Whatsapp May Be Investing In A Community Feature. What Does It Mean Pertaining to Marketers?

Recently, the XDA Developers portal identified mentions associated with “Communities” in the internal files of the new Whatsapp’s Beta version.

Source: XDA Programmers

Shortly after, the WABetaInfo website had access to screenshots that more reinforce the previous discovery:

Source: WAbetainfo

What’ s up forward? In this article, we’ ll talk about what to expect from this mysterious brand new feature and how marketers can benefit from it in their marketing strategies .

After all, what is a community?

WABetaInfo shows that the new feature is about a new space exactly where administrators would have greater power over groups.  

Although it is still difficult to provide numerous details of this new function, according to the web site , administrators will be able to deliver messages within this group chat, invite new users via links or QR Codes and create a collection of groups related to the community.

Source: WAbetainfo

Another point that got my attention was the format of the community icon. Likely used to provide a difference between groups and neighborhoods, it can be noted that the image layout is square with rounded edges, different from the circular shape that is present today.

Why did Whatsapp decide to implement this new feature?

According to Statista , with more than 2 billion monthly users, Whatsapp is the main instant messaging platform on the planet, followed by Facebook Messenger (1. 3 billion) and Chinese WeChat (1. 2 billion).

Source: Statista (2021)

However , so far, there has been a clear interest from the app in maintaining itself being a more private communication approach and not scaling it. Put simply, Whatsapp hasn’t wanted large groups and or junk e-mail messages inside the platform.

Simply by working on a Communities feature, WhatsApp may be trying to shut the widening gap in between it and other messaging apps like Telegram and Transmission.  

A good example of this is the restrict of 256 users per group that still exists on the WhatsApp, an extremely reduced number when compared to its competitor Telegram (up to two hundred, 000 users per group) or Signal (up to at least one, 000 per group).

You can find two other important factors that should be analyzed here.

In early 2021, WhatsApp’ s new online privacy policy caused controversy among users over what kind of data could be shared with the parent brand Facebook ( right now Meta ), sparking a mass exodus to other apps.

Another recent fact was the sudden downfall of the platform along with the whole network of Facebook apps last month. Telegram gained a whopping 70 million users in just a few hours.

Given such important data, the need for the platform to reinvent itself and propose new features whilst still retaining its sovereignty in the market is clear.

How can marketers benefit from this new Local community feature?

The creation associated with communities, whether on Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, among others, may bring several opportunities for your company:

Communities create a sense of belonging

Human beings have a serious desire for belonging.

A study published by Plos One showed that identifying people that fit in with groups increases their feeling of personal purpose, expands their perception and outlook on life, and consequently boosts their self-esteem.

One more series of studies conducted by Dr . Gregory Walton showed that belonging to a community along with common interests and aspirations has direct consequences in our motivation, health, happiness, and our way of seeing the entire world.

Surveys like these help all of us understand why people are so fond of participating in communities on platforms such as Facebook Groups, Telegram Channels, and others.

Greater open public interaction with your brand

Conditioning the connection between your company and your audience is important to any marketing strategy you are developing.

Here are a few of the many benefits of community advertising for your business:

  • Increases the trust of your customers or even prospects with your brand
  • Provides you with incredible data about your audience: their own needs, desires and perceptions
  • Increased conversions in your marketing offers
  • Ability to identify enhancements in your product or service
  • More open and transparent communication with the public
  • Improved feedback procedure.

Content deliverability

It’ s not news any more that social media algorithms are heavily decreasing the deliverability of content to its market.

The official reason, according to several of the platforms, is that every single day tons of content are contributed and it’s necessary to display just the best for the users. However, you know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc . get lots of money through ads, right?

This has brought marketers to look for new and much more efficient ways to deliver articles.

Paid media, newsletters plus communities on messaging platforms have become increasingly present in the particular marketing strategies of many companies.

The deliverability of content within platforms such as Telegram or Signal is greatly greater than any existing social network today.  

So it’ s worth keeping an eye on this new feature that WhatsApp will offer, as it could be a large turnaround in your marketing strategy in general.

Prepare yourself

As the largest messages app in the world today, the unexplainable new feature of Whatsapp may become not only an option, but additionally a trend within companies’ marketing strategies.

As the the majority of used channel by people in their daily personal and professional conversations, the new functionality could bring a big change in the manner people interact with their associates, companies and people with common interests.

On the other hand, the developing popularity of platforms like Telegram and Signal in the occidental world can be a threat to the sovereignty of this giant.

Now, we must wait plus prepare for these changes.

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