product. Once the campaign concludes, the program platform will generate advertising campaign analytics so you can see just how successful your marketing campaign had been.


In marketing, HubSpot is one of the most recognizable names. HubSpot’s inbound marketing software simplifies the automation of dozens of different tasks. It features a visual editor that allows you to customize workflows and offers pre-set customer actions, causes, and conditions that make it easy to automate emails and create spill campaigns.

Pricing for HubSpot can be a bit high for companies along with smaller budgets, but it will come with access to more than just the software itself. HubSpot’s customer support group is known for being one of the best in the industry and can help you get up and running plus answer any platform-related questions you may have.


Salesforce provides another popular marketing software platform. This platform is just one part of their marketing cloud, encompassing social media and automated email marketing . With Salesforce, you can create custom emails plus develop customer journeys basically across many different communication stations.

Additionally , every single customer who interacts with Salesforce creates data which will help improve segmentation. Segmenting strategies helps ensure that the right content material reaches the right audiences in the right time. Salesforce also offers A/B testing, which can assist businesses optimize their marketing content even further.

Like HubSpot, Salesforce also provides campaign insights and information so you can tweak and alter your marketing strategies and messaging as needed. Additionally , Salesforce enables you to automate social listening reports, so you can consistently stay on top of corporation mentions and what people are saying.

Salesforce is best suited for SMBs, large companies, enterprise companies, and businesses looking for email marketing capabilities, market segmentation, lead management, plus social media marketing.


Pardot is yet another popular B2B marketing automation platform. A Salesforce product, Pardot helps businesses improve marketing and sales activities across multiple channels. Pardot is a great automation solution for appealing leads throughout the sales pipeline and helping them move further down. You can even use it for retargeting leads that have gone cold.

With Pardot, you get a visible editor for those more complex workflows. Pardot is powered by AI to make automating advertising activities seamless and intuitive. This professional product through Salesforce emphasizes boosting RETURN ON INVESTMENT and improving the customer experience, two critical goals for virtually every B2B company.

Pardot has a few various pricing tiers, so there are bound to be an option to suit your marketing or automation spending budget.


Marketo Engage (Marketo) from Adobe is another leading B2B and account-based advertising (ABM) platform. This marketing automation platform allows companies to align sales and marketing through collaboration. Even the most minuscule processes could be automated and adjusted using this platform. Whether you’re looking to make adjustments or use pre-set templates, Marketo provides a great starting point.

Need to clone a campaign? Done. Want to collaborate having a sales team member in the platform’s Center of Excellence? Not a problem. Looking to personalize and section a new marketing campaign for improved engagement? You can easily do all this and more with Marketo.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a marketing platform that specializes in email marketing automation. This platform is particularly handy for lead nurturing, and its capabilities make it simple to warm up cold leads and get them ready to interact with your own sales team. With Constant Get in touch with, you can set up automated delightful emails to trigger at the precise moment someone opts into your email list.

You can even take the desired sequences a step further and create individual sequences for frosty leads, local leads, plus leads at the executive degree. Any way you want to segment plus target your leads, Constant Contact will let you do it.

With the welcome sequences set up, you can create drop campaigns and continue segmenting your audiences while small adjustments messages and timing to improve open rates. Whether you’re focused on one single campaign or even one hundred, Constant Contact makes it simple to juggle them all to get precise personalization and focusing on every time.

Pricing for Constant Contact is placed based on the number of contacts you choose. With this in mind, there’s likely to be an option for just about any budget.

Finding the Right Marketing Automation Software

With marketing automation software for B2B companies, it’s easy to streamline your campaign strategies. Purchasing automation makes employees’ lives easier while giving them a larger reach and increased visibility—all for less manual work. Sensible automation enables marketers to focus on what’s most important: creating excellent content and delivering outstanding customer experiences.

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