What’s the Importance of Customer Experience Marketing and advertising?

As a consumer, have you ever had this kind of good experience with a company that you would never even think about switching to a competitor?  

This really is called a positive customer experience .  

And is definitely some thing every business should assure for its clients.

In this guide, we’ll go over exactly what customer experience marketing entails, why it is so important for your brand, and how others are which makes it work.

What exactly is Customer Experience Marketing?

In a more formal sense, customer experience marketing is a specific kind of brand strategy that puts the needs of your buyer personas and the act of supplying value ahead of simply making sales.

It is a specific strategy designed to greatly improve brand loyalty , boost social proof, and associated with overall customer experience journey longer by increasing the number of interactions.

Essentially, customer experience marketing is about putting the needs of your client ahead of the interests of the company.

What is the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience Marketing?

In short, the customer service process starts the minute a client needs assistance with a specific issue or in responding to a question.

While customer service can be part of the customer experience, it is far from all-encompassing.  

Rather, customer experience starts the moment the buyer becomes aware of your brand plus doesn’t stop after program issues are resolved.

What Are the Advantages of Customer Encounter Marketing?

Customer experience marketing is one of those things that each company knows they need to possess a strategy to address, yet therefore few actually do.

This is unfortunate, as the benefits certainly outweigh the effort in terms of what a good partnership with your customers can do to grow your company.

Need some examples?  

Higher customer retention

Brand names that have a positive customer encounter process don’t have to compete with others in the same niche market as often.  

Their great reputation and high level of service are usually enough to create massive consumer retention .

Higher client lifespan

Customers who are delighted often come back to brands they will like to make subsequent purchases, which lengthens the customer life-span.

More sales

Positive consumer interactions often lead to higher sales and increased revenue, as they’re much more likely to share their recommendation with family and friends members.

Better feedback

Clients who feel they’re obtaining value from your brand which their needs are fulfilled are also more apt to leave a positive review or recommendation, which can also increase sales because of the power of social proof.

As you can see, those are some pretty effective advantages that would make any company decide to up their hard work when it comes to always providing a optimistic customer experience.

Customer Experience Marketing Best Practices

Keeping everything in mind, how do you actually provide a positive customer experience?  

Here are a few best practices to consider.

1 . Be True to Your Word

When it comes to customers, companies have to always be true to their word.  

This means doing what you say you’re likely to do, when you say you’re going to do it.

For example , if you tell an e-commerce shopper that you’ll have their particular package to them in 2 days, make sure that your company does everything in its power to make it happen.

In service fields, show up when you say you’ll arrive and perform the task you’re hired to complete as expected.

If there is a situation where it isn’t feasible to do what you have promised to do, make sure you’re communicating with the customer.  

Most people are incredibly understanding regarding delays or issues as long as they understand the reason behind it.

2 . Exceed When Possible

Customers these days have a lot of choices.  

However , they’re much more likely in order to stick with a single brand when they know the company is going above and beyond to provide the best possible experience.

Train your staff to look for indicators of what would certainly delight and inspire clients.  

Often , it does not take little things that make an interaction with a brand enjoyable.

As the face of the business, your employees are presented with opportunities every single day to give your own clients the experience they want — or, in some cases, the one they will didn’t know they wished but it made them content anyway.

3. Have a Customer support Plan

Customer service is about far more than answering phone calls and taking care of complaints.  

That’s why companies should have a process to address needs in a timely and organized fashion.

For large companies, this might mean having a dedicated customer service team that checks messaging on a daily basis.  

Smaller sized companies could outsource this or delegate the task to one specific person.

Likewise, it is also important to review any general public forums for testimonials and reviews on a regular basis.  

Address and respond to all client responses, even if it is just a thank you for a positive review on Google or Facebook.

4. Address Issues in a Timely Fashion

In addition , it is vital to always address concerns in just a timely fashion.  

Time is an enemy when it comes to customer experience marketing — the lengthier a customer has to wait for a solution, the bigger the problem becomes.

In case you aren’t able to give them the data they need in a hurry, an upgrade is usually fine.  

Many people just want to be heard, this is why it is important to have strong conversation skills to really ensure the customer experience is positive in the long run.

5. Strive to Be More Than the Company

Finally, companies that really know how to embrace customer encounter marketing work to be more a company.

They usually possess some sort of brand initiative, relinquish to the local community , or even find ways to become innovators in their respective industries.

The current world is incredibly fast-paced and busy.  

The greater you can work to give back, the better you’re able to outperform your competition and the more encouraging your customers will be for the long lasting.

Building a Customer Encounter Marketing Strategy

Now that you know the significance of having a strong customer experience marketing strategy, let’s look at ways you can make this happen for your organization.

While your path might vary based on the niche you’re in or even how your target market usually responds, each step is generally common.

Step One: Think in Terms of Worth and Education

Where most companies go wrong with customer experience marketing is that they don’t think about their ideal buyer persona’s needs.

The first step in crafting a winning strategy is to take a step back and think about who you are trying to attract and what that can be done to help.

Offering an online educational database about your own industry or product , providing free tools, or even giving useful advice through your blog all show that will you’re committed to their success, whether they ultimately purchase from your business or not.

Step Two: Review Data & Make Changes

You may not think analytics have everything to do with the customer encounter, but they do.  

Many tools and platforms offer tons of data about consumer behavior , which gives you an unspoken way to learn about the patterns of your customers.

Pay close attention to these details and make adjustments accordingly.  

If there is some thing glaring that keeps approaching, take care to really improve the issue so that it is totally resolved for everybody.

Step Three: Ask for Input

Perhaps the best way to improve your consumer experience marketing strategy is getting insight straight from the source.

Customers are usually quite pleased to offer feedback on their experience with your company in case you give them a small token in value as an exchange for his or her time.  

For example , a coupon code or a small free item in exchange for an truthful opinion is a great way to gain testimonials you can use in various aspects of your marketing campaigns.

In which a lot of companies go wrong is certainly they simply forget to ask for this information, which means they never get that valuable opinions.  

Instead, ensure you possess a plan for this process.

Step Four: Teach Your Team Accordingly

Once we previously mentioned, your employees would be the face of your business.  

If they aren’t on the same web page in regards to offering a positive client experience, then you’ll have a hard time making this happen.

Use training tools to ensure your own team is doing everything possible to create a optimistic customer experience.  

In some cases, this might be a customer service realtor who regularly communicates together with your clients providing top-notch support.

Or it could even become someone in your manufacturing section who never meets the client, but knows their work ultimately determines if a product is well-liked by your target foundation.

By reminding them regularly that their contribution matters, you can improve the overall customer experience in the long run.

Step Five: Use Automation

Yes, you are able to use customer experience advertising without stretching yourself too thin.

There are tons of great automation platforms out there that make it easy to follow up with clients, ask for reviews, and even see if they have questions before you make a purchase decision.

Whether you simply want to up your engagement on social media or automate homeless cart emails for your web store, these tools are a great way to make it happen.

Customer Experience Marketing Examples

If you’re looking for examples of companies who understand the positive strength of customer experience advertising, we’ve gathered a few that our Rock Content team found exceptional.


The online pet retailer is certainly known for its positive customer experience process.  

Nearly they regularly send out handwritten cards for birthdays, they have also been known to send plants to autoship customers who call in to cancel because of the death of a canine friend or feline friend.

While the gesture itself is coming in contact with, it proves that heading the extra mile for a customer — whether that’s a grieving pet parent or someone else — can create immense brand dedication for the long haul.


When most people think about the company’s small and colorful bricks, they fondly remember actively playing for hours as a child.  

Or even as a fun-loving adult, as well!

But part of what made the toy manufacturer such a lasting brand is its commitment to positive consumer experiences over multiple decades.

When customers either reduce or notice a packet is missing from a set, they can write to the corporation and have new ones sent for free.  

But they do not just stop there. Each response is crafted in line with the situation and customized to the customer’s unique context.


While individual customers might have something to say about a certain local barista, the company as a whole uses social media to try to improve customer service.  

They are known for using sympathy in their responses and the occasional bit of humor.

Furthermore, they are widely known for reaching out to those who have had a bad experience plus offering an incentive for a second chance to make it right.  

While this might seem like a small gesture, from a brand commitment perspective it is an excellent way to help keep customers walking through the door.

Wrap Up: Using Positive Client Experience Marketing to Improve Brand name Loyalty

Loyal customers are the key to company durability.  

If you’re seeking to increase sales and increase your brand image , this is the time to implement some of the guidelines we’ve included here.

A single additional way to do this?  

Through content marketing that delights and inspires, which is something we cover in this issue of Rock Content Magazine !

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