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Unless your company lives under a rock, your marketing team is likely making use of content in some way. The real query, then, is this: does your content deliver the results you want? If not, you might like to consider hiring a content technique agency.

Based on the Content Marketing Institute, a lot more than 70% of businesses today outsource content — yet only a small fraction of them are outsourcing strategy. Most are centered on the process of content creation.

But content — even the best content — can not meet its performance possible without a great strategy at the rear of it.

Finding a content strategy agency can be a gamechanger for your marketing ROI — read on to learn just how.

Quick Takeaways

  • Content material strategy agencies align your content efforts with your larger business objectives.

  • Implementing content marketing and advertising without a strategy can lead to disjointed efforts and disappointing outcomes.

  • A content strategy agency will help you build customer-focused content material that’s designed with research in order to back it.

  • Brands with a documented content strategy tend to be more successful overall than those with out one.

  • A content technique agency can optimize your technical SEO so search engines like google can easily crawl your site.

  • Content material strategy agencies focus on the particular performance metrics of your general strategy — not a solitary campaign or piece of content.

Articles strategy vs . content marketing and advertising

Your content technique is the underlying guide to everything you do related to content. It ensures that your content aligns together with your larger business objectives and helps your company achieve the goals. It defines:

  • The purpose behind your content efforts
  • Which types of content you create
  • The channels where you distribute this
  • Your content appointments
  • What metrics you’ll use to measure efficiency

Content marketing , however, is the actual creation plus distribution of your content. It is often shown to earn 6x the conversions of traditional marketing techniques and be 62% more cost effective .

But without a content strategy behind it, content marketing and advertising can lose direction and turn into fragmented. Creating a strategy ensures your content efforts always function toward your goals plus deliver the highest possible ROI.

What is a content strategy agency and why should you employ one?

The content strategy agency will go beyond simple content creation to assist you build a true strategy behind your efforts. When you work with a content material strategy agency, you’ll obtain support on things like:

  • Defining focus on audiences
  • Performing keyword research
  • Building a content calendar
  • Measuring performance outcomes
  • Troubleshooting problems

Curiously, research by the Content Marketing and advertising Institute found that of the companies who delegate content in some way, only 10% actually delegate strategy.

10% of companies that outsource content in some way outsource their strategy.

Image Source: Content Marketing Start

As you can see, content creation is by far the most outsourced content-related activity. It makes sense. Article marketing is time consuming and needs certain skill and experience.

But think about this: SEMRush found that only 19% of companies who seem to use content marketing in fact rate their efforts because “very successful. ” In fact , the largest chunk of respondents say their results are just moderately successful and 9% even say they’re unsuccessful (yikes! ).

Only 19% of content marketers rate their efforts as very successful.

Image Source: SEMRush

I’d opportunity to guess that this lack of content marketing success comes from too much focus on content creation but not enough on creating a solid strategy first.

The takeaway for you: developing a true content strategy can give you a competitive edge. Finding a quality content strategy agency is the best way to get one — quickly — and be self-confident in the ROI it will provide for your brand.

6 ways a articles strategy agency helps increase your business

Customer-focused content

The content strategy agency may help you create content specifically designed for your target audiences.

What does this mean?

First, it means they’ll help you define your purchaser personas and build solid value propositions so that you truly understand why customers seek out your own brand.

If you create content that specifically addresses pain points your clients experience, you build their own trust and make them feel like you can provide the right solutions. Equipment like the Value Proposition Canvas can help you do it.

Second, it means your target audience will actually find your content due to the fact it’s written about the things they would like to know. A content technique agency will work with you to conduct strong keyword study and develop the right topics and titles for your weblog. You can check out how key phrase research works (and even give it a try yourself) with the Keyword Magic Tool by SEMRush.

When it comes to keyword research from a content technique agency, think big. They will won’t be focused on just one campaign or piece of content. They’ll do comprehensive key phrase research and build your entire content strategy around what tells them.

Then, as you move into content creation, you can be confident the parts you publish will draw in the right customers and generate leads for your business.

Defined plan

The Content Marketing Institute found in their research that will companies with documented content strategies were more successful overall than those without them.

Here’s the thing, although: creating a documented plan may feel just as time consuming since executing the plan itself! It is one of the reasons many brands just let it fall to the wayside, choosing to operate without one.

This is an region where a content strategy agency can be a huge support. They have the processes and procedures in place to build documented plans that are defined, detailed, and shareable. This enables your group to actively collaborate plus use the plan as a guidebook for successful execution of your strategy.

Similarly important to your documented strategy is your content calendar. Your calendar keeps your posting schedule on track and describes the who, where, what, and when of content distribution. Many content strategy companies incorporate the content calendar right into their documented plan. That’s what we do on Marketing Insider Group.

Frequent publishing

There’s no doubt about this: publishing more frequently earns you more better content ROI. In fact , HubSpot research discovered that brands that post 11-16x each month earn 3. 5x the organic traffic than those who publish less frequently.

Brands that publish 11-16x per month earn 3.5x the organic traffic than those who publish less frequently.

Picture Source: HubSpot

While publishing often may seem executional, it’s difficult to do without a strategy to drive this. You need enough topics to cover and a solid plan for churning out enough content. A content strategy agency will help you put the framework in place to easily keep your publishing volume high and your schedule constant.

Technical SEO

Specialized SEO is the process of keeping your website’s structure, content, and metadata aligned with technical internet search engine requirements. Strong technical SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION allows search engines to easily find, crawl, and index the particular pages on your site — a key part of earning SERP rankings.

As the name suggests, technical SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION requires some technical understanding around how websites and search engines operate. A content material strategy agency will have people on their team who can enhance the technical SEO on the website and blog posts to get better Google rankings.

Performance measurement

A good content strategy agency cares about performance — and not just of one marketing campaign or piece of content. They focus on the overall success of your content marketing efforts due to the fact, well, it’s their job — it’s the number one sign of their effectiveness.

That means content strategy organizations proactively track and deliver you performance metrics confirming on a regular basis. You’ll never maintain the dark about what is working and what isn’t. You’ll be able to work with your agency to continually improve and locate new opportunities for making use of content to grow your business.

Are you considering the content strategy agency?

Marketing Insider Team has a team of content strategists, writers, and SEO experts who can help you create and execute a plan that delivers results. To learn more as to what we do, check out the SEO Weblog Writing and Content Technique services or even schedule a quick consultation to talk with me directly!

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