Top 10 Video Sharing Platforms since YouTube Alternatives

Video content material is growing rapidly, it’s approximated that there will be 1 million minutes worth of video per second by 2020. In digital marketing, businesses are beginning to shift their marketing and advertising focus from blog posts in order to videos because of its effectiveness.

Multiple studies have shown that videos can boost web traffic , Google page rankings, user engagement, and conversions . Consumers are also 12 times more likely to share a video than any other type of content.

When speaking about video sharing platforms, Youtube . com is the first site ahead to mind. It’s not strange given that YouTube is the biggest movie sharing and second-largest website in the world, just behind Search engines.

However , not every kinds of videos are on YouTube. In this article, we’ll take a good look at ten video-sharing websites as Youtube . com alternatives. These platforms get their own niche that makes all of them unique in their own method.

#1. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video sharing website that’s just like YouTube, except that it provides higher quality videos using 4k Ua HD. It’s furthermore an ad-free platform, unlike YouTube, to make sure that the viewers can focus on watching the videos without any distractions. Vimeo is the best place for video-makers to share their high-quality videos with others.

However , just like any system, it has weaknesses too. You are allowed to upload as many movies as you like on YouTube without any limit, however , that’s false with Vimeo. Here, the most limit per week is only 500MB and can be upgraded in order to 5GB for premium customers.

But let’s be honest, that’s nothing compared to the number of videos you can upload on YouTube for free.

Vimeo for youtube alternatives

#2. Dailymotion

This is probably the most similar option to YouTube, as Dailymotion provides the same layout and video clip categories that make the transition from YouTube easier. With 112 million visitors monthly, this platform is surely one of the biggest YouTube competitors.

The advantage of using Dailymotion is that it has a less harsh movie policy compared to YouTube. You can upload any kind of videos you want, no one will remove them. The downside to that is the lack of supervision of pirated videos.

Moreover, you can only upload high-quality videos if you’re a pro user. The high-quality video has a resolution restrict of 1080p and can only be 20 minutes long.

Daily Motion for youtube alternatives

#3. Dtube

Similar to Dailymotion, Dtube also has the same user interface since YouTube. But that’s about the only similarity they have since the way Dtube operates is totally different from the video-sharing huge.

Dtube utilizes blockchain technology to keep videos, not one centralized machine like YouTube does. Consequently, the videos and personal data here are pretty much safe through hackers. Plus, this system contains no ads and offers cryptocurrency revenue for its content makers.

Dtube for youtube alternatives

#4. PeerTube

Just like the name, PeerTube is a peer-to-peer based movie sharing platform. Instead of making use of one server like Youtube . com and many other video websites, PeerTube gives freedom to people to host their own server, called instance. Every instance contains a user and their own videos and can connect to one another.

You’re liberated to upload any kind of videos on this platform without having to worry about getting banned. The only weakness associated with PeerTube is its fairly young age, making the video collection not as rich as its established competitors.

Peertube for youtube alternatives

#5. Veoh

Veoh is like a hybrid of a video loading and social media platform. You are able to upload videos as long as you would like (no length limit) and then easily share it along with your friends. You can also join organizations and forums, then chat with people there. Just like social media , you should engage with many people and get these to like your content for your station to grow.

Veo for youtube alternatives

#6. TED

It’s time for you to enter some niche area. For those of you who are looking for a good educational video streaming web site, TED might be a suit for you. This platform provides over 3, 000 classes covering a wide range of topics like technology, science, business, modern society, humanity, and personal growth, among any others.

Ted for youtube alternatives

#7. Twitch

After a long day at work or a long lecture video from TED, you can head to Twitch to enjoy a few live streaming videos. Not just an ordinary YouTube alternative, Twitch articles is focused only on video games, even though you’ll find lots of non-gaming videos as well.

Although it has a solid gaming community, YouTube is still better in some areas. To begin with, you make a lot more cash doing a live-streaming video on YouTube than here. Secondly, you can not rewind videos on Twitch and last, the live-streaming performance is a bit slower when compared with YouTube.

Twitch for youtube alternatives

#8. Metacafe

Metacafe is the house of short videos that are no longer than 90 mere seconds which are mostly low in high quality. More people will know regarding Snapchat and Instagram Stories than Metacafe, even though it offers a similar service and is older than both of those apps. However , videos on Metacafe will remain forever and not disappear after 24 hours.

Metacafe is like a mini Youtube . com alternative, where you can search for video clips based on trending topics and categories, as well as subscribe to a channel. People here are usually looking for funny videos, quick product reviews and tutorials.

Metacafe for youtube alternatives

#9. Vevo

After talking about educational videos, gaming platforms, and a brief video library, it’s time for a video sharing internet site that focuses only upon music videos. So , if you love songs and want to watch video clips just, head to Vevo .

This website offers more than 400, 1000 high-quality music videos from Sony Music Entertainment and Common Music Group. However , you can’t upload your own music video here, meaning that Vevo is more suited to music enthusiasts rather than music artists.

vevo for youtube alternatives

#10. The Internet Store

If you’ve been looking for a childhood TV show or movie but can’t believe it is anywhere, maybe you should start looking at the Internet Archive . Just like the name, it’s a website that shops old and classic films, documentaries, TV series, and other kinds of videos.

Besides enabling you to find rare footage that can’t be found somewhere else, you can upload your own videos as well. However , don’t be dissatisfied if you can’t find enough new and updated content material on this platform compared to additional video platforms.

The Internet Archive for youtube alternatives

Video clip making tools

After reading about these types of awesome YouTube alternatives, you might want to start creating your own videos. Well, it’s your lucky day because I’ ve compiled a complete list of video making equipment to help you art your own masterpiece. The list contains 121 tools and systems for making videos, such as:

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Guest author:   Andre Oentoro will be the founder of Breadnbeyond , an award-winning explainer video company. He or she helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales and obtain positive ROI from explainer videos. Connect on Twitter or  LinkedIn .

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