The very best Marketing Events Happening in 2022

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Marketing is transforming faster than ever. So right after 2 years of zoom conferences, many marketing leaders are looking into the best marketing events in 2022 as one of the best methods to stay on top of the marketing market.

You will not only learn from marketing’ s i9000 top thinkers and loudspeakers, but you might also meet your brand-new best friend, find a new marketing tool to make your job easier, and get to spend some quality in-person time with your boss or your colleagues at one such 2022 marketing conferences.

Has there ever been a time when the marketing world has changed so much in such a limited time? Over the past two years, the world has shifted dramatically to adjust to the needs of operating during a global pandemic.

Which has included consumer behavior, marketing trends, Web 3. 0, and all that is impacting the ways marketing teams function in today’s business atmosphere.

According to Forbes, one way to be sure you’re keeping in-the-know about upcoming developments, new technologies, and possible opportunities is to attend marketing events and conferences throughout the year. This is easier than ever now that many events have digital components that eliminate the need to journey in order to participate.

Marketing conferences are also ideal opportunities to network with colleagues in the industry and stay influenced throughout the year by learning about brand new ideas.

That’ s why I’ ve put together this list of the best marketing conferences for 2022. It’ s a list of a few of my favorites that I recommend you check out. I’ ve spoken at nearly all of these therefore i can talk first-hand concerning the value and quality from the event.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Marketing events and conferences offer the opportunity to both understand and build connections in the market.

  • Many marketing events in 2022 are offering in-person and digital events and content material.

  • Registering early for many of the events below can lead to special discounts and other perks.

  • One of the best ways to figure out whether an event is perfect for you is to check out the prior year’s program.

How I Identify The Best Marketing Conferences Each Year

I’ ve been to more than 100 different marketing events in the past 10 years or so! So every year, I are the events I KNOW are the best since I’ ve been generally there and I go back every year.

I also look for a few events I haven’ capital t heard of or been to but that seem really interesting (I’ m talking to a person Lavacon! ) So , We included a few of those right here as well. I haven’ big t traveled overseas in a few years, so I only included one non-US event this year. (But if you know of any “ can’ t miss” marketing activities outside the US, please put in a comment. )

The best event for you will probably depend on your specific industry specialized niche and service specialties. Be sure to check them all out to get the one(s) that will provide the the majority of value for you!

One of the best ways to tell if one of these marketing events any you don’ t wish to miss is to look at the quality and caliber of the keynote speakers . Are these people who understand what they’ re doing and promote it without promoting by themselves? Are they random lists of brand marketers who haven’ t spoken before? Or even professional and experiences audio speakers?

With the right budget, anyone can get Oprah to speak at their particular event and Coldplay to perform a concert. But we’ re looking for quality not really quantity of people. Events that only go after brand-side audio speakers who have never spoken just before or those big-name celebs are just trying to sell as many tickets as they can.

You can also tell something regarding an event by the way in which it is marketed . The marketers I know marketing and advertising many of the events below are the best in the business. They use super creative ways to keep us engaged.

Ok so without further ado, here are your best marketing events in 2022.

Greatest Marketing Events Happening within 2022


Dates: March 29-30 and September 28-29, 2022

The MarTech Conference provides you with the opportunity to discover dozens of timesaving, profit-boosting tools and technology while exploring the strategies and strategies you need to successfully leverage them. Registration will be free!

You should check out the agendas from the previous drop and spring events, while we await 2022 details to come out.

SMX Collection

Dates: SMX Advanced, June 14-15, 2022 and SMX Next Nov 15-16, 2022

Hosted by the same company as MarTech ( Third Door Media ) SMX events are about the largest and most efficient digital marketing channel — search. At SMX occasions you’ll hear from professionals about how to drive traffic and conversions through SEO, PPC/SEM, analytics, content marketing , CRO, technical SEO, and more. This year it’ s free to register!

You can check out the particular agendas from previous SMX advanced and SMX Next events at these hyperlinks, while we wait for 2022 details to come out.

PS – I’ meters doing a workshop in Mar for SMX titled “ Creating An SEO-friendly Content Marketing Program”. Let me know if you are serious?

B2B Marketing Exchange

Dates: February 28 – March 2

Location: Chandler, AZ

This is a core event for B2B marketing, covering the current problems in B2B, including Need Generation, Messaging Frameworks, AI and Audience Centricity. Will there be yoga in the morning? You bet.

“ Easily among the best marketing events I’ ve attended in my career. ” Jeanne Hopkins – CRO, HappyNest

We try to go this event regarding every other year (when they invite me to talk – hello #B2BSMX? ) but also because I love to re-connect with old friends, fulfill amazing B2B marketers, plus stay in touch with every thing B2B!

Content Marketing World

Dates: Sept 13-16, 2022

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Content marketing world could be the largest four-day content event in the world and one of the only marketing events that focuses exclusively on content advertising. You’ ll learn the reason why content marketing matters. You’ ll see examples plus frameworks of how to develop a content marketing strategy (my course on day 1). You’ ll see case studies on how to reach, engage plus convert new customers. You’ll learn ways to create meaningful content experiences. You’ ll meet incredible content marketers from across the world

A primary reason why this is an event I actually never miss is because Articles Marketing World puts an emphasis on building a content community. The event is attended by thousands of content marketers from big brands, emerging manufacturers, agencies and more, and it functions more than 100 sessions, workshops, and forums led by leaders in the industry. But you’ ll make life-long close friends. You’ ll see that the particular fun and the learning never quit – long after the event is over.

Want to get the glimpse of what you can expect? Check out the Content Marketing Institute’s new video .

If content technology and strategy is part of your focus, you might also want to attend CMI’s ContentTECH Summit , March 22-24 in North park, CA . This event brings together practitioners and thought market leaders in content tech advancement, process, and strategy.

Digital Summit

Dates: Several

Places: Multiple virtual and in-person

Digital Summit events are held annually in more than 20 cities across the country. Due to number of events they hold, their multiple formats, and wide range of topics, the Digital Summit Series is one of the many accessible and high-value marketing and advertising events in the industry.

I spoke to some incredible, masked-up digital marketing packed areas at a number of these summits in 2021. Hoping we can lose the masks as well as the worries as we head into 2022!

Have a look at their full lineup associated with upcoming and past occasions here .

MarketingProfs B2B Forum

Dates and Location: Online April 6-7, 2022 and In-person Fall, 2022

This is an event I haven’ t missed within over a decade! Why? Mainly because B2B advertising has its very own set of trends, best practices, plus quirks that differ from regular B2C strategies. That’ t why MarketingProfs has held this event specifically every year dedicated to addressing topics relevant to brands in the B2B space.

The MarketingProfs B2B forum is hosted by my good friend Ann Handley and covers proven methods, actionable insights, and interactive huddles that make it an engaging two-day event. Even better? The ticket to the event includes a full year of PRO account to their many resources!

Registration is already open regarding 2022 , and you can nevertheless register separately for entry to the complete 2021 program!


Dates: March 21-23, 2022

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Organic traffic is great, yet ultimately every brand needs leads and conversions in order to make any money. LeadsCon is focused specifically on performance marketing — the type that converts. The event features a mix of keynote speaks, breakout sessions, exhibits, plus networking events. It’ t a great opportunity to both understand and build new sector connections.

The particular agenda for 2022 remains being built, but you can check out last year’s speakers to get an idea of what you can expect at the event! I’ ve spoken here a few times plus found the audience and speaker lineup pretty awesome.

Brand name ManageCamp

Date/Location: TBD

Named by Forbes as one of “the conferences to attend in marketing. ”

After 2 yrs of virtual, founder Len Herstein is looking forward to getting back to a live conference for your 20th annual Brand ManageCamp! Should you be looking for actionable insights you may use right away to build/manage/grow a lot more profitable brands, better connect with your customers/consumers, and become a far more effective brand leader, this is the conference for you. Delivering the 360-degree view of brand, this conference draws an array of job titles connected to online marketing strategy and execution.

Brand ManageCamp features 2 days of the most engaging, entertaining, dynamic, and enlightening speakers upon branding and marketing. The agenda is a single track and is 100% keynote design. No breakouts, panel discussions, or workshops. Just 2 days of marketing inspiration.

Brand ManageCamp is really good, the speakers often stick around for the whole event! You should too. I have been to this occasion about 8 times since both a speaker and an attendee. Highly recommend!


Date(s): August 3-5, 2022

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that will artificial intelligence is becoming the core component of every data-driven content strategy (and they need to all be data-driven). MAICON, the Marketing Artificial Cleverness Conference, focuses on how human marketers can leverage AI-powered marketing technologies better, smarter, strategies that lead to bigger results. Specifically, they try to cover how to make every software tool marketers use — to get email, search, ad buying, automation, content strategy, and more — more effective by using AI.

This particular year’s event is focused for the next-generation marketer – how to learn from them, and how to turn out to be one. There are several registration options available, and you can examine them out here .


Dates: Come july 1st 11-13, 2022

Location: Seattle, Washington

MozCon proclaims to be “not your average marketing conference, ” and we agree. This hones in on extremely actionably and tactical methods to SEO and other components of search engine marketing, which we know is one of the most critical components of every marketing strategy, but additionally one of the fastest changing.

The 2022 schedule and speakers are still being curated, but you can check out the 2021 agenda for an idea regarding some of the innovative topics protected at MozCon.


Dates: May 9-12, 2022

Place: Minneapolis, MN

Like Content material Marketing World, Confab is one of the few conferences focused particularly on content marketing and strategy. The event focuses on both training and collaboration, with a timetable that mixes in keynote speakers, workshops, breakout sessions and networking events. It is a perfect event if you’re seeking to make new connections, the skill set in a particular area, or just get inspired by industry leaders and peers.

Confab has already got their speaker selection all set for 2022 — you can take a look here !


Dates: October 23-26, 2022

Location: New Orleans, LA

Okay this is my favorite new little gem. I’ m unsure if I can go this year but it seems amazing! LavaCon started in Hawaii (get it? ) but now takes place in a brand new location every year.

The aim of the conference is to help marketing organizations influence content technologies — an always-relevant topic in a planet where technology is transforming every single day. But , like many of the other events we shared, it’s also focused on creating community and sharing guidelines.

This year’s event tackles one of marketing’s biggest challenges: Connecting Articles Silos Across the Enterprise. Here’s a perk: if you sign up before January 10, 2022, you can bring a friend for free!

Check out last year’s program here or go right to registering for 2022 !


Dates: TBD

Location: Birkenstock boston

Inbound is a (huge) annual marketing occasion hosted by marketing guru brand Hubspot, and it’ s set to once again become one of the best marketing events within 2022. It features loudspeakers like Michelle Obama, Whilst gary Vaynerchuk, and Oprah Winfrey (Oh my! ) and is went to by tens of thousands of people from around the world.

As you might expect from Hubspot, the event covers a really wide range of topics for marketers (you can see the 2021 agenda here to get an idea) and also features meetup periods and other interactive events to help attendees network with colleagues.

Check out among last year’s talks along with Hubspot co-founder and Executive Chairman, Brian Halligan and CEO Yamini Rangin:

B2B Marketing IGNITE

Date: June 1-3

Location: Chicago, IL

I spoke (virtually) within 2021 at both of these next 2 events put together from the great folks at B2B Marketing . The 2022 US-based “ Ignite” Event is going to focus a lot on B2B Brand name.

Why? Due to the fact in the post-Covid, high-churn recruitment market, Brand is an organization’s number one weapon in the battle to win. B2B buying has evolved, with decision-makers preferring to ‘buy in’ to a company, rather than ‘buy from’ them. And inclusivity and diversity have become a cornerstone of both organizational design and employee growth.

B2B Marketing and advertising Ignite USA will explore these intertwined themes in depth and provide both the inspiration and the actionable solutions that B2B marketers need to succeed.

B2B Marketing EXPO

Day: November 22-23

Location: London, UNITED KINGDOM

B2B Advertising Expo is one of the best advertising events in the UK and a must-attend for any B2B Marketer. I was honored to speak at this event 2 years ago and was shocked at just the number of smart marketers I watched on the stage and met during the show.

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