The way to Fix Instagram White Display

Are you getting a whitened screen on Instagram ?

If you are, you won’ capital t be able to see posts within your feed.

This can happen on both the Instagram app and the website.

Some users came across a empty screen whenever they log in to Instagram.

Other users that logged into the Instagram website is only seeing a logo with a white history.

In this guide, you’ ll learn why you’ re getting a white screen or background on Instagram as well as how to fix it.

Why am I getting a white screen on Instagram?

You’ re obtaining a white screen on Instagram because of a irritate on the app.

This usually happens when you’ ve updated Instagram.

Certain Instagram updates introduce bugs and glitches to the app.

One bug, in particular, will be the white screen bug.

A few users are unable to log in to their account as it shows a blank white display.

Other users are able to log in to the app, but they are usually greeted with a white display.

In some cases, the “ Couldn’ t refresh give food to ” error may show up.

A user by the name of Sandeep tweeted the issue has been happening regarding 12 hours.

Another consumer named Ali tweeted that they deleted and reinstalled Instagram multiple times, but they’ lso are still getting a white display screen.

How to fix Instagram whitened screen

To fix the Instagram white screen, you first need to check if Instagram is down.

In case it’ s down, you either need to wait for 24 to 48 hours or for a new update to release.

If Instagram is not lower, you can try logging into Instagram using an incognito browser.

You can also try switching your system or updating Instagram to the latest version.

1 . Find out if Instagram is down

The first step is to check if Instagram is down because you might not have to waste your time trying to solve the issue yourself.

There are a couple of ways to do this including visiting DownDetector or using Twitter.

DownDetector offers outage information for websites and services.

To check on if Instagram is straight down, search for “ Instagram” on DownDetector and check the chart.

If the graph has a spike, it means that Instagram is probably down and you have to wait for this to be back up.

You can inform if Instagram is back upward if the graph is well-known down.

Another way to check if Instagram is down is to search for “ Instagram Down” upon Twitter.

After you’ ve searched for “ Instagram Down”, check if anyone is tweeting about it.

You can also search for the problem that you’ re experiencing on the app (e. g. Instagram white screen).

second . Log in to Instagram using an incognito browser

The second method is in order to log in to Instagram using an incognito internet browser.

This method was suggested by a Reddit user with the username of enthra2k and lots of users said that it worked.

  1. Open an incognito browser (e. g. Incognito mode on Chrome).
  2. Go to Instagram. com .
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. You may need to verify your by SMS or e-mail.
  5. Log out of your account.
  6. Force close the Instagram application and reopen it.
  7. Try logging into your account on the Instagram app.

3. Switch your network

Thirdly, you can try switching your system.

If you’ lso are connected to a Wi-Fi network, try switching to mobile data.

On the other hand, if you’ re using mobile data, try connecting to a Wi fi network.

In some cases, the white screen issue means that your IP address is temporarily blocked by Instagram.

Simply by switching your network, your own IP address will be different.

Hence, the temporary prevent will be lifted and you should be able to log in to your Instagram accounts if you’ re unable to.

4. Update Instagram

The final method is to try updating Instagram.

Some Instagram updates contain bug fixes and enhancements.

Hence, updating Instagram could get rid of the white display issue.

If you’ ve already updated Instagram to the latest version, you need to wait for another up-date.

Instagram will usually release a follow-up update to fix any kind of bugs or glitches in the earlier update.


It’ s i9000 ironic that some Instagram updates are meant to fix insects on the app, but it introduces new ones.

This normally happens after every Instagram update, so a follow-up update is necessary.

You might be in this exact scenario right now because it’ s a common one.

If you’ ve tried each nook and cranny and you’ re still obtaining a white screen, your best bet is to wait for a new update.

In some cases, the issue will be gone after 24 in order to 48 hours even if you did nothing.

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