The way you Rank #1 Get a Million Visitors (And Win Every Our New Customers)

The battle for customer attention will be real. Even more so at this point, with everything going on on earth, we are seeing a massive spike in new client demands for thought leadership content material.

While some businesses chase people around the internet with ads and fill their sites with product promotions, we believe in the ability of consistent content marketing and advertising to reach, engage, and convert relevant audiences to your company.

We all know it works because the approach we use with our clients could be the same : all our new customers come from the joining, consistent, and customer-focused content material we publish each week.

Our weekly articles simply answers the queries our audience is asking, using the keywords they search for, and all with the goal of helping them to solve genuine problems with helpful content.

We make every effort to basically help our audience in the content we create. All of us believe that allows us to rank on top pages of Google for hundreds of some pretty essential keywords.

And serve nearly 1 MILLION READERS a year!

The Build-Up

Since I launched Marketing Insider Group in June associated with 2015, we have been publishing content articles, creating deep thought leadership in the form of e-books, webinars and in-person keynotes, and using this approach as our only way to obtain leads, revenue, and new business.

Yes. Thought leadership . That’ s all about spreading what you know with interest and resolve to help others:

We share that content out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and sometimes IG. And I present as often as I can to live and digital audiences. All with one goal in your mind: to teach other marketers how they may get these same results.

Some people have asked why I give away a lot knowledge and the answer is easy:

It works really well. And when I discovered this secret, I just had to share this.

  • This delivers ROI.
  • It doesn’t cost a lot.
  • It bears no risk.
  • And it works better than anything I’ve ever tried or even seen in marketing!

And so, here, in this post, I’m going to share these secrets with you, so you can apply this and results to your business. Because we are our own case study!

The truth is, the only marketing I have actually done meant for Marketing Insider Group is the actual content builder service we sell: twice weekly, customer-focused, engaging, and useful blog content.

weekly blog service

Organic Search Traffic plus Rankings

First off, why is organic search traffic and rankings so important?

The main reason is because organic search traffic is the single largest source of traffic for corporate sites. So you should be highly centered on growing and maintaining that will source.

So , how much organic search traffic do we get at Marketing Insider Group? A lot for a little little company…

We all got just under 1 mil visitors to our website in the last year. And 77% of these came from organic search.

More than 700, 000 through Google, if you prefer.

The health of your website (and your brand overall) could be assessed based on whether your own organic search traffic is down, flat or up.

Marketing Insider Group is barely a five-year-old company, but you can see in this particular image below that given that we launched in June, 2015, we have increased the organic search rankings significantly since that time:

In fact , our best 100 rankings have grown 5-6x in 5 years!

And those key word rankings have helped all of us grow our organic search traffic by 6x in just the last 3 years to nearly 100, 000 visitors per month:

We have dozens of pages that show up in Google’s desired instant answers and featured snippets :

And nearly ALL the leads and new customers originate from direct or indirect sales from our website. What do we pay for those leads? Nothing.

I’d like to believe that we earn all those leads by providing valuable details to our audience.

Because the people who know us, who subscribe to us, they will share our content.

It then reaches increasing numbers of people every day. Some of those people url to our content. Some of those people reach out to us and ask intended for proposals and contracts.

Today, we typical one digital marketing strategy task each month. We are delivering greater than 100 SEO-driven blog articles to our clients per month.

We have clients that are listed on the Fortune 500. We have clients who are founders from growing startups who don’t even have a single marketing worker.

And we crush our own competition because of the approach we take using customer insights to create efficient content marketing plans along with measurable results.

One of our clients contributed this chart of the amazing 50% to 615% year-over-year organic search traffic improvements these are seeing since they started dealing with us!

In short, we deliver results for our customers, using the same technique all of us use for ourselves.

Why Does This Function?

This approach functions because we know what Google wants : quality content, published consistently .

On our site, we began by publishing 1-2 articles per week.

After that we tested 2-3 posts per week. We tried guest posts. We tried syndicated posts. We tested five articles per week. We tried 7 articles per week.

In the end, what we discovered works the best is regularly publishing content on a few key themes. For me that includes:

What I most want you to take away from this in-depth post is that even a small company, with no budget, and one employee can achieve massive marketing results just by submitting quality content consistently.

Content That Fingernails It

You will find published 982 blog posts since the day I wrote this short article.

We typically write about 1, 000 words and phrases on each topic, yet some of our posts go as long as 3 or more, 500 words!

Yes, long-form works more effectively than short content in most of the cases, because it creates expertise, authority, and trust what Google phone calls EAT!

We have had more than 111, 200 stocks on Facebook, 340, 1000 shares on Twitter, seven, 300 shares on Reddit and hundreds of thousands of gives on LinkedIn (they do not allow access to the data).

Our The majority of Shared Posts Ever

(Check them away, one by one. See for yourself what works! )

3 or more. Top 25 Content Marketing Influencers (2, 700 shares excluding LinkedIn)

2 . Top 20 Content Marketing Blogs You Need To Read Every Day (2, 800 stocks excluding LinkedIn)

1 . twenty six Cheat Sheets Every Digital Internet marketer Needs (3, 000 shares excluding LinkedIn)

Posts with all the Highest Traffic Ever

3. Why Social Media Is Important For your Business (182K views)

2 . What is Thought Leadership and When Should You Utilize it (189K views)

1 . 6 Examples of Professional Brand Storytelling (209K page views)

Best Articles in the Past Year

How Often Should You Weblog (38K views)

ten Digital Marketing Trends You should know (41K views)

If you went through these, you’ ll be able to better understand…

Our Approach to Lead Generation

We have seen a large number of leads convert from the content we’ ve produced. In fact ,

  • 438 of our articles have created more than 1 lead within the last 3 years.
  • There are another couple of hundred posts that have delivered at least one lead.
  • A couple of content articles have produced over a hundred leads.

But the main point associated with my analysis into exactly what delivered all our potential clients is this: no one article produced ROI . It’ s the always-on approach that delivers the final results. It’ s because we create content that changes ALL. THE. TIME. No article or two, every now and then, whenever we think we have time. Make sense?

We share our content within the socials. And many of our network marketing leads come directly from the contacts that our content has nurtured.

We experience super short sales series. We have never been in the bidding war with another company.

Completely disclosure, I have tried a few paid. We spent several hundred bucks last summertime on paid search. Every once in a while my ego gets the best of me and I increase a post I really loved on Facebook.

How many leads have those people tests delivered:

A full, round ZERO!

I’m totally OK to test stuff. But if there is one thing that is wrong with marketing today it is the quantity of budget spent on activities that will don’t deliver results.

Which leads me in order to agree with this guy:

The 7-Step Process to Get a Million Website visitors with Zero Ad Spend

Here’ h how we do it:

  1. We focus on the keywords our audience is using and the questions they have if they search for solutions to their advertising business challenges.
  2. We plan ahead and brainstorm articles for 6-12 months in order to create a content material calendar.
  3. We share almost everything we know when we answer those questions. We use examples, quotes, video clips, infographics, keynotes no matter what we think will help our viewers.
  4. We reveal our content to our e-newsletter subscriber list, and our social accounts. But we all also share other people’s content. Even competitors’! Because we know that is the best way to provide value to our audience.
  5. We are constantly testing our nurture streams while offering to inform our audience of what we do, without being too intrusive.
  6. We track and measure SEO (impressions, rankings, and traffic) relative to our competitors, the particular mainstream media, and influencers.
  7. We make use of that tracking to identify new ideas for content material we would like to publish on these keywords. And then continue exactly the same cycle.

And oh, we stick to our plan, regardless of what.

I understand that if you have read this far (oh my gosh thank you! ) you must become wondering if this is too good to be true. Or you might really wish you had similar results.

I hope you can see with all the data and screen shots that this really is how we have grown our traffic and network marketing leads with simple, helpful and regular content.

And if you want to see the results, we’ d like to point you to our standard, end-of-post call-to-action here:

If you are ready to get more traffic to your site with quality content that’ s published consistently, check out our Content Builder Service . Setup a quick consultation , and I’ ll send you a free PDF FILE version of my textbooks (a whopping $29 value). Get started today– and generate more traffic and potential clients for your business.

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