YouTube Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

YouTube Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Video is dominating the internet.

By 2020, global video IP traffic will make upward 82% of consumer internet traffic , according to Cisco. It’ s a huge jump from 2015, when it comprised 70% of the internet.

Online video has also proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy as well. Statistics show that will 64% of people are more inclined to buy a item online after they watch a video, and 90% of people report that item videos are helpful when they’ re deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Additionally , 58% of consumers believe that companies that have product videos available online can be trusted.

It’ s clear that online video is valuable when it comes to ecommerce online marketing. There are many different areas to post videos including Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo. Nevertheless , the emphasis of your e-commerce video marketing campaigns needs to be YouTube.

Why You Should Utilize YouTube Just for Ecommerce Video Marketing

YouTube could be the second largest search engine on earth, and the third most visited website after Google and Fb. On only mobile devices, YouTube reaches more people that are 18 to 49-years-old compared to any cable TV or transmitted network, and in an average 30 days, 80% of the people with this demographic will watch Youtube . com.

Marketers have embraced YouTube; forty-eight percent of them plan to integrate the platform into their content material strategy this year , according to HubSpot. It’ s time for ecommerce stores to undertake the same.

If you own an ecommerce store, the following are some examples of outstanding YouTube ecommerce marketing ideas you can use in your own campaigns.

Start With Item Videos

Since product videos can persuade users to purchase from you, YouTube is the perfect place to showcase your own products and services. Within your product video, you can display 360-views of your products, show how they work, list the kind of specifications on them, and include optimistic quotes from trusted testers. The video should be interesting and lively, and include music plus dynamic shots.

Take a look at this product video published by Sony for their a6500 camera . It shows off all the camera’ s impressive features, and gives real-life shooting examples that will demonstrate how it works. The company is not telling you this is a great camera. They are showing you it’ s a great camera.

While the optimal length for product videos is certainly 45 to 90 seconds, you can go a little more than just like Sony did, provided that your video is interesting throughout. The video marketing strategy and length seems to be working for the particular brand, since the a6500 camera video has more than 497k views on YouTube.

YouTube Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Post A Product Review Video

Customers have faith in online reviews. Based on BrightLocal, 84% of people trust online evaluations as much as they trust personal recommendations. If you would like people to be encouraged to buy your products, post reviews that go into how the item functions, how it compares to competitors, and why it’ t worth trying out.

For example , look at this Wowwee Chip Robot Dog review through Best Buy Canada. The particular reviewer goes into how the automatic robot dog works, shows a real consumer, a kid, playing with the product and gives her personal opinion on it at the end. The video is definitely naturalistic, so it doesn’ t seem like it’ s over the top salesy, and it simply aspires to inform people on a buying decision.

In your review videos, you should do the same. Try to add worth to your consumers’ lives instead of hitting them over the head with a sales message. Demonstrate to them how your product might fit into their lives seamlessly as well as improve their lives.

YouTube Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Create A How-To Video

The core of content marketing is to create content that will make consumers’ lives easier. Hopefully, that content will convince people to eventually convert. Because same vein, your e-commerce marketing videos don’ t have to directly showcase your products. They can simply include the products while you’ lso are making valuable content for your audience.

One of the ways to accomplish this is to make a how-to video. On Amazon’ s YouTube channel, the company has a number of cooking videos including their kitchen products and display viewers how to create specific recipes. For example , in this 1 where they display how to make potato gratin , they incorporate the product you need, which is a Hamilton These types of food processor. They also place a link to the product on Amazon . com in the video description.

Figure out what videos your audience is watching already as well as the type of content they’ d be interested in consuming. If you make videos that are interesting and helpful, are going to more likely to purchase from you.

YouTube Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Collaborate With Influencers

Obtaining influencers to star within your videos will boost your profile among your audience plus introduce you to new potential customers as well. You have to determine who inside your niche will appeal to your own audience, whether it’ s i9000 a certain thought leader or celebrity in your industry. This particular person will have many fans and should cross promote the particular collaborations with you on his or her various social media platforms.

For example , MeUndies works with Eddie Huang, a celeb chef and host of a Vice Show. Huang is well known among millennials, the market MeUndies is attempting to sell in order to, and he gets personal within the video. He seems authentic and not just like he’ h just trying to sell the underwear.

Your videos should demonstrate what’ s unique about the influencers you’ re collaborating with. You should also allow your influencers a few creative freedom so their particular distinctive styles shine via. Then, your audience will appreciate how genuine these types of videos are.

YouTube Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Make An Entertaining Video clip

Individuals don’ t want to simply be sold products or even digest serious content. In addition they go to YouTube to be interested. They want to laugh, be intrigued or find out an interesting new fact or two if they log onto the website.

The Dollar Shave Club nailed this idea years ago, and other ecommerce brands have caught on and therefore are producing great videos on the YouTube channels. Take, for instance , subscription service Loot Cage, which creates funny and bizarre videos that are related to the monthly offerings within their subscription boxes.

This Loot Crate video , which stars Lisa Loeb, is a parody of Save The particular Whales and the ASPCA video clips. It’ s all about how we can save the dinosaurs, and showcases a phony firm that viewers can give rise to. The product it’ s showing, a “ Primal” Loot Crate for March 2017, contains items from “ Predator” and “ The particular Flintstones. ” Their market can have a laugh, as well as obtain a glimpse into their products in the process.

YouTube Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Getting Started With Your personal YouTube Videos

There are a number of methods for you to draw your audience into your ecommerce store. YouTube is among the most effective methods because of the developing popularity of online movie. People love to watch videos from their desktops and mobile devices, and that will only continue to boost.

Even if you don’ t have a YouTube approach yet, you can start one at this point and post your video clips. As long as your goal is to serve your audience along with excellent content, you will flourish in attracting them to your online store and eventually persuade them to purchase from you.

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