Ways to See Deleted Posts upon Reddit

Reddit allows you to delete your own comments and posts.

gong0deng If you regret posting a comment, you can delete it by clicking on the three dots > Delete comment > Delete.

Although your own comment will be deleted, the particular thread will not be deleted.

For example , if someone else replied to your comment, their reply will never be deleted.

In this guide, you’ ll learn how to find, recover, or notice deleted comments or posts on Reddit.

How to see removed Reddit comments

To see deleted Reddit comments, you need to 1st copy the link to the twine.

After you’ ve copied the link to the thread, paste the link into Wayback Device.

Lastly, select a date plus time before the comment had been deleted, scroll down, plus try finding the comment.

Wayback Machine allows you to find archived Reddit comments and posts.

It will this by capturing screenshots of Reddit threads and storing them.

Let’ ersus say that someone posted a comment on February 1 plus deleted it on Feb 10.

If so, you can try locating their comment by picking out a screenshot before February ten.

If you’ lso are lucky, the comment is going to be crawled and captured simply by Wayback Machine before it had been deleted.

Here are 3 steps to see deleted Reddit feedback:

Step #1: Copy the hyperlink to the thread

See deleted Reddit posts

The first step is to copy the link to the Reddit twine.

To do so, open Reddit plus navigate to the thread where the comment is located.

Deleted comments is going to be indicated by this expression, “ Comment deleted simply by user”.

Now, you can either copy the URL of the particular thread or the comment.

In order to copy the URL of the particular thread, highlight the LINK and click “ Copy”.

If you need to copy the URL of the comment, click on the date (e. g. 11 mo. ago), highlight the URL, plus click on “ Copy”.

Generally, you should be copying the Link to the thread instead of the remark.

This is because a thread much more likely to be crawled than a comment on Reddit.

The only problem is when the comment is too long.

When the comment is too long, it could be cut off when you’ lso are viewing an archive from it later.

Step #2: Paste the link into Wayback Device

See deleted Reddit comments

After you’ ve copied the link to the Reddit thread/comment, you have to navigate to Wayback Machine.

Click on this link to go to the Wayback Machine: https://archive.org/web/ .

Once you’ re on the website, paste the LINK into the text field.

Click on “ Browse History” to see its catches.

Wayback Machine is a service that allows you to see what websites looked like in the past.

You can also use it to find deleted content or comments on some websites like Reddit.

Step #3: Select a date plus time before the comment was deleted

After you’ ve clicked on on “ Browse history”, you’ ll land for the calendar.

The calendar will contain colored dots in various sizes.

Now, you need to select a date and time before the Reddit comment was deleted.

To do this, you need to use the trial and error method.

For example , if the comment was deleted in August, you need to select a date in July.

Unfortunately, if you don’ t see any dots, it means that the URL has not been crawled.

In other words, you won’ t be able to see the erased Reddit comment.

If the appointments contains a lot of dots, this means that it’ s already been crawled a lot.

A popular post/comment on Reddit will be crawled more than a post/comment that will get little to no engagement.

Hence, if you’ re trying to find a deleted opinion that has a lot of replies, you can probably find a screenshot from it in the calendar.

Step #4: Scroll down and find the deleted Reddit comment

After you’ ve selected a date plus time before the Reddit comment was deleted, you’ lmost all land on the thread.

Now, you need to scroll down the thread until you find the deleted Reddit comment.

If the comment obtained a lot of upvotes, it’ ll be somewhere at the top.

However , if the comment does not have lots of upvotes, you have to scroll lower for a while before you can find it.

In the event that you’ ve pasted the particular URL of the comment rather than the thread, you’ ll view the deleted comment immediately.

Nevertheless , if the comment is too long, it may be cut off and you won’ t be able to see a few of it.

In the screenshot above, you can see that I’ ve managed to locate the deleted Reddit remark.

This is because the opinion has the same reply as the first screenshot , “ That was PAST worth the read”.

You’ ve successfully learned learn how to see a deleted comment on Reddit!

How to see deleted Reddit posts

  1. Navigate to the deleted Reddit post.
  2. Copy the URL of the deleted Reddit post.
  3. Go to https://archive.org/web/ .
  4. Paste the URL that will you’ ve just replicated.
  5. Click on “ Browse History”.
  6. Select a date and period before the post was erased (this requires trial plus error).
  7. See the deleted Reddit post.


Wayback Machine works best for well-known Reddit comments and blogposts that were removed.

This is because popular comments and posts are crawled greater than unpopular ones.

If a remark or post has no upvotes, it probably won’ big t be crawled.

As a result, if this got deleted, you won’ t be able to find it back again.

You might have noticed that the appointments contains various colored dots of different sizes.

Essentially, the bigger the dot, the more action it has.

The blue dot means that the URL continues to be successfully crawled.

If you don’ t see any dots in the calendar, it means the fact that URL has not been crawled once.

Unfortunately, if the URL is just not crawled, you won’ big t be able to find the deleted Reddit comment or post.

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